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Enemy In Sight (EIS) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Oct. 25, 2016 Icon Key
23 Players Tim Evinger, PA 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
2016 Champion

Sunday Morning Tattered Traditions

The change of ports to Seven Springs raised questions about the viability of continuing the traditional Sunday morning heat given the likely increased travel time for most departing players. This coupled with the marathon, six-hand Final which was still ongoing hours after the last shot of every other 2015 event led to a shift of the third heat to earlier in the week to enable an earlier Sunday getaway. The result was not well received judging by the smallest field for the event since its 1991 debut. Perhaps the abandoned House Rule eliminating the lowest scoring player every hand in order to speed the Final along was not such a bad idea after all.

All but one preliminary game lasted three rounds, and the lone dissenter was called after two hands on time. All the admirals had the navigational skills to find the room, which was well air conditioned, bright, had water outside the door and was just was down the hall from the restroom so there were no complaints about the new port of call from those on hand. SIx preliminary heats provided qualifying winners and five were on hand for the Sunday morning Final: Tim Evinger, Matt Bacho, Rob Kilroy, Michael Ussery and Jim Bell. Tim, Matt and Rob were all former champs looking for their second bite of the apple.

The first round was action packed. After a little ‘fire insurance’ things got serious. Sails began falling and Matt started his Errol Flynn impersonation by boarding Jim. The rest of the round followed suit with five more successful boardings, all but one prize making it back to port. Altogether there were an additional 27 points of sunk ships added to the butcher’s bill. Mike held the lead after the first hand with 59 points, chased closely by Matt with 50 and Tim at 42. Rob and Jim enjoyed the sail, but did not dirty their hands by scoring.

So, with three leaders to hold in check, it was becoming quite a firefight. During the melee that was Round 2, four ships were boarded in four separate attempts that all failed. Two of those attempts backfired bigtime and lost the boarding ships to their intended victims. With his line broken, Mike’s prize took a lot of damage and caught fire, and was reduced to three points. Rob had a great round, but couldn’t get his prize back to port. Tim piled up sunk ships and returned one prize to port for a nearly unbelievable score. Matt’s lone prize reaching port didn’t make up for being unable to score any sunk ships.

With the ocean littered with damaged and burning ships, and well under the normal three hours, Tim pulled out the aggressive victory in just two hands, by outscoring all players, earning 68 points in the round to bring his total to 110 points. It was his second Enemy in Sight championship - and it came 20 years after the first! More importantly, it tied me for the family lead so now I must win a third to retake the family lead. Matt held on for a distant second with 72 points. With an amazing second hand, Rob belatedly joined the scoring fun after being shut out in the first hand, scoring 63 points to barely take third. Mike’s three points in the second hand was one short of wood and only got him to 62 and fourth place laurels. Jim finally scored but not enough to climb out of fifth place.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Matt Bacho, WA Rob Kilroy, PA Michael Ussery, MD Jim Bell, MD Daniel
Blumentritt, TX
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Francis Czawlytko gets a refresher in "Crossing the T" from GM Matt Evinger.
GM  Matt Evinger [4th Year]  mattevinger@yahoo.com