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Paydirt (PDT) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Oct. 30, 2016 Icon Key
40 Players Harry Flawd, PA 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
  2014-2016 Champion      

Landmark Victory Accompanies Retirement

The move provided a nice influx of new and returning players to the tournament. Old vets such as Bill Place, John Welage, and Jeff Finkeldey returned and new players Patrick Gallagher, Derek Wolfe, and Derek Whipple joined the fold. 28 managers took the field in the AFC heat on Wednesday, and many tight games ensued. Derek Wolfe took his Ravens up against vet Stuart Tucker and pulled out a hard fought 25-22 win. Bill Place returned with his Cleveland Browns which he indeed drafted on purpose and won his first game in a few years over John Shaheen's Dolphins 24-17. Johnny Wilson upset game creator and chart supplier Ron Pisarz 33-27 in a tough OT game, and Doug Gallulo played the point spread with his Raiders to perfection to top Terry Coleman's Jets.

Round 2 saw Joe Yaure and his Bengals top John Conlon's Bills 21-17 with a late score. Harry Flawd and Bill Place played an epic Jags-Browns game that of course came down to the wire where Harry held on 26-25 to advance. Big winners in Round 2 were Dan Overland 44-21, Steve Scott 38-3, and Steve Vance 44-21. Closer games saw Derek Landel defeat Johnny Wilson 31-24, and John Welage 37-19 best Josh Coyle. The third round saw Yaure continue his run by thumping Steve Vance 42-24 and Landel hammer Steve Scott 52-26 to join Harry and Dan in the final 4. Dan's Chiefs got some very timely turnovers to halt Joe's Bengals 37-16 while Derek's Jets were held out of the end zone by Harry's Jaguars until less than a minute left when the scored from eight yards out to win 20-19. Derek's Jets played the “bend, not break” D against Dan in the AFC title game. Back and forth they went, but in the end Derek pulled out a hard fought 20-18 win to return to the Super Bowl where he fell to Harry Flawd - big surprise.

13 more games Kicked off the NFC heat for the right to oppose Derek and more tight games followed. Bill O’Neal’s TB Bucs past Stuart's Packers 24-17. Bruno Passacantando played his annual NFC Heat and won 25-16. Bruce Reiff returned to dispatch Greg Courter’s Cowboys 33-31. Round 2 saw a great matchup between Joe Yaure and returning 2013 champ Jacob Hebner, now serving our country in Italy in a game that went into OT before Joe won it 27-24. Bill O'Neal won again with TB 26-24 over Versak’s Cardinals. Reiff and Coleman both won with their respective Panther teams while Ron Pisarz and Harry did likewise with their Seattle teams. Veteran player Barry Shoults and Johnny Wilson also moved on.

Reiff continued his strong play defeating Joe Yaure's Packers 36-21 in the next round. Bill O'Neal topped Johnny Wilson 21-20, Ron Pisarz took out Barry 45-27 and Harry beat Terry's Panthers 20-17 to reach the conference semifinals. Bruce completely shut down Ron's Seahawks 28-4 and Harry closed out Bill's TB Bucs 34-28 to set up an epic NFC title game. The two titans of their respective football events would meet at last with 20 titles between them, but this was Harry’s turf. Harry started with a 99 yard drive following a great punt by Bruce to the Seattle 1. Bruce followed by dominating the Seahawk D to score 12 2nd quarter points, but twice went for 2 instead of kicking the extra point, which would come back to haunt him. Harry cut the lead to 12-10 after three quarters, then scored with 10:50 left to take a 18-12 lead. The teams traded fumbles over the next four minutes. Carolina kicked a FG, but Seattle converted a huge 3rd and 12 to set up the game winning kick. Harry had missed two FGs already but this one was true and it sent him to the Super Bowl yet again.

The Super Bowl was a fun match for both players, complete with spouses cheering them on from the sideline. The Jets started with an 8-0 lead via the point spread, but Seattle took control took a 10-8 lead into the 2nd quarter. Derek scored an early TD in the 2nd, but from then on it was all Seattle as Harry ran up a 34-15 lead. The Jets countered late but by then it was too little too late as Harry claimed Paydirt title #10 with a 37-26 win.

The benchmark win was bittersweet for Harry, who after 22 years at the helm, will be stepping down as GM of this event. Only David Terry has more consecutive years of GM service in the same event. Ron Pisarz is rumored to be taking over in 2017.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Derek Landel, NJ Bruce Reiff, OH Dan Overland, MI Bill O'Neal, NY Ron Pisarz, VA
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Harry Flawd vs Bill Place

Josh Coyle vs John Welage

Finalists Derek Landel and Harry Flawd
GM  Harry Flawd [22nd Year]  NA
 hef333@yahoo.com  717-575-4547