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Euphrat & Tigris (E&T) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Oct. 25, 2016 Icon Key
30 Players Eric Freeman, PA 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Eric Claims his Third

Kniza's tile placing masterpiece, Euphrat & Tigris, returned again as a Legacy event offering two heats followed by two elimination rounds. The event again used a rules variant to balance the advantage of the first two players. Instead of their normal two actions, the first two players received one action for the first turn only. The distribution of wins for 4-player games was three wins each for players first, second or third.  It was a rough year for players moving last, winning just twice and finishing last in four others.  There were also four 3-player games.

Dynasty/Finish Win 2nd 3rd 4th Avg Finish
Archer 1st 3 3 4 1 2.27
Bull 2nd 4 2 1 4 2.45
Lion 3rd  2 4 3 2 2.45
Potter 4th 2 2 3 4 2.81

The semifinals were highly contested this year with nine of ten winners joined by seven runners-up completing four 4-player boards. Coincidentally, the last time we had a full 16-player semifinal was our first year at the Lancaster Host. In the first semifinal, featuring three former champions, Matt Calkins (9-9-9-10) defeated Steve Scott (8-8-9-13), Aran Warszawski, and Craig Moffitt.  Steve’s close finish earned him the consolation of 5th place laurels as the best second.  In the second semifinal, Eric Freeman (11-13-13-14) won by three full points over Patrick Shea (8-8-8-14). The third semifinal was also close as Bobbi Warczak (7-10-10-11) won without earning a treasure against Dominic Blais (7-7-7-8). In the fourth semifinal, Aaron Fuegi (12-12-15-15) nabbed three treasures to advance over Steve Koleszar (8-9-11-17) and Ian Moffitt, our youngest semifinalist at just 8 years young.

Seating for the Final had Matt 1st (Archer), Eric 2nd (Bull), Aaron 3rd (Lion), and Bobbi 4th (Potter). The first three were all former champions with five titles between them. In opening leader placements, Matt placed his Farmer in the river delta, Eric placed his King in the North, Aaron placed his Trader in the South, and Bobbi started with her King in the Southeast closest to Matt.  Matt responded by dropping his Trader next to Bobbi and expanding from the delta southwards to link the kingdoms for the game’s first treasure.

In the South, Aaron placed three of the four Markets and setup a green/black monument for his two leaders.  However, Eric hadn’t yet placed his Priest and used the opportunity to barge into the kingdom and build a green/red monument instead, gifting Aaron a green point in the process.

Bobbi triggered the first conflict of the game when she merged her Trader’s kingdom into the larger eastern kingdom.  She knocked off Matt’s Trader and gained a treasure from the combined kingdom.  Matt counterattacked with an internal conflict, but his Trader was repulsed after Bobbi revealed the three needed temples.

Guessing Matt had just exhausted his hand on offense, Eric moved his Farmer to attack Matt.  Matt didn’t have the three needed temples and was defeated.  Piling on, Aaron also attacked Matt’s Priest internally with the same strength.  At this point, Matt was wiped out and had no leaders left.  

Matt soon returned to the action by placing his Trader in the center and playing four markets to win an external conflict against Aaron in the Southwest to gain a treasure and the monument.  The next turn he attacked Eric’s priest internally and gained full control of the monument.

Meanwhile in the East, Eric’s Trader defeated Bobbi in an internal conflict to pick up support in the East.  Needing red, Aaron gifted Eric a blue point to build a blue/red monument on the delta. Eric also gifted a point to build a black/green monument for the green points he needed. Two large mixed kingdoms were now a single space apart and would join soon.

Aaron triggered the merger and scored three red and three blue points for himself.  For the third color, Matt was forced to attack Eric at a disadvantage and lost. For the second time, Matt was wiped out with no leaders on the board. There was now one dominant sprawling multi-monument kingdom.

Bobbi tried an internal attack with two temples to gain control of monuments, but was repelled by Eric.  Matt used a catastrophe to separate some leaders to gain the black monument for his King. Aaron picked up on Bobbi’s lack of temples and used a revolt to dislodge her Priest.  Bobbi was immediately able to counter revolt to restore her Priest against Aaron, but miscalculated a merger and lost her Trader in an external conflict she couldn’t win.

In the last round, Matt gifted a black point to build the red/black monument and tried to wrest control of the green monument, but Eric had enough temples to defend.  Aaron made the final merger of the game and attacked Bobbi on black adding three tiles for a 6-1 advantage.  Amazingly, all six of Bobbi’s hand were settlements and she defended and scored four black points.  

Tiles from the conflict exhausted the tile bag, bringing the game to an end. Eric won with a score of 10/10/10/16 (9 black and red plus two treasures) to claim his third E&T title.  Aaron finished as runner-up with 4/7/8/13 ahead of Matt 4/5/6/6 and Bobbi 4/4/9/11.

Next year, the 1/1/2/2 action rules variant and hypothetic treasure margin-of-victory tiebreaker will be kept. The GM would like to thank everyone for their participation and is looking forward to another great event in 2017.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Aaron Fuegi, MA Matt Calkins, VA Bobbi Warczak, CA Steve Scott, CA Dominic Blais, qc
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Eric Freeman won this semifinal over Patrick Shea, Gregory Crowe and Robert St. Pierre.
Ian Moffitt, the youngest WBC semifinalist at 8 years young. Bobbi and Matt's traders fight.
Eastern shakeup leaves Matt without leaders. South meets East in the Final's largest conflict.
The fourth monument and final conflict. GM Craig Moffit oversees his finalists.
GM  Craig Moffitt [12th Year]  NA
 craig.a.moffitt@gmail.com  NA