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Galaxy (GXY) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 6, 2016 Icon Key
37 Players Steve Cameron, PA 2016 Status 2017 Status Laurels
  2016 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

Peace has its Benefits

There have been exciting Galaxy finals in the past, but 2016 took it to another level. First, the winning score was just nine points which tells you it was a hotly contested game with many “investments” eliminated in each round. But more importantly, there were FOUR players that finished with nine points, so we had even more suspense afterwards to calculate everybody’s tiebreaker status! In the end, it was Steve Cameron’s 63 tiebreaker points that got him to the top of the “podium”. It appears his destiny was determined early when he destroyed a 10-strength ship during a Round 1 counterattack. The gods of Galaxy apparently decided that Steve was destined to be the event’s second triple champion.

There were 17 games played with both the Cylor and Imperial worlds destined to meet a grisly end 13 times. Once again, players were shy about favoring the Imperial (7) and Cylor (5) with a secret base. On the flip side, the worlds that fared the best in this war of the worlds were the Felowi and Kha which each survived nine times. Not surprisingly, each were chosen ten times as secret bases. Ruining this correlation of turf ownership and destruction was the Erithizonian which spawned a tournament high 11 secret bases, but was also eliminated 11 times. Obviously, some Galaxy players are going to have to work on their secret base survival skills.

Only seven players won as a result of eliminating the last world of their game. This is consistent with the current trend, proving that being the last world killer is no guarantee of victory. In fact, there were four games where the winner never eliminated a world, including twice by peacenik Jesse Adcox. He must have some Jedi ability that makes the other players think that he is not the leader or else just lots of good karma for crooning “Can’t we just all get along?”. Apparently, the Force was with him.

On the other end of that killer spectrum, there were two games with rather dubious endings. Greg Crowe made the last kill in his game and actually came in fifth, which is a nice way of saying “last”. To be fair, Greg’s secret base was killed in the previous round, so maybe he was just looking to end the pain. In another game our very own GM killed the last TWO worlds, only to finish third. Clearly, all of the opponents of this Trump supporter were cheating.

Ironically, Jesse finally got in touch with his darker side and managed to end a world (and along with it, the Final), salvaging a tie for himself in the process. However, his tiebreaker points only merited second place.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Jesse Adcox, CT Steve Shambeda, PA Karl Buchholz, MI Lauren Brown, DE Sam Shambeda, PA
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Laura Brown qualifies to advance.

GM Mark Mitchell and his five finalists.

GM  Mark Mitchell [12th Year]  NA
 markm5963@aol.com  NA