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Auction (AUC) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 18, 2016 Icon Key
39 Players Bruce Monnin, OH 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

The Start of Don’s Best WBC Ever

It was Don’s best WBC ever because I, for the second time, left WBC ¬†without a plaque and Auction contributed mightily to that as I did something in the tournament that I’d never done before. On the other hand, adding two more heats allowed the event to draw its biggest field since 2004.

We started off again with a first Saturday heat with five boards in the Foggy Goggle situated in our sweet spot after Win, Place & Show and before the new hit late night event Las Vegas. It was sweet playing with the bar only 25 feet away. The Foggy Google turned out to be a nice place for a late evening game. Those punching their ticket for the semifinals on Saturday night were Luke Koleszar, Lexi Shea, Ken Gutermuth, Rob Kircher and Jim Garvin who beat me for loss number one.

The new Sunday 9am heat was the best attended with six boards. Jon Lockwood, Shea’s Mike and Jordan, Andy Latto, Bob Wicks, and Sean “I can beat Reiff in something—as long as it’s not Battleline” McCulloch sent yours truly to his second defeat of the young week.

Tuesday at 6pm rolled around and the old first heat (for 15 years) which is now the third heat had four boards following the real auction. Punching their ticket for the semis this round were John Schoose, Bruce (not Reiff) Monnin. Jeff Mullet, and newcomer Angela McGavisk who sent your GM to his third straight loss.

The fourth (desperation) heat only had two boards and much to my dismay I was among the desperate entrants. Aran Warszawski took one game while Andrew George won my board. I had just lost four games of Auction in a row and failed to make the semifinals for the first time ever. It was a portent of things to come.

However, I had no time to pout as the semi’s were next and I had to review the advancement rules as I had something else that’s never happened—17 semifinal winners. Fortunately, two bailed and the semis were set. In semifinal #1, Angela McGavisk took out wily former champs Ken Gutermuth and John Schoose, as well as my sidekick Jeff Mullet. In semifinal #2 Sean McCulloch upheld the honor of CABS and beat Andrew George and two Sheas, Mike and Lexi. In the third semi, veteran Rob Kircher took out hometown buddy (and future GM) Bob Wicks, 2007 champ Jon Lockwood and the third Shea; Jordan - ending the Sheas’ Auction day. In the last semifinal 1996 champ Bruce Monnin took charge of the shorthanded 3-player game, defeating Aran Warszawski and Jim Garvey.

The Final was long (by Auction standards) and went close to the end of the deck. Angela’s impressive debut ended with a negative round, finishing with just $1600. 2010 champ Rob Kircher didn’t fare much better, finishing with $2390. That left it to the battle of the two Buckeye’s. Bruce Monnin ($8060) reclaimed the title that he last held 20 years ago on the strength of Tapestry, Coins and cash. Sean ($4770) was in his usual spot—looking up from second at a Bruce.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 1

Sean McCulloch, OH Rob Kircher, RI Angela McGavisk, NC
Aran Warszawski, il Lexi Shea, PA
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Jim Garvey and Aran Warszawski fall to
1996 champ Bruce Monnin in the semifinals.
Michael Shea, Seam McCulloch, Andrew George
and Kara Morse during one of four preliminary heats.
Jon Lockwood, Bob Wicks, Rob Kircher and Jordan Shea meet in a preliminay heat.
Jeff Mullet, Amgela McGavisk, John Schoose and Ken Gutermuth meet in the semifinals.
GM     Bruce Reiff  [8th Year]  NA
    BDReiff@aol.com  NA