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Afrika Korps (AFK) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Jan. 27, 2017 Icon Key
25 Players Robert Frisby, VA 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
  2016 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

The Unforgiving Game

The AFK tournament was marked by a proliferation of Holy Hand Grenades (HHG; a 1-1 all-out German attack on Tobruch) in both the preliminaries, semifinals, and even the championship! GM Lockwood was knocked out of both the laurels altogether, courtesy of five such results against him by five different opponents; four as the British, and one that he dropped on his own German boots against newcomer Greg Hultgren, who would rise to be one of the four semifinalists. The odds of all five failing were 1 in 162.

The four semifinalists numbered one former champion, one repeating semifinalist and two formidable newcomers emerging from the preliminaries. The first semifinal match pit two-time champion Bert Schoose’s Germans against newcomer Greg Hultgren, who made the cut with four preliminary wins. Bert stunned Greg early with clever positioning of his 21st Panzer Division that enabled him to take Tobruch in May 1941 with an Automatic Victory and exploitation by his 2-2-12 Recce, sending Greg’s British forces reeling back toward Alexandria. Greg managed to recover and establish a strong defensive line near El Alamein, but fatally exposed his forces when he counterattacked the Germans at low odds before November 1941. That 1-1 exchange hurt the Germans, but left his line open to a game winning Automatic Victory overrun during Bert’s ensuing turn.

The other semifinal matched Robert Frisby’s British fresh off a 2015 third place finish vs Canadian newcomer Roy Parsons, sporting four preliminary wins. Doubtless feeling the pressure of being in his first semifinal match. Roy decided to go for a quick victory by using the HHG against Robert in July 1941. Unfortunately, fate frowned upon him, and the ensuing Attacker Eliminated result doomed Roy to a third place finish - none too shabby for his first WBC. Robert, an Anzio champ many times over, advanced to his first AFK title game.

Bert’s Axis opened the Final in the usual fashion by isolating Benghazi and cutting across the desert toward Tobruch. On April I the Allies deployed a 4-4-7 in the desert southwest of Tobruk to screen Axis forces. On April II, theGermans attacked this unit at 3-1 in the hope of obtaining a DE or EX. The result was a DR, which burned a supply unit without causing any Allied losses. Bert then bypassed Tobruch and advanced on Alexandria. In July and August, the Axis assaulted the Allied line a few hexes west of El Alamein. By the end of August, the Axis had eliminated 12 Allied units but lost two of their own. The Royal Navy sank only three supply units during the first five months of the game. On September II, the Axis assaulted two stacks of Allied units at 3-1. The EX eliminated six Allied factors and a German 7-7-10. The Allies responded by attacking a 2-3-4 at 3-1 and rolling another EX. Having both inflicted heavy losses on the Allies and lost four units of their own, including a panzer regiment, the Axis fell back on Tobruch before the arrival of the November I Allied reinforcements. They attacked the 11 Allied factors in Tobruch on October II with a HHG at 1-2. The EX eliminated 11 Axis and seven Allied factors. Tobruch fell to the Axis on November I when the Axis eliminated the surviving 4-4-7 using a "mini-HHG" at 1-1.

On December I, the Axis committed nearly all of their remaining forces to attack two adjacent escarpment hexes near Sidi Omar where the Allies had deployed their best units. The Axis tried a 1-2 HHG on the southeastern hex in the hope of obtaining a DR so that they could advance to surround the other hex defended by ten Allied factors. The AR result enabled the Allies to retreat the attackers so that an Allied 1-1-12 would be able to surround the attacking Axis forces. With little prospect of taking Alexandria given the Axis losses and board position, the Axis conceded, giving Robert Frisby his first title in Afrika Korps!

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2

Bert Schoose, FL Roy Parsons, qc Greg Hultgren, CA Vince Meconi, DE Michael Day, AZ
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Greg Hultgren upsets two-time champ Jon Lockwood. Bruno Sinigaglio, dean of the grognards, battles Warren Day.
Roy Parsons gains one of his four wins vs Michael Day. Roy Parsons falls to Robert Frisby in the semifinals.

 GM Lockwood oversees his four finalists.
GM     Jonathan Lockwood  [17th Year]       P.O. Box 3436, Reston, VA 20195-1436
    jsl552009@hotmail.com    703-476-2005