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paths of Glory (POG) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Jan. 23, 2017 Icon Key
28 Players Michael Dauer, TX 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
  2015-2016 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

Dauer Deux

The tourney started this year with a new Mulligan format. 28 players manned the trenches to decide the matter in what was hoped would be a shorter battle. The Mulligan round began on Saturday and was followed by the elimination rounds the following day. Players who won the Mulligan could avoid the first round and take a big break. This allowed the non-sharks to mingle in the first round as the sharks sat this one out. There was a lot of positive feedback on the new tournament structure as we consigned the old pre-con format to history. This year, with the help of Jeff Billings of Lost Battalion Games, new champion decks were printed and handed out to all participants. These decks include the ten expansion cards from the out of print players guide. Use of these cards was encouraged but optional. About 30% of the games used these cards in some way, and our plans are to expand their usage next year. There was a lot of positive feedback on this as well. We also had five new players including one from Denmark! We played near the bar in a nice air conditioned corner of the Ski Lodge so the contrast with Flanders Fields were extreme.

14 players advanced to the second round Sunday afternoon with the games running until midnight. Monday began the quarterfinals with seven players advancing. Uffe Christensen was recruited as an eliminator to even the bracket at eight. Alex Gregorio beat Uffe, Nick Benedict topped Dave Bleau in an adjudicated game, Michael Dauer bested Tom Gregorio in a rematch of the 2015 Final, and Tom Drueding upset quintuple champ Stefan Mecay in the featured pairing.

The semifinals saw Tom and Michael besting Alex and Nick respectively. The Final was set for Tuesday morning. Both finalists had the night to mull their bids. Tom won opening bid and his 2 for the Allies decided the matter. Michael would defend his title or not as the Central Powers.

The early rounds saw Tom’s Allies pushing hard in the Near East, Balkans, and the East. Michael was able to parry all these blows. At one point he had three German armies in the Balkans! Both players were excellent and the contest was very close. Both players played quietly, and onlookers spoke in hushed voices. Michael held a line in the West, and started to push against the Russians later in the game. The British and French attacked, but Michael withstood the assault and prevailed to win after nearly the full 20 turns. Michael thus became the only player other than Stefan Mecay to successfully defend a POG title.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 4
Tom Drueding, MA Nick Benedict, CA Alex Gregorio, PA Stefan Mecay, TX Tom Gregorio, PA
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Steve Koleszar vs Tom Dunning

Alex Gregorio vs Jack Jung 

Marvin Birnbaum vs Richard Beyma seeking glory
in familiar ground but 100 years later than usual.

Defending champ Michael Dauer meets Tom Dunning
in the Final under watchful eye of GM Peter Gurneau.

Flanders Fields was never so comfortable.

2016 PBeM Tournament

After three long years in the trenches and 185 games in six rounds, the sixth BPA POG Email tournament has concluded with Nick Anner topping five-time WBC champion Stefan Mecay.

Nick got the bid roll, and went 0 for AP, Mecay took the AP for 1.  August saw initial split attacks, the 1st on BEF and 2nd and 3rd on Sedan, pulling out the withdrawl card and seeing two armies advance to Sedan.  The turn saw some attacks on Nancy, the Austrians and German 8th taking a beating.  Falkenhayen used for ops pushed Molke as an event.  The CP took a 4 card for rps though so were able to keep up the pressure in September.

September saw attacks on Nancy from Metz and Strassburg force a retreat. An allied line formed at c-t, bld, calais, dijon.

Fall 15 saw Trench played by Limited War allies, the CP in 3rd turn of moblization keep reinforcing German armies and played events to Limited War while pushing to Cambrai, through Bar le Duc, but not taking c-t.

The Early game saw the French dead pile high but the AP put as many T2s down as possible, including in c-t.  Many ops were spent on nevers, with the CP finally getting a trench there.  This occurred a bit too late to make a play for either trenchbusters on paris or closing out italy.  So when total war came, HL was used for RPs and ops spent on the east front.  Even with poor rolls the German armies punched through the Russian lines.  Similar poor rolls for the Allies on the west front attacks meant that the Germans remained at full strength for the Tsar Takes Command.

Mid game saw both sides fully mobilized, with Allenby never getting down to Egypt as his forces went directly to the west front from London.  The near east remained mostly stagnant barring MO's.  The serbs reduced to one army in Monastir were held by one AH army and some bu cp.  MEF and Salonika remained unplayed, with the big cards being used for ops and rps.  CP had to play War Status to get to Fall of the Tsar, which occured with Romania neutral.

The final turns saw several 7 results against the Germans on the west front, the Russians rebuild and push back enough in Prussia to prevent Bolshevik.  The Germans just played a lot of RPS and hung in for the Turn 20 ending, and with the lack of US armies and a commanding vp position the Allies didn't make enough gains in time.

It was Anner’s first tournament win in a decade, but his eighth overall, proving that old soldiers still retyain the right stuff. Other laurelists in descending order were Michael Dauer, Italy’s Mauro Gasbarroni, Germany’s Moritz Eggert and UK’s Paul Hubbard.

GM  Peter Gurneau [4th Year]  NA