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the napoleonic wars (NW5) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Dec. 7, 2016 Icon Key
42 Players Rejean Tremblay, on 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
  2016 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

A Lesson in Perseverance

Monday night kicked off with a bang as Warren Day posted the best score of the tournament racking up 13VP as France after taking out Vienna in part thanks to the coalition rolling two hits on 27 dice. Jim Savarick also secured a French victory with nine VP at the end of Turn 3 with Francis Czawlytko just pipping Herbert Sparks as Prussia 7 - 6 at the end of Turn 4 to secure a third victory for the Emperor. Eric Alexopoulos was able to rack up a commanding 7-VP win as Russia thanks to Emperor Commands, Extended Campaign and a few routs as well as overrunning Eastern Prussia to seal a win over Gareth Williams’ France. Rejean Tremblay and Patrick Duffy both steered Britain to wins in their games over two-time champ Bruce Young and Jesse Boomer respectively. Meanwhile the last table saw a dominant coalition with Daniel Law unable to get the Peace Roll as Britain and then pipped by Nathan Wagner as Prussia after both Russia and Prussia joined the Imperial Camp. Despite this, both Austria and France still finished on 0.

Tuesday had Al Hurda and Brian Sutton post victories as France with 12 and ten VP respectively. The Russians chalked up another two victories under Noah Engelmann and Rejean, the latter finishing with three powers on 4 VP after a French force from Warsaw took out Austria on the last card play. Eric joined Rejean with two wins in two games getting an impressive win with Austria; finally John Boisvert delivered another Austrian victory in a tightly fought game.

The demo on Thursday was well attended with four players coached by Rich Shipley overcoming Gareth as France; Seth Gregor’s Britain getting the win. Al as Britain was able to deny Rejean third win in the heats thanks to Nationalist Uprisings. Keith Wixson and Brian Sutton delivered victory for the Emperor. The latter taking out Austria in Turn 2 despite his Prussian ally Noah losing two keys to the Russians and pushing his momentum to seal the win.

The semis saw Rejean continue his impressive form with a Turn 2 victory as France, taking out both Russia and Austria to reach ten VP. Al also secured a win as France, however Jim was unable to follow suit in his game, Melvin Casselberry’s Austria drawing Sultans Ear on the first turn and France being attritted and finally conquered by Brian’s Britain at the end of Turn 2. The last semi also saw a coalition win with Phil Rodrigues’ Russia getting a 4-VP decision on tiebreaker over newcomer Jonathan Nuwesra as Austria. This result would have had Jonathan make the Final despite being the last alternate to make it into to the semis after playing in the coached game on Thursday, but sadly he was unable to play; thereby taking home the Moroccan Monopoly set as his consolation prize. With the other runners-up semifinalists at +2, Noah was able to get the last seat at the Final with the revised sand plaque going to Gareth. However as he bought the Fez from Fez with the intention of giving it to someone else, it went to Michael Dauer who already had membership in the sand tribe.

The final table had 3 players with no previous laurels in the event, and was both the first time since 2008 that there was no previous winner at the table and the first time since 2007 with no member of the Greenville Mafia

Rejean selected France and held the lead through the first turn. However, a disastrous battle in Turn 2 meant that the coalition were able to roll him back with Noah’s Austria in the lead at the end of both Turns 2 and 3. Phil as Russia had the roll on a 3 or more at the end of Turn 4 despite Al’s Prussia joining the Imperial Camp, but was unable to seal the deal. He was however able to hold onto his VP to secure second place as France came back in the fifth and final turn to claim a long victory.

Rejean also took the Olive Oil from Wellington’s Estates. Phil would take home the bottle of Mandarine Napoleon, whilst Brian’s performance as Britain was enough for the Waterloo Breakfast Tea.

I would like to thank all who played and watched the demo, especially my Co-GMs Francis and Phil. I think the new seeding went well and we are looking to make some further improvements next year. There were a lot of 4-player games this year, something largely caused by splitting the players into six hours and distance. We will evaluate if that needs to continue. Also we are considering expanding the ref team to be able to double check VP scores at the end of each turn before cards are spent and the peace die roll made.

This was my fifth year running NW5 and I decided it was appropriate to elevate some Marshals, honoring the three people who have played in every heat over the past four years and one of the Co-Gms.

Accordingly It is the wish of the Emperor that the following generals be promoted to the dignity of Marshall of France with effect from this 8th day of Thermidor CCXXIV.

For dignity and persistence in the field:

  • His Excellency Bill Burtless Vicomte de Villaverte
  • His Excellency Philippe Rodrigues, Comte dAnnandale
  • His Excellency Francois Czawlytko, Crème-Fraîche Prince de Bel Air

For diligent and effective Staff Work:

  • His Excellency Henri Russell, Prince de Lancaster

Enacted by order. Gaston Guillaume, Chef du Staff, Duc de Doukkala

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
Phil Rodrigues, VA Brian Sutton, MD Al Hurda, on Noah Engelmann, MD Gareth Williams, ma
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Noah Engelmann. Daniel Blumentritt
and 2013 champ Francis Czawlytko

Our very Napoleonic GM Gareth Williams, all the way
from Morooco, with Rich Shipley and Seth Gregor

The five finalists battle for the distinctly European extra prizes shown below donated by GM Williams.
GM  Gareth Williams [5th Year]  NA
 wilphe@gmail.com  NA