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Gettysburg (GBG) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Oct. 25, 2016 Icon Key
18 Players Richard Beyma, VA 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
2015-2016 Champion

Back to Back

Richard Beyma defeated GM Ed Menzel in the Final to claim his fourth GBG title and second in a row. Richard finished 8-0 for the week. He has now appeared in the Final seven of the past eight years. Ed, who has won six GBG titles, logged a 7-2 mark with his only losses at Richard’s hands. Devin Beyma (Richard and Devin were married a week before WBC) grabbed third place with a 4-4-1 record. Former GM and five-time champion Vince Meconi finished fourth with a 2-2 mark.

Preliminary games were played Saturday through Friday. The top six finishers in order were Richard Beyma (57 points), Ed Menzel (46 points), Devin Beyma (31 points), Vince Meconi (28 points), Greg Smith (23 points) and Mark Gutfreund (13 points).

In the semifinals, Richard took the Rebels with a bid of 16.5 versus Vince. On Day 1, the Confederates took Cemetery Hill without a single loss or flip, but did toss the chit on Turn 7. It worked, turning a double flip into a win. The Union retreated to the Peach Orchard-H7 line but the Confederates attacked the Federals southern flank and continued their destruction. The Union barely staved off an automatic victory at the end of Day 2, but surrendered at the beginning of Day 3 after several attacks failed.

In the other semifinal, Devin took the CSA with a bid of 11 against Ed. The CSA captured Culps Hill by the end of Day 1 but the Union was able to hang on to Cemetery Hill. The score was close to even at the end of the first day’s hostilities. On Day 2, battles raged in front of and for Cemetery and Culps Hills. The Union was able to score some damage to the Confederate infantry but neither side was able to satisfy the AV conditions. Fighting continued into the third day as the casualties mounted for the CSA. Finally, on T20 Lee surrendered.

Richard made the highest bid ever recorded, 17.5, for the Confederates vs Ed. The Final started nicely for the Federals. On the first Rebel turn, Heth attacked the cavalry screen defending against the Rebel entrance, but an adverse die roll resulted in the surrender of the chit. The reroll worked and the CSA pushed forward during the day. Richard continued his Rebel advance into the second day. Casualties were mounting for both sides as Day 2 ended with the game still hanging in the balance. On Day 3, most of the damage was on the Union side as several Union attacks misfired … finally forcing a concession to Lee.

Richard won Best Confederate Player honors at 8-0-0, while Ed garnered Best Union Player designation with a 5-2-0 mark. 18 entrants played 29 games—both numbers down from 2015’s 24 and 34 respectively. The South won 18, the North 10 and there was one tie. The Campaign game was played in 27 of the 29 games with two Day 1 scenario games making up the balance of the battles. Bids for the CSA ranged from 0 to 17.5 with the average being 9.15. Average game length this year was 4 hours 10 minutes, two minutes longer than last year.

Thanks are again due to Bruno Sinigaglio for setting up the grognard area and to Bill Morse for the computerized scoring. Thank you also to Assistant GM Greg Smith and to Vince Meconi for tutoring this first time GM.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
Ed Menzel, CA Devin Beyma, VA Vince Meconi, DE Greg Smith, FL Mark Gutfreund, KY
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Mark Gutfreund vs Mrs. Beyma Devin softens up her husband's nemesis in the semifinals.
The two perennial finalists meet again.
GM  Ed Menzel [1st Year]  NA
 edmenzel@roadrunner.com  NA