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Merchant of Venus (MOV) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 6, 2016 Icon Key
55 Players Ewan McNay, NY 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
  2016 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

We Will Sell No (Mulch) Wine Before Its Time

The 2016 tournament was held in the vacuous spaces of the Alpine Room with a spectacular view of the Galaxy (if the tournament were held at night—which it wasn’t).

The first heat filled eight games. Some of the highlights:

  • Philip (Mr. Freighter) Shea managed to win his heat without a freighter (unusual for him). Unusual for ANYONE is doing it without a shield!
  • The “It Pays To Look Ahead” Award does to Ewan McNay who noted the last remaining IOU (#2) had the most valuable demand (Psychotic Sculpture) already on it and so delivered to meet that demand, a net profit of $400 on one turn. Well Done!
  • The other winners were Debbie Gutermuth, Tom McCorry, Rick Steeves, Patrick Shea, Bob Woodson, and Aaron Fuegi.

In the second heat, there were seven games.

  • The only notable thing that was written down was that Harald Henning won in the Nik of time. Despite howls of protest (and the fact I had never used that particular terrible pun before), it made the report!
  • The closest game of the tournament saw Woolly Farrow V edge Rich Meyer who had $2003 at the end. Rich made the semis as first alternate nonetheless.
  • The other winners were: Chris Gnech, defending champ Vassili Kyrkos, Lance Ribeiro, Chuck Krueger, and Keith Corbino.

There were seven more games in Heat 3. I guess nothing noteworthy happened since no one left any notes. Oh well. The winners were Joe Powell, Frank McNally, Richard Irving, Eyal Mozes, Gary Dickson, Christopher Ellis, Jordan Kehrer, and Woolly Farrow V who claimed the honor of bring the only multiple heat winner.

Twenty players appeared for the semifinals, so five 4-player games were contested:

  • In SF 1, Christopher Ellis won by almost $500 over 2006 champ Eyal Mozes with Rick Steeves third and Gary Dickson fourth.
  • In SF 2, Vassili Kyrkos kept his title defense alive with a close win over Harald Henning, Rich Meyer and Frank McNally.
  • In SF 3, Philip Shea returned to his Freighter using ways to best Debbie Gutermuth, Kathy Stroh and Rich Irving. The later won the “Water in the Gas Tank” award by opening with an auspicious 1-1-1 dice roll. It didn’t get much better as he limped home in fourth.
  • In SF 4, Chuck Krueger won, followed by Joe Powell, Bob Woodson and Patrick Shea.
  • In SF 5, 2008 champ Ewan McNay won by almost $800 over Keith Corbino, Tom McCorry & Lance Ribeiro.

In the Final, Vassili gave his title defense his best shot, finding the Relic Yellow Drive and leading until late in the game. Unfortunately for him, all of the goods snatched from the system by the Freighter driving Philip cost Vassili a precious turn. That left Ewan needing to roll a 1 on one of his dice to navigate to his destination. He got it to earn his second title and deprive Vassili of his (Just missed!). Philip Shea finished third for the second consecutive year.

Another year of fun was had by all!

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Vassili Kyrkos, NY Philip Shea, OR Chris Ellis, FL Chuck Krueger, MA Harald Henning, CT
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Gary Dickson returns from the eastern front
to haul Mulch Wine with Vassili Kyrkos and Katherine McCorry.

Mark Kennel and Mark McCandless
ponder their options while exploring the galaxy.

GM Richard Irving (second from right) with his five space trading finalists.
GM  Richard Irving [15th Year]  1505 Caceras Circle, Salinas, CA 93906
 rri12@sbcglobal.net  NA