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King of Tokyo (KOT) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov.. 25, 2016 Icon Key
90 Players Andrew Drummond, on 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

King of the Hill(s)

Along with the rest of WBC King of Tokyo moved to the mountains east of Pittsburgh for the 2016 tournament. Possibly it was the move west, the earlier hour, a new GM, or a combination of all of the above; for whatever reason attendance dropped from our usual triple digits, and with that decline the event earned a demotion from Century status. These are heady days for the quick WBC events and it now takes triple digits for such events to earn an automatic return. And even that is not guaranteed. So, King of Tokyo will need to regain Trial status in 2017. Still, 90 monster wranglers filled the ballroom on Tuesday night and a bloodbath ensued in the 19 games that followed. Only two games ended with all six monsters alive and but one with only one casualty. Five ended with two dead (and one of those monsters "had a child" and continued the battle but ended with only one star). Four had four monsters die and the last to finish was truly a last monster standing affair: the victor advancing with only one star.

After the 15 tables of Round 1 we played three semifinal 5-player games. The respective winners and runners-up advanced to a 6-player Final. The slugfest of the opening round turned into a race to win with stars. Boards A and C saw only one casualty each and all six were around at the finish on Board B. Board A’s span to third place was just two stars, then a drop of six to the last survivor. The third place finisher missed the Final by one star. Board B’s margin ran from the winner with 21 stars to last with 12 (and only one heart left). Board C had a drop of four stars to second, another four to third and three more to fourth.

What battle hardened, grizzled vets had run the gauntlet to reach the Final? Only one 2015 finalist, Larry Luongo, reached the semifinals and he advanced no further so 2016 would crown a new champ. Our Final began with two 12-year old girls playing in their first tournament. Armelle Worrel and Sarah Drummond (joined by her father Andrew) squared off against David Schneider, Karl Buchholz and Lucas Heinz to determine the new King (or Queen). And the blood bath returned with a vengeance. Lucas, one of the three semifinal victors, was the first to fall, only garnering nine stars. In one epic four slap roll the other two Round 2 winners were KO'd and only the semifinal runners-up were left. Then the table talk started, with Sarah making alternating deals with and against Karl and her father to stay in contention. Finally, Andrew knocked out Karl and a race for stars was on. At this point, Sarah was down to three hearts with Andrew at five, but Andrew had 19 stars to Sarah's 14. With a roll of: 3,3,1,1 heart and bolt, Andrew rerolled to get another 1 and win with 20 stars to win family bragging rights. But both of the 2016 plaques went north to Canada with the father-daughter "team" crowned as the best of the field.

In this rookie GM’s opinion, the tournament went well. Judging by the cheers and wails of anguish everyone seemed to have fun throughout. A slight misinterpretation of a rule by yours truly was pointed out afterwards (only two players were inconvenienced by it) and an announcement and correction was made before the later rounds. As all competed under the same rules it was not too devastating and definitely a learning experience for a fledgling GM whose two rereads of the rules beforehand failed to get it right. Next year will be better. I will be pressing for a still earlier start next year - hopefully 8 pm to try and attract more family/younger players and to get the even older GM to bed sooner.

King of Tokyo looks forward to another year of Monsters fighting in the mountains and asks for your votes for a return engagement in 2017.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Sarah Drummond, on Karl Buchholz, MI Armelle Worrel, VA Lucas Heinz, OH David Schneider, WI
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Monsters aplenty here - Dave Bohnenberger, James Pei, Tom Johnston, Lisa Gutermuth, Jeff Mullet and Chris Kizer
Lots of little monsters too ... GM Ronald Fisher and his father-daughter finalists.

King of Tokyo Junior 2016

There's something about monsters that brings the little rug rats to the surface. That's why 27 of the little critters flocked to the Juniors Room on Monday evening to dare John Coussis to "pull a Coussis" on them. When the last skyscraper had fallen, Alex Freeman had emerged from the rubble as the new King of Tokyo with yet another Junior's plaque.

The other top monsters were:

  • 2nd: Andrew Freeman
  • 3rd: Armelle Worrell - last year's champ, moved on to take 4th in the adult tournament.
  • 4th: Nina Coussis
  • 5th: Bailey Burdett, consistency is his thing, repeating his 2015 finish
  • 6th: Preston Saccenti
So this is where Sarah got her start. The adult tournament was easier! GM John Coussis presents the plaque to Alex Freeman.
GM  Ronald Fisher [1st Year]  NA
 deadron3@Gmail.com  NA