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Churchill (CHL) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Oct. 25, 2016 Icon Key
42 Players Alex Gregorio, PA 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
2016 Champion

Stalin, a poor third

Alex Gregorio won the first tournament for Churchill as Franklin Delano Roosevelt. After Germany had been conquered and Don Tatum (Churchill) had accumulated many points through clandestine networks and political markers, Alex made a concerted effort to win the war in Japan to change the victory from Condition 3 (Axis not conquered) to Condition 2 (both Axis conquered with the point leader more than 15 points ahead of last place). On the last turn, Alex conquered Japan (sharing points with the UK) and landed at Okinawa. The five points for Okinawa and some last turn political activity moved FDR ahead of Rob Davidson (Stalin) into second place. Don’s point lead was too high to survive the die roll, so Alex won the game.

Player enthusiasm and the unique tournament format (participation in either the Mulligan or first round in this debut year was sufficient for a player to qualify for the quarterfinals, to yield a perfect 27-player bracket prior to the nine-player semifinal). This resulted in many playing four games, and the Final proved to be the fifth of the tournament for both Rob Davidson and Don Tatum.

Of the 27 games recorded, seven ended with Condition 1 (Axis conquered, points close), four in Condition 2 and 16 in Condition 3. Nine of the Condition 3 games occurred in the Mulligan round, in which the players were trying to adjust to the time constraints (three hours). Churchill won 13 games, Roosevelt ten and Stalin only four. I believe it is too early to draw any conclusions from this, but it bears watching.

One area of concern I do have is something I’ll call ‘lack of awareness’. In 11 of the 16 Condition 3 wins, the winner’s point value was too high for the Section 4.43 (compensator) die roll to affect the final ranking. However, in some of the games (including the Final), the second and third place players were able to recognize the situation during the game and work together to win the war. In some of the instances, the end state was changed to Condition 2, and the points leader has to risk a die roll to win the game.

Thanks to the 42 players who participated. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and look forward to seeing how more experience will affect future outcomes.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: NA
Don Tatum, MD Rob Davidson, IL Tom Thornsen, NY Matthew O'Connor, NJ Steve Katz, VA
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Rick Young and Steve Caler debate the merits of lend lease. Joel Tamburo flashes the Chuchill sign despite playing Stalin.victory
Don Tatum cooperates with Anastasia Chitwood - the only lady in the field.
GM  Mark Herman [1st Year] NA
 MarkHerman@aol.com NA