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Leaping Lemmings (LLM) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 25, 2016 Icon Key
30 Players Judy Wobbeking, MD 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
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The Family that Leaps Together …

2016 saw the sixth WBC running of the lemmings. Seven Springs proved to be a great venue for this historic event. The atmosphere of this resort was so much better than the last venue that our lemmings were leaping with even more joy to their collective demise. We had 30 leapers this year combining for 57 player starts, nearly two games per player.

There were some great races along the way. The plaque king, Bruce Reiff, won in his usual show-up-once-and-thrash-everybody heat. Maybe next year he will stick around for the other rounds and win some highly coveted lemming wood. He didn’t seem to get any of the other kind this year. The Wobbeking/Speck and the Powers/Evinger clans were again well represented with three from each family grouping among the ten semifinalists.

Jeff Pattison played in every heat without managing to win one, but one of his runner-up finishes scored 22 points! That was one less than needed at his table, but better than the winner’s total at any other table in that heat.

When the field was narrowed to the four surviving finalists, we had Judy and Faith Wobbeking, Bill Powers, and defending champion Kirk Harris—veteran leapers all. The Wobbekings jumped to an early lead with 4-point dives, but both ladies had to use their ‘It’s a Five’ Special Action to get those points.

Halfway through the deck, Kirk led with eight points, followed by Faith seven, Judy five and Bill four. Kirk used a few favors to bribe the judges concerning one of his dives, and then Bill relayed a funny story from another game wherein a player had to have an eagle eat one of her own lemmings on a roll of 2, because the only target two zones away in either direction was one of her own lemmings. We all laughed and commented on how rare that situation must be. Of course, Bill then rolled a 1, and sure enough, the only lemming he could eat in either direction was one of his own! It took a good while for the laughter to subside as Bill gave me dirty looks and much grumbling about how I should not put that in the report. Oops!

The final score was Judy and Kirk 18, Faith15 and Bill 13. The first three tiebreakers did not settle the matter. Luckily Judy prevailed on the fourth, or I might have had to rule in favor of the cuter player, and that would not have gone Kirk’s way either! The lemmings and I look forward to more leapers next year … the mountains make for great leaping.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Kirk Harris, NJ Faith Wobbeking, MD Bill Powers, VA Forrest Speck, MD Phillip White, MD
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Mary Ellen Powers and Anthony Curtis hunt lemmings. GM Rick Young herds his finalists towards the cliff.
GM  Rick Young [6th Year]  NA
 rick27707@aol.com  NA