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Castles of Mad King Ludwig (CMK) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 22, 2016 Icon Key
119 Players Randy Buehler, WA 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

Building on success

Last year, Castles of Mad King Ludwig was one of the more popular trial events, earning a place in the Century. That attendance turned out not to be a passing fad, as it was surpassed in 2016.

The competition to make the 16 semifinal slots was fierce. 13 players achieved double wins, leaving few slots for people with a single win.  Several players with a win and a good second (including the GM!) did not make the cut. The winners of the semifinals were Randy Buehler, Sky Roy, assistant GM Greg Crowe, and Nathan Heiss. Ludwig declared that he wanted a castle to support his strenuous lifestyle so favor would be around the number of Activity and Outdoor rooms, as well as the number of Square Rooms and External Entrances.

Randy was the first Master Builder. The opening set of rooms included a trio of Sleeping Rooms and an early Throne Room (which pays off heavily on adjacent Sleeping Rooms). Randy recognized the threat and priced the Throne Room high and the Sleeping Rooms low, successfully encouraging the other players to each take a Sleeping Room so that when Sky priced the Throne Room at a medium level the next turn, Nate’s purchase of it didn’t have as much potential. But Nate was able to get one Sleeping Room and complete it to allow him to find a few other Sleeping Rooms and add them to the next placement, forcing Greg to price at least one of them in a medium range that Nate could afford.

By Nate’s turn as Master Builder there were three sleeping rooms out, and Nate absolutely wanted one of them. Unfortunately, he miscalculated and placed them all at low prices, allowing Randy to grab one, and Sky to close off one of his two early food rooms to grab the other two. Nate would eventually close his Throne Room with only two Sleeping Rooms attached.
On Randy’s second turn as Master Builder, he was faced with a slate of Food Rooms that Sky was clearly looking to acquire, so Randy had to arrange them carefully to keep Sky and Nate from getting what they wanted, but by focusing on them, he allowed Greg to make the best move of the game with his purchase: a single food room that fit perfectly between two already-placed Sleeping Rooms, closing all three at once! He followed this up by purchasing a Utility Room, giving him a huge jump in points, a bonus card, and the ability to select four tiles for the next round. Between Greg’s play and Nate finishing another Sleeping Room, Sky didn’t get to draw any cards for his second turn as Master Builder; he was only able to pull tiles that Greg and Nate had chosen!

At this point, each player set up their own pattern for room choices. Randy was chasing Activity Rooms and Living Rooms that connected well. Sky was looking for Food Rooms for successive extra turns and Greg and Nate fought over Outdoors and Dungeon Rooms. With solid play all around, with three turns remaining the scores were tied 63/63/63/56, though the game was then flooded with Utility Rooms that allowed everyone to grab secret bonus cards, so it was hard to see who was really leading.

In the end, Randy’s line paid off best. His focus on Activity Rooms allowed him to rack up regular points, get extra points when he completed Living Rooms that were adjacent to them, as well as getting well ahead on the game bonus tile. Nate and Greg stepped on each other a bit too much for either to do well, and Nate was further hampered by only hitting four of his six bonus cards.

Randy led the final tally with 146, followed by Sky with 135, Nate with 123, and Greg with 117. All in all, a great game wrapping up a great convention!

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1
Sky Roy, on Nathan Heiss, WA Greg Crowe, MD Steve LeWinter, NC Ricky Boyes, WA
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Edward Rader builds a new wing in one of the events Moon Sultana didn't win. Michelle Benson, David Borton, Gordon Stewart and Devin Smith build silly castles.
Kristen LaDue and Gina Chu bring a woman's touch to castle design. Greg Crowe and Megan Byrd built a day care room.
Edward Rader and Eyal Mozes build their man caves. John Corrado, Bryan Collars, Carl Sykes and Justin Rice
GM Corrado and his four architect finalists.
GM  John Corrado [2nd Year]  NA
 johncorrado@hotmail.com  NA