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Conflict of Heroes (COH) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Oct. 25, 2016 Icon Key
9 Players Doug Smith, PA 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
2016 Champion

An Adjudicated Title

The tournament fell on hard times this year, hindered by the smallest field in its seven year history, a situation made worse by mid-event player defections from even that reduced group. The tournament format reverted back to basics as single elimination with a mulligan round. What was new was a greater emphasis on playing different games and different firefights. Players ranked the four games in the series by their interest in playing them. Pairings were made by common interest in those games.

Wednesday night saw four players trying their skill in the Mulligan round. The first saw two-time Josh Coyle facing David Hull in the new Guadalcanal. This worked to David's advantage as he managed to defeat the leading laurelist as his Marines managed to fend off the Japanese banzai attacks. In the other game, Omar Chbaklo's German's managed to clear Luke Warren's Soviet defenders in Awakening the Bear. Friday morning opened with five fresh players plus Josh returning from Wednesday's loss, for a fresh start. At table 1, Jesse Boomer's Soviet partisans held their own against Stan Myszak's patrolling Germans. Table 2 matched two former champions, Josh and 2014’s Doug Smith, playing Price of Honour, firefight 7. This particular firefight involved a > Polish counterattack in an early morning fog in mid September against a German outpost. The morning fog provided excellent cover for the advancing Poles, and after a very close battle, Doug emerged victorious. The third game was another Guadalcanal battle between Ed Welsh and Jeff Lange. This tank battle was extremely close, coming down to the last die roll of the last round. In the end, it was Ed's Japanese defense holding strong against Jeff's attacking Marine Stuarts. Due to dropouts, as the last remaining former champion in the event, Doug was awarded a bye into the Final. This left Jesse facing Omar in a semifinal game of Awakening the Bear, Firefight 3. Omar's careful advance again worked to his advantage as he was able to clear the Soviet defenders with a well-crafted swing through the Soviet southern flank.

Omar's win put him in the Final for the first time. He faced Doug over Awakening the Bear, Firefight 6., which is a German armor advance through a Soviet screening force. Time is on the Soviet's side as the Germans need to make a strong advance before Soviet T-34s enter play. Omar, again as the Germans, took an eastern route through the Soviet defense. Unfortunately for him, his advance was not quick enough. The pace of the game was also slower than it should have been, and so wasn't completed within the time limit. After three hours of play, I was forced to call a halt. Although the situation was relatively close, the balance of the situation was in Doug's favor and so he was awarded his second COH title.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 3
Omar Chbaklo, ae Josh Coyle, VA Jesse Boomer, KS NA NA
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Jesse Boomer's Russian partisans
whack Stan Myszak's German patrol.
Doug Smith's Poles best Josh Coyle's
Germans in a duel of past champions.
Jeff Lange and Ed Welsh take the new Guadalcanal release out for a spin.
GM  Ken Whitesell [1st Year]  NA
 KenWhitesell@Comcast.net  NA