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kremlin (KRM) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Dec. 1, 2016 Icon Key
39 Players Greg Tanner, AZ 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Dental Care in the Sanitarium

The 26th Kremlin tournament was not without its challenges. There were a few less participants due to the venue change, and the GM had to turn away one player who did not find the Alpine room until ten minutes after the start of the Heat. A possible problem due to two people being convinced that they had each won a particular heat game was avoided when both admitted they would not be able to make the Final anyway. Finally, the GM was distracted by a cracked molar and an emergency dental appointment which almost caused him to miss the fourth heat. This also served as my excuse for not making it to the Final myself this year. On the positive side, all but one of the ten preliminary games had the full complement of six players and the remaining game had five, so the games that were played were close to optimal. That condition persisted through the Final where there were more than enough people available thanks to my repeated whining about the shortfall in that area last year.

The Final went the full 10.5 turns since no one was able to end the game by waves or attrition. Bob Wicks was able to get a single (failed) attempt to wave from Nestor before he kicked the bucket in Turn 2, and Kevin Breza got one wave and a pair of failures from Shootemdedsky before being convicted of treason on Turn 5. For the rest of the game, Greg Tanner controlled the Party Chief during the Wave Phase (except for Turn 9,  where Nikotin was convicted of an Assassination), with successful waves on Turns 5 and 6. Although he couldn't get the third wave to end the game safely, he was able to keep eight Politicians around on Turn 10 while his Party Chief was in the Sanitarium, and then maintain control in the last half turn to win the game. Bob had some hope that the last Party Chief, Goferbrok, might have been his, leading to a play of the Miracle Drug on him despite Greg's control, but it turned out that Greg had more Influence.

Given the result, one might guess that purging was not overly successful. In fact, the KGB Head was in the Sanitarium for much of the first half of the game, leaving the phase to the Ideology Chief. In Turns 3 and 4, this gave Adam the purge die, but he didn't succeed in either turn. In Turn 5, Greg started with control of the Ideology Chief, but refused a first purge of the Sport Minister, at which time Peter took control, purged the Sport Minister, the inactive KGB Head, and the youngest three candidates. This included Natasha Nogoodnik, starting a vicious cycle where half of the players attempted to bring her back from Siberia and the other half found it amusing to prevent it, or when that failed to purge/condemn her at the first opportunity. This sort of thing happens in Kremlin.

Other interesting events included:

  • Peter Staab breaking his own Foreign Minister to the People before the first Add Influence Phase, just to free up a slot in his hand for another Intrigue card.
  • Greg taking control of Goferbrok in Turn 7, leading to a situation where Party Chief Nikotin was blackmailed by KGB Head Goferbrok, who in turn was being blackmailed by Defense Minister Mischif, all of whom were controlled by Greg so that he had to hold both Blackmail cards in his hand until Mischif died in Turn 8.

All in all, it was another merry year in the Kremlin. See you all in our new mountain sanitarium next year.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Kevin Breza, VA Peter Staab, PA Bob Wickes, CT Adam Hurd, on Edward Kendrick, uk
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
The Convention Director-in-waiting
checks out the usual rabble rousers.
These politicians almost make Trump and Hilary
look good. Naah ... that ain't possible.
GM Cuccaro oversees his six finalists.
GM  Steve Cuccaro [11th Year]  NA
 Cuccaro@fastmail.fm  410-294-3127