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Conquest of Paradise (CQP) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Oct. 25, 2016 Icon Key
25 Players Dave Cross, VA 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
2016 Champion

Balmy Mountains … pass the coconuts

Even though we were in a new location at the spiffy Seven Springs resort, the traditional inflatable palm tree and authentic tapa cloth table spread made their usual appearances to transport everyone from the Laurel highlands to the balmy beaches at least in spirit.

The 2016 tournament should be the last one that uses the First Edition of the game. So this year we used a stripped-down version of the rules: no Advanced Rules at all, going back to a pure rendition of the game. However, the increased cost of Arts & Culture cards Tournament Rule was used again, as promised last year. When the Deluxe Second Edition becomes available in 2017 with its fancy components, we will return some Advanced Rules.

The three heats of Round 1 spread through various time slots on Thursday, Friday and Saturday saw the usual range of outcomes and play styles. There were some memorable feats of exploration in the first rounds. In one game, a player managed to find three Island Groups in a single turn without getting lost - a nearly impossible accomplishment! In another game, a player had even more luck exploring: he found both Hawaii and Tahiti in the same turn! But neither player won their game, proving that it takes more than great exploration to win.

The semifinals consisted of three 4-player games, completing the tables with two high-scoring runners-up from the first round. Starting positions were determined by seeding from the three heats. Most of the advancing faces were old hands who had been there before. But sprinkled amongst them were some newcomers, including the two LaDue sisters. Two of the  games had reasonably close outcomes, but the third semifinal saw massive and continual combat, leaving one player with a single village, and ending with Rachel LaDue ten points ahead of her nearest rival! 2013 champion Keith Ferguson won his semifinal as did Alan Arvold. 2014 champ David Cross was just a point and a half shy in his game which was good enough to advance with the last seat.

After choosing their starting positions in seeded order, the Final was set: Rachel as Samoa, Keith as Tonga, Alan as Hiva, and Dave as Raiatea.

The game began with average success at exploration, although Tonga had an early advantage, finding Hawaii. A string of islands were discovered about equal distance between Raiatea and Hiva, creating tension between those players. Both Tonga and Raiatea explored an island between them in a significant location—but it was just an atoll! Samoa found an archipelago of two island groups at the north corner of the board—and one turned out to be Tahiti! All four players busily set about developing their empires - building villages, connecting island groups, and investing in Arts and Culture.  Suddenly, the tension between Raiatea and Hiva along their string of adjacent island groups was shattered, as Raiatea attacked Hiva’s Tuamotu islands. The attack was successful, breaking Hiva’s canoe chain as Raiatea quickly incorporated his newly won possession into his own empire. This was enough for Raiatea to declare victory—much to everyone else’s surprise! A careful count showed that he had just enough points to win. This was certainly the quickest Final in the history of the tournament and it made Dave the second twotime champion of our event!

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Keith Ferguson, VA Rachel LaDue, NY Alan Arvold, IL Kevin McPartland. NY Brian Goodwin, VA
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Jim Lawler, Frank Personde, Mark McCandless, and Tom Thornsen Stan Buck, Kevin Emery, Brian Goodwin and Rachel LaDue
Ted Drozd, Dave Cross, Alan Arvold and Keith Ferguson Brian Greer, Rachel LaDue, Brian Goodwin and Kevin McPartland
Kevin McPartland, Robert Lewis, Harry Carter and Dave Cross tussle in paradise.
GM  Ken Whitesell [1st Year]  NA
 KenWhitesell@Comcast.net  NA