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Empire of the Sun (EOS) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Oct. 25, 2016 Icon Key
28 Players Steven Brooks, FL 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
2016 Champion

The Power of Demonstration

The event continued its recent rise in participation - undeterred by the change of venue from farmland to mountain top.  My day started with an early morning Demo of the game with around 20 folks in attendance. We had a great time discussing the game and my usual promise that if they played in the first round of the tourney they would internalize the mechanics of EOS. Many took me up on my offer as the first round saw 14 games of the 1943 tournament scenario with a veteran paired up with a novice in most cases to complete the teaching experience.

As has become the norm for this tournament, Round 1 saw a range of outcomes, but overall these were training games. At least half of the games ended in resignation with the novice thanking their opponent for the lesson. This led to Round 2 where the veterans got down to business with a leavening of strong gamers who wanted another bite of the EOS apple.
Round 2 thus hosted four epic matches. The first game saw veteran player Craig Yope go up against newcomer Carolyn Caton. Caton was a novice who picked up the game very quickly and won decisively in a tough match with the Japanese based on a successful China-Burma-India (CBI) campaign and stopping the Allies in the South Pacific.

The next major confrontation saw four-time champion Dennis Culhane’s Allies tackle Tom Thornsen with the Japanese coming up short of conquering the CBI, but shutting out the Allies defensively for another decisive Japanese victory.

Now came the two gems of the tournament. Bob Heinzmann gave a tutorial on how to play the Allies. While the final score was a net zero for an Allied decisive victory it featured the Japanese forcing China to surrender. Heinzmann’s score saw the Allies capture Rabaul and gain a bomber base as the main components of his score.

The last major battle saw eventual champion Stephen Brooks down Paul Gaberson’s Allies in a match that turned on a single VP. The final score saw the Japanese winning with six VP, but one more Allied point would have switched the outcome. This victory featured a successful Japanese India campaign set against the US conquest of the Solomon Islands.
The final occurred late at night and I am too old to stay up to 3am. I found out the next day that the Japanese (Brooks) had won by resignation over (Heinzmann) in Turn 6 after what was described as two unstoppable dream hands shut down any chance of Allied success.

I think I will finish on this note. I want to thank all of the gamers who participated in this celebration of games in PA.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Bob Heinzmann, FL Paul Konka, MD Carolyn Caton, PA Paul Gaberson, PA Tom Thornsen, NY
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Four-time champ Dennis Culhane dispenses some Pacific wisdom. Teresa Krosnick boldly ventures into the Pacific with Joel Tamburo.
These guys patrol close to the refreshments.
GM  Mark Herman [12th year]  NA
 MarkHerman@AOL.com  NA