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Pro Golf (PGF) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Jan. 25, 2017 Icon Key
61 Players David Metzger, VA 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
  2016 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

Midnight Madness without a Hoop

Seven new players attended assistant GM Rob Drozd’s demo session, which helped to bolster the overall field to 61 participants. After gathering in the Snowflake Forum, and players scattered to various rooms and bars to contest the Pebble Beach course in hopes of qualifying for the championship Skins game.

Once again, seven under par was the magic score required to advance to the Skins game. With five players all reaching this score, the Skins game was expanded for the first time to a 5-player final.

The five finalists moved to the ballroom (much to the chagrin of some Power Grid players) to contest the Augusta National Skins game by rolling the infamous big green fuzzy dice off the stage to the floor below. All five players parred the first hole, but John Boisvert posted a birdie on the par 5 second hole to earn the first two skins of the event. Jim Kramer birdied the third hole, but Michelle Benson also came in under par to halve the hole. Jim again birdied the fifth hole, but this time John matched him to prevent the awarding of any skins.

Jim also birdied the sixth for his third straight, but this time it was David Metzger who stymied Jim’s hopes. Five skins were on the line at the seventh hole, and David claimed them with the only birdie on the par 4 to take the lead.

John and Michelle each birdied the eighth hole, while all five parred the ninth. On the par 4 tenth, Mike Coomes finally got into the action. His birdie gave him three skins and made him the only viable challenger. After no birdies were achieved on the 11th, David put it away with a dramatic birdie on the par 3 twelfth.

Thanks to his seven skins, David became the third repeat winner in the event, having last won in 1997, 19 years previous. Mike took second place with his three skins while John claimed third place with his two. Michelle won a roll-off with Jim to earn fourth place laurels.

Be sure to join the fun again in 2017. The best way to prepare is to get in a little practice during the 2017 eighth annual PBeM tournament which should start in April (during the month of the Masters).

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Michael Coomes, OH John Boisvert, NJ Michelle Benson, NC Jim Kramer Jr, PA Andy Lewis, DE
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

OK, I get different strikes for different folks, but Pro Golf?
Really? Was there ever a worse game? The crazies assemble
to waste Thursday night.

Platitudes dispensed, the inmates enter their foursomes
before scattering to seek better putting greens elsewhere
before anyone sees them playing this.

You've heard of Hillary's "deplorables"? I think of Pro Golfers
as "Certifiables". Maybe its in the genes - which would explain
the Wojtaszczyk family en masse with Joe Yaure, Bryan Collars
and Danny Lewis.

Yep ... definitely hereditary ... the rest of the Lewis clan and
Roger Taylor are all similarly infected. The Walking Dead has
got nothing on this apocalypse. Beware the hallways
on your way back to the room after the Skins game.

Egads! It even affects good players! Tell me it isn't so,
Eric Brosius, Richard Irving, Luke Koleszar, Glen Pearce
and Richard Meyer. I thought this event was for losers!

... I rest my case. Cabbies and Duke almuni ... it doesn't
get much lower than this. Oh, the shame ... is there
nothing they won't do for laurels?

Now I understand the appeal. The 19th hole beckons
GM Bruce Monnin, Rev Keith, Dave Terry and Christina Hancock.
I'd need a drink too to get through that mind numbing exercise.
At least Seven Springs has plenty of bars.

Another perfect fit! PbeM chap Chriz Kizer (yes, they even play
this by email. Can you believe it?) helps the new and
former champ Dave Metzger with the traditional green jacket.
Yes, he admits to winning it twice.

2016 PBeM Tournament

A field of 44 duffers contested the 6th Annual BPA Pro Golf PBeM tournament.   All players first competed on the Augusta National course.  The top 32 players who finished two over par and better survived the cut and moved on to contest the Muirfield Village course.   The top 16 (those even par and better) then advanced to contest the Pebble Beach course.   The best cumulative score for three rounds would take the title - or so we thought. After 92 rounds, a play-off would be required.

Chris Kizer led early with a seven under par effort on the Augusta National course, while Laurie Wojtaszczyk hovered just one stroke back.  A three under par round at Muirfield Village kept Chris in the lead, while Alexandra Monnin used the best round of the field at five under par to draw within a stroke of the lead.  Mike Pacheco and Marshall Collins each also carded scores of three under par to draw within two and three strokes of the leader.

Kizer and Monnin would be early finishers on the final course at Pebble Beach.  Alexandra had the highest score of the field on this final round, but this is golf, where a lower score is desired.  Her four over par effort dropped her from laurel contention.  Chris would reach two under par after the third hole, then played a conservative rest of the round, finishing at two under par for the course and twelve under for the event.

Scott Nerney then posted the best round at Pebble Beach, finishing five under par.  Defending champ Debbie Gutermuth scored four under par, and both players tied for third at nine under par for the event.  Scott would go on to claim third place laurels thanks to better dice during the tie-breaker.  Robert Kircher ended the tournament in fifth place while Marshall Collins collected the last of the laurels for sixth.

Mike Pacheco was one of the round’s late finishers.  By the twelfth hole, he had overcome an early bogey to reach four under par, good enough to tie for the overall lead.  On the 15th hole, two bonus feet gained thanks due his superlative drive just barely gave him the ability to sink an eleven foot birdie putt to claim the tournament lead. After missing long birdie putts on the next two holes, Mike needed only a par five on the final hole ti web it all.  Alas, his tee shot found the water, his layup found the sand, and his ten foot par putt failed to find the hole, necessitating a tie-breaker for the title for the third time in the last four years.

Each player had to play the first three holes at Arrowhead Park, the golfing pride of Minster, Ohio, to break the tie.  Mike opened the door on the second hole when he missed an 11-foot par putt.  After parring the first two holes, Chris could win with a third par, but he missed a 6 footer and both golfers were one over par, thus needing to play three more holes.  

After both parred hole 4, Mike missed a golden opportunity when he failed on an 8-foot birdie putt on the par five fifth hole.  Chris had a similar 9-foot birdie putt, which he drained to regain a one stroke lead.  After Mike parred the sixth, Chris again needed only par for victory.  This time he left no doubt, easily holing a three-foot birdie putt to win his first BPA championship wood by two strokes.

The tournament will be restarted in March 2017.  Come join us next year as we use the time of the Masters and the U.S. Open to determine another PBeM champion of the BPA Pro Golf world.

GM  Bruce Monnin [13th Year]  177 South Lincoln St, Minster, OH 45865-1240 
 bdmonnin@nktelco.net  937-441-2480