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Combat Commander (CBC) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Oct. 25, 2016 Icon Key
47 Players John Ratanaprasatporn, PA 2016 Status 2017 Status Event History
2016 Champion

The Great Campaign Continues....

The downturn in overall attendance at the new venue had little to no effect on the CBC tournament which attracted its second largest field of the past seven years for the day long contest of physical and mental stamina. The theme of "The Great Campaign" featured scenarios for 1943, as the action focused on the all consuming Eastern Front The tournament again used a Swiss Elim format with four opening rounds advancing the top four players to single elimination playoffs.

The swiss portion consisted of four games played in succession with 67% of the entrants playing at least three games. The first scenario was The War Machine Keeps Turning (Germans vs Soviets). The remaining swiss rounds saw the introduction of the Random Scenario Generator. The RSG was initially met with trepidation but as the process of each scenario creation unfolded, the players soon realized that the RSG rewarded them with a unique play experience. All four games played usually finished within the timeframe of the tournament, although unfamiliarity with the RSG forced the semifinal games to be played on Thursday morning instead of Wednesday night.

Newcomer John Ratanaprasatporn won the top seed in the resulting playoffs, followed by Stan Myszak, Derek Pulhamus, and defending champion, Martin Sample. The scenario for the semifinals was On the road to Victory from the recently released Tournament Battlepack. John defeated Marty in a tense game while Stan bested Derek in a fast paced contest as the two finalists both reached the Final for the first time.

The lower seeded finalist, Stan, selected a scenario from the Tournament Battlepack for the Final while the higher seeded finalist, John, selected his preferred side. Stan opted for the intense "A Midnight Clear" scenario and John took the Americans. Stan charged right in and took the main objective for a three-point lead. He then tried to speed the game along by taking potshots and cycling the deck as fast as he could. However, John drew a secret objective event which gave him the lead unbeknownst to Stan. Stan managed to pick up another point to pad his false lead and kept cycling the deck to speed the end. However, noticing that John wasn't making any aggressive moves, he became concerned that he was actually behind due to the secret objective. He maneuvered troops to take an objective. In the meantime, John was actually building his hand with ambushes and was looking for an advance card to make his final surge. He did not draw the advance card he needed, but it turned out he didn't need it. Stan advanced on John's troops holding the secret objective. John, with three ambushes in hand, managed to eliminate a unit to take the lead. The game end was drawn before the melee could resolve and John escaped with a 1-point victory.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2
Stan Myszac, qc Derek Pulhamus, NY Martin Sample, NH Joseph Kelleher, PA Michael Redman, MN
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
James Terry falls to the evntual champion. Dennis Nicholson vs Bill Alderman
Stan Buck vs John Gitzen GM Bryan Collars oversees his finalists.
GM Bryan Collars [6th Year] NA
jbcollars@bellsouth.net NA