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Power Grid (PGD) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Oct. 31, 2016 Icon Key
102 Players Rod Davidson, AZ 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
  2016 Champion      

Another Enlightening Experience

Another year gone, another exciting WBC Power Grid tournament. We broke the three-digit attendance mark for the tenth straight year, but just barely with 102 players. Nevertheless, those 102 played a whopping 32 preliminary games with 56 double or triple dips in the three heats. Moreover, only two of the 38 games played (both in the first heat) were 4-player as opposed to the preferred 5-player version. It is always nice when the numbers work both from a GM and a player standpoint.

And now it is stat time. The most popular plant among game victors was the #30 garbage plant, which 34% of winners had thanks to maps with trash-burning countries. The least helpful plant was probably #31, which was owned by 21% of those finishing last. To quantify the overvaluing of the #50 hydroelectric plant: 0 players who had the plant won and five came in last. Two players won with their initial plant, Rich Atwater with the #5 and Romain Jacques with the #3, by jumping to 15 cities while powering 12.

Save for a game where Lars Mattsson planned the end game perfectly, building nine cities as soon as Phase 2 started and winning the game with 0 electro left over, the semifinals were close. Roderick Lee missed the Final by six electro in losing to Steve LeWinter in a match where Steve bought the #30 for $68 and Jim Savarick purchased the #26 for $65 in the same turn. Four of five players in that game finished with 15 cities powered, and all were within 40 electro of each other. Another exciting match ended with Cody Zimmerman, Tim Horne, and Moon Sultana all with 15 cities powered and separated by less than 50 electro.

The Final in Russia got off to an exciting start early when the #37 plant was brought into the market in Turn 3, only for both Steve LeWinter and Jason Ley to pass on it because it just cost too much. As happens to so many plants, the #37 vanished to the bottom of the deck and was never seen again. That same turn, Tim Horne grabbed the #25 plant for $32 and Lars got the #27 for $30. The next turn Jason, Steve, and Rod Davidson got the #23, #33, and #20 plants, all at cost. Right after Phase 2 began, Tim paid $60 for #31, allowing him to power 15 cities. This let him pass on a plant the next and last turn when everyone else had to buy, but Rod only needed to build three cities to get to 16, which he was able to power after buying the #36 at cost that same turn. Rod won powering 16 cities, followed by Tim and Jason with 15 and Lars and Steve with 14.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Tim Horne, PA Jason Ley, WA Lars Mattson, sw Steve LeWinter, NC Roderick Lee, CA
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

One of the events Moon Sultana didn't win.

David Platnick is in Steeler country now.

GM Kevin Broh-Kahn oversees his finalists.
GM  Kevin Broh-Kahn [3rd Year]  NA
 kbkrunner@Gmail.com  NA