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Elchfest (ELC) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 22, 2016 Icon Key
35 Players Brandon Bernard, PA 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

An Exiled Leader Reclaims the Herd

The great Elk stag has fallen! Elk Lord David Meyaard, completing his annual migration from the wilds of Idaho, has been driven from the herd! His title has been usurped by that roguish Elchen exile Brandon Bernard, who had been cast down in the 2013 Final to start Meyaard’s current three-year reign.

The antlered gods gazed down upon their disciples gathered in the laurel highlands for the first time that late Tuesday night. The herd had suffered greatly and been reduced to its smallest numbers since its 2001 creation. Six rounds were once more played out over the Mighty River by these Moose-y Maniacs. The first round flew by due to the relative abundance of games for the reduced number of challengers. Unlike previous battles for supremacy, one bye was given in the opening round and an eliminator (hunter) was needed in Rounds 3, 4 and 5 to thin the herd for the final brackets.

It was in Round 3 that the great tragedy struck. Two-time champion Brandon Bernard, emerged from the throng to battle the Elk Lord and struck him down swiftly in consecutive clashes. A hush came over the herd as the great stag was set adrift on the river to contemplate his six former titles. Rising to avenge the fallen leader in Round 4, Rebecca Roppolo clashed stone with stone and antler with antler, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Jonathan Gemmell and young Holiday Saccenti kicked and shoved with hoof and shoulder over who would battle the assassin for the title.

Then came Round 5. Journeyman Josh Githens flicked against Brandon Bernard, thinking this was finally his year to go all the way, but the Elchen exile could not be stopped and Josh sulked away, denied yet again. None could challenge the mighty Bernard now, none except … Jonathan Gemmell. Eluding the last hunter, Gemmell stared down Bernard across the Mighty River in Round 6. Viewers watched as the two flicked stones and moved meese across the river. Githens interrupted the contest, heckling the favorite from the shore, charging shenanigans on the Elchen exile, claiming that Bernard had Stick’ems to aid his elch which he gathered anytime he wiped away his hands. The Professional Elchfest Union has been notified and is currently investigating the matter.
Undeterred, the mighty Bernard triumphed in his first bout. Gemmell, shaken by his sudden defeat, chose a new tactic for the second round. In a bold move, he shot his stone across the stream, far out of reach of either player. It then became a battle for one stone. It was a good plan worthy of a new champion, but he was defeated nonetheless. Brandon pushed past his foe and took his place across the riverbank, trumpeting his third triumph. The exile had returned to regain control of the herd. Meanwhile, a beaten stag began the long trek back to Idaho—plotting his revenge with every step.

To be continued …

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
Jon Gemmel, MD Josh Githens, SC Holiday Saccenti, MD Rebecca Roppolo, CO David Meyaard, ID
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Elchfest Junior 2016

22 elk calves battled their way across a stream on Friday morning in preparation for tougher river crossings in the years ahead. The winner, Linsey Saccenti, followed her sister Holiday who had won in years past and has since graduated to the old folks games. Both girls warmed Linsey up for this years event by crossing the river in the adult version of the game earlier in the week. Following Linsey in second was Sabine Buccheri, who like Linsey, moved on to adult games. Other promising calves on the upswing finishing third through sixth were Sarah Drummond, Jay Schoenen, Casey Moquin and Teagan Powers.

The annual migration has begun—the herd meets
to cross the Laurel river with a new alpha elk.
Young Holiday Saccenti wasted no time
moving up from juniors wood to adult laurels.
Sabine Buccheri battling her way into the Final. Linsey Saccenti won the Juniors event run by GM Laurie Wojtaszczyk.
GM  Alex Bell [3rd Year]  NA