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Innovation (IOV) WBC 2016 Report 1234
Updated Oct. 25, 2016 Icon Key
52 Players Geoff Pounder, on 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
2016 Champion

Eliminator Success! 

These were exciting times for Innovation: A new location, an effective eliminator, and a former champion returning to glory.

The new location had its ups and downs. Our numbers were up despite overall attendance being down. It was nice to see so many familiar faces make their way to Seven Springs, and the tables and space worked great.  The downside was a growing pain that I’m sure will be remedied next year—the Laurel room is slightly smaller than it must have looked on paper, and it didn’t quite fit the two events that were scheduled in there. Thanks to fellow GMs Rob Murray and Craig Reese for working with us on the space constraints.

[Complaints about overcrowding in the Laurel room had little to do with the room itself, but rather the inability to forecast with any accuracy the size of each event therein - which given the variation that can occur from one year to the next - will never be completely solved. This year’s issues had more to do with a desire to match GM requests for a particular table type and the unavailability of certain rooms earlier in the week, plus the always present need to vacate larger rooms for the start of mega events. This, and other issues dealing with a new venue, will doubtless be improved in subsequent years.]

Our perpetual uneven bracket woes were resolved this year with our first eliminator win. Andrew Menard, who lost in the round of six, earned our thanks for sticking around to serve as an eliminator in the semifinals. Those thanks were doubly earned by winning the game and fixing the bracket for the first time in the last three years. This had the side effect of turning Geoff Pounder and Giovanni Ginory’s semifinal into the Final. Geoff’s victory not only made him the first two-time champ of the event but also made him a four-time finalist.

Another thank you and shout out goes to AGM Chris Kizer, who did something I should have, but failed to do long ago—make sense of the records of games for the past couple years, and transcribe that data into a format acceptable to the folk keeping the AREA records. Rumor has it that Chris is planning on GMing another 2-player game that is getting a lot of positive buzz—Star Wars Rebellion—so if you want to thank him yourself, give him your trial vote come November. The folk at AREA caution that they’re busy this time of year, and it may be some time before we see the data on their site.

Time limits continued to be a concern – a few games went over time, and while most were happy to play through to conclusion, a couple requested an adjudication. One of those was fairly clear; one player had a win in four actions and their opponent had no visible way to stop them, but the other, far less so. In cases where games aren’t clear I’m starting to lean towards adjudication via coin flip. There was also one game in the elimination bracket that went long, which caused the games further up the bracket to be delayed (the problem resolved itself by the semis, but two players did have to wait longer than I’d like for their game to start). In the future, if a game doesn’t look like it’s going to end soon when the time limit has been met, we’re going to be more aggressive about adjudicating even if both players want to continue out of fairness to those awaiting the outcome to continue their own tournament.

We also saw a couple of the Deluxe edition copies. I expect we’ll see more next year, after the kickstarter campaign finishes. I’m thinking about eventually using the deluxe (third ed) version of the game by default, and the first edition if not enough copies are available (only using the Iello printing if neither Asmadi versions are available). If you have thoughts on this—even if they are as simple as “I am/am not planning on getting a third edition printing” – I’m open to that feedback at robb.effinger@gmail.com

As always, a reminder that you can play online at http://innovation.isotropic.org/ . 

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Giovanni Ginory, FL Andy Latto, MA Patrick Murphy, CT Andrew Menard, MA Ewan McNay, NY
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Ewan McNay and Jessica Finkeldey Cally Perry and Constance Carroll
Geoff Pounder vs Kate Fractal GM Robb Effinger and his semifinalists cum finalists.
GM  Robb Effinger [3rd Year]  NA
 Robb.Effinger@Gmail.com  NA