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Football strategy (FBS) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 12, 2016 Icon Key
26 Players Ken Whitesell, PA 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
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My Hero

We are not sure whether it was the taxpayers, the BPA sponsors, charter tribunes, tribunes or just the awesome membership but somebody built us a ‘new stadium’ for the 2016 tournament! OK, actually our tournament took advantage of the great new accommodations at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort where the competition took place this year. Seriously, the tables, the chairs, the lighting and temperature in our assigned room were all vast improvements over the past couple of years. We’d like to add one more “Thank You” to our Board for making a great decision to move the convention to our new location.

As for the competition, we run two single elimination heats of Football Strategy with the winners facing off to determine our champion. The first heat on Monday night had 16 players. We asked players to represent one of the pro teams this year. (For those of you not familiar with this game - that pro team has no bearing or impact on the play of the game.) Despite some rumors, the Buckeyes are not officially a pro team, so the request for them was assigned the Bucs…close enough.

Among the highlights of the first round, former champions showed off their defensive skills as Joe Powell (Broncos) rolled over the Bears 19-2 while Bruce Reiff (Bucs) cruised past the Falcons 25-3. On the other end of the spectrum, Marvin Birbaum’s Jets won a thriller over Fred Bauer’s Redskins by a 27-26 score. Other winners included Sean McCulloch (Cowboys), Kevin Keller (Packers), Ken Whitesell (Giants) and Stuart Tucker (Eagles).
Only six of the eight winners chose to proceed to the second round. The Eagles took down the Packers 21-18 as Stuart held off Kevin, who missed a 30-yard field goal on his penultimate possession. The Giants defeated the Broncos in another tight match by a 28-24 score. The Bucs, led by 11-time champion Bruce lost to the Jets by a 15-14 score. Marvin scored a touchdown with 15 seconds remaining and rather than kick the extra point, he went for the 2-point conversion in an all or nothing decision. 4B proved to be a winning combination with the Jets advancing.

The Giants earned the bye so Ken waited for the Jets vs Eagles clash. Stuart’s Eagles got off to a very fast start, racking up 15 first quarter points on less than one minute of possession time. Marvin didn’t just rest on his second round accomplishment and patiently worked his Jets back into the game, eventually scoring a close 30-28 win. The heat Final was yet another cardiac test for Marvin, but the Jets magic ran out and Ken’s 28-24 win earned a berth in the Final.

The Wednesday heat drew 18 players, including eight from the Monday heat. Several blowouts occurred in the first round as both Joe and Bruce were up to their old tricks with each cruising to 21-point victories. Wes Coates, representing the Ravens won 30-14. Robbie Mitchell’s Patriots knocked off Stuart’s Eagles 19-12 in what had to be an upset. Nicole Reiff’s Browns lost to 2015 finalist Ray Stakenas, Sr. (Jaguars) by a 20-10 score. Other coach’s to secure first round wins were Barry Shouts (49ers), Ray Stakenas, Jr. (Lions), Brad Pickelsimer (Falcons) and David Rynkowski (Bills). The Bills win ended the tournament for 2004 champ Kevin Keller.

In the next round, the Lions and 49ers were paired for the right to play the Bucs and Ray Jr. was in top form, advancing with a 31-7 win. The Lions/Bucs match was hard fought but in the end Bruce outlasted Ray for a 34-31 win. Another 34-31 tally ended three-time champ Joe Powell’s bid for a fourth title with the Ravens downing the Broncos in OT despite missing a field goal attempt from the 20 yard line at the end of regulation. He won the coin toss and marched down the field to kick a field goal and then played stout defense to hold off Joe’s overtime possession. In the other games, David’s Bills took advantage of four missed field goals by Ray Sr to down his Jaguars by a 19-7 score and first round upstart Robbie won quite easily over the Falcons, 31-7.

Robbie’s dream ended in the heat semifinals as David’s Bills cruised to an easy win over the Patriots by a 34-21 score. Bruce was not messing around as the Bucs rolled the Ravens 31-7. He then trampled David’s Bills 41-14.

In the tournament Final, both teams had three possessions in a scoreless first quarter. The tight game continued but both teams were able to dent the other for a touchdown and went into halftime with a 7-7 tie. After halftime adjustments, we expected both teams to come out firing offensive bullets but all we got were blanks as the third quarter was yet another scoreless affair. Considering the offensive prowess of both players, this was quite shocking. The Giants only had two fourth quarter possessions; the second of which lasted less than one minute, but Ken was able to capitalize on a six minute drive to score the go-ahead touchdown for a 14-7 lead. Bruce countered with his own six minute possession but Ken held him off and then did it again in the last two minutes to capture his second title. Both had come at Bruce’s expense and both had prevented the plaque
king from taking home any wood for that year …something that has happened only twice in 26 years!

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Bruce Reiff, OH Marvin Birnbaum, NY David Rynkowski, NY Wes Coates, MD Stuart Tucker, MD
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Marvin Birnbaum and the Happy Handicapper himself, Stuart Tucker, earn their laurels.
GM  Bert Schoose [5th Year]  4882 North Citation Dr, Delray Beach, FL 33445 
 BLSchoose@yahoo.com  NA