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Attack Sub (ATS) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 11, 2016 Icon Key
38 Players Bruce Young, SC 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
  2016 Champion Click box for details. Click box for details.

The Champ who couldn’t Shoot Straight

There were 38 submarinerson hand for the silver anniversary of the game’s publication. To commemorate it, David Buchholz made a magnificent trophy for the winner—an 18 inch model of a Soviet Kilo class submarine mounted on a stand containing Soviet and NATO submarine insignias.

Five players emerged unbeaten from the three swiss rounds: 2014 champion Rob Schoenen, Jim Fleckenstein Jr (son of defending champion Jim Fleckenstein who missed making the quarterfinals by a tiebreaker), Greg Ziemba, Israeli Haim Hochboim, and Finn Mikaela Kumlander. Tiebreakers added two-time champ Bruce Young, Tom Bissa, and Mark Yoshikawa to the playoff rounds.

The quarterfinal match between Young and Hochboim was the most exciting of the tournament. Bruce commanded a Soviet submarine force against Haim's NATO surface force. Bruce had the first play, but Haim got off to a quick start with his Virginia sinking one of Bruce's two subs on his first attack. Bruce's remaining sub tried to hit the Virginia, but his two attacks would miss. Virginia tried to end it all with an attack on the Skvortsov, but his attack system malfunctioned! Bruce then managed to reduce Haim's contact level on his sub and relentlessly attacked the Virginia – sinking it after five attacks! Things now looked better for Bruce, but he was still facing the Simpson and its helicopter with only one sub. Deciding to go for broke, Bruce closed range to the Simpson and used Battle Stations to fire, but missed! He closed range again and missed again. With a seemingly endless supply of attack cards, the sub which couldn’t shoot straight would attack two more times – and miss! Meanwhile, Haim had been playing passive sonars on those failed attacks and he now had a very good contact on the Skvortsov. He used his helicopter to attack  - and misses! Both players' bad luck continues as Bruce returns fire and this time suffers an attack system malfunction. Finally, in spite of the malfunction, Bruce fires at Simpson, hits, and gets a sunk result before putting into port to replenish his exhausted supply of torpedoes.

In a match of unbeatens, Ziemba and Kumlander fought Scenario A Sub Duel. Both players played aggressively. Mikaela drew first blood, but Greg evened the score on the next turn. After the two remaining subs exchanged misses, Greg managed to sink Mikaela's last sub for the win. It was all over in less than one deck.

Bissa took a Soviet surface force against Schoenen's Rebel Without A Cause. Tom would have very bad luck in this game. His very first search resulted in a sonar malfunction and bad weather would ground his helicopters for two turns. He did manage to get his reinforcement ship and launch two helicopters after the weather cleared. But by this time, they were into the second deck and Rob escaped on his first attempt for the win despite three ships and two helicopters looking for him!

The last quarterfinal was another Sub Duel. Yoshikawa’s Soviets drew first blood, but Fleckenstein’s Brits then sank both of Mark's subs for the win.

In the first semifinal, Fleckenstein chose the Falklands scenario where the British are considered the favorite against the Argentines. Rob, of course, chose to play the British. Before Jim could recover from a bad start with a sensor malfunction or get his reinforcement, Rob found the Salsa and used Battle Stations to fire and sink it with his first shot for the win.

The second semi saw Ziemba’s Soviet surface force hunting Young's renegade sub in Rebel Without A Cause. Given his recent marksmanship struggles, Bruce figured he was better off evading than shooting. This game was similar to the Bissa-Schoenen match. Greg managed to get reinforced, but even with three ships and two helicopters he couldn't prevent Bruce's escape on his first attempt of the second deck for the win.

So the Final pit two-time champion Bruce Young against 2014 champion Rob Schoenen. Bruce chose Scenario B Search and Destroy and Rob chose to command the NATO surface force. Bruce drew first blood, sinking the Simpson along with its helicopter. Despite being reduced to one ship without helicopter support, Rob managed to locate the Molniya. His attack needed a 5 to hit and he drew a 4. Bruce fired back, needing a 4 but drew a 3. Playing aggressively and hoping to finish off the Virginia for the win, Bruce closed range with both subs. Rob attacked again, needing a 4 to hit but drew a system malfunction! Bruce then attacked the Virginia, scoring a hit and doing 2 attack damage. A second hit followed, this time for 2 sensor damage, but the Virginia remained afloat! On fire and listing heavily, Virginia launched a desperation attack. Rob needed a 5 and drew a 0! Bruce breaths a sigh or relief and tries to finish off the wounded Virginia, but draws a 3, needing a 4. Virginia somehow manages to reduce contact, but the next attack ends her day!

Bruce managed to overcome a first game loss, and a very tense quarterfinal game to win his third Attack Sub championship with what is undoubtedly the poorest shooting percentage to ever win the title, and take the beautiful trophy home to Greenville, where it will be the cherry on top of the Mafia trophy case.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0
Rob Schoenen, PA Greg Ziemba, MI Jim Fleckenstein, VA Haim Hochboim, il Mikaela Kumlander, fi
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
The 25th Anniversary Trophy David Buchholz and 1999 champ Brian Conlon engaged.
Nathan Wagner and Bruce Young hankering for that trophy. Jimmy Fleckenstein and Jim Eliason battle in the preliminaries.
GM  Steven Caler [8th Year]  NA