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Air Baron (ABN) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 18, 2016 Icon Key
66 Players John Coussis, NC 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
  2016 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

As the Air Baron flight pulled away from the $6 Philadelphia (Lancaster) spoke and closer to the $7 Pittsburgh spoke, airline investors took to the Grand Ballroom to vie for market share supremacy. The format remained unchanged and attendance remained stable in a down year while attempting to avoid fuel hikes, strikes, and crashes. The 25-player semifinal consisted primarily of winners, including Mike Stanley and Steve Scott – whose 200 point-wins featured but a single calamity draw. In contrast, Alyssa Bernard’s Heat 4 victory had to contend with 13 calamity pulls – including four of the dreaded fuel hikes! Anthony Lainesse wins the Jamelli dice-rolling award for his Heat 4 performance in which he rolled snake eyes an astounding nine times during fare wars! The GM felt bad rolling snake eyes three times in a row, but had to tip his cap to someone who made his own dice futility look trivial in comparison.

The Final table was manned by five victors of 5-player semifinal tables. Luke Koleszar won a tightly contested adjudicated game on Table 1, barely outscoring defending champion Craig Melton by two points after running a nine-spoke fare wars. Josh GIthens returned to the air to take Table 2 where a fuel hike was drawn on consecutive pulls. Patrick Shea earned his seat from Table 3 which was beset by four strikes out of a total of six calamities. Jim Fleckenstein and two-time champ John Coussis won the other semi contests.

The Final started with a good money roll of 4. Fleckenstein headed west to San Diego first, countering many player’s hypothesis that opening purchases are proportional to where at the table you are sitting. Koleszar took a big money opening buy of Tampa, which paid off quickly and often as business at Disney boomed. GIthens shot the moon in fare wars, cleaning up five spokes (all of Detroit, Providence, and Norfolk) while emptying the till in the process. He would play most of the opening part of the game in fare wars in an attempt to win large spokes in New York as well. He pushed market share to 160 by Round 6, putting three calamities in the cup. Coussis, in contrast, quietly stockpiled cash in every round and was able to land a jumbo jet in both Minneapolis and St. Louis, collecting $89 on those two spokes alone! Githens’ attempts to slow the Coussis express by buying Milwaukee were overcome quickly as Coussis took over Chicago on Round 10. Fleckenstein made his move the same round with a strong fare wars push knocking Coussis out of Denver coupled with a takeover of Phoenix and San Francisco. This gave him a 240 market share with his LAX hub, but forced him to sit on a $30 shortfall until his chits got pulled. Coussis followed with a Round 12 fare war that netted the Dallas Fort Worth hub and part of Houston to push his market share to 300. All of this went down before the government contract was pulled even once. It was pulled and summarily ignored in Round 12. Meanwhile, Coussis had been paid on every round and declared victory in Round 13 with his next payment to become the first to own three ABN titles.

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 0

Jim Fleckenstein, VA Josh Githens, SC Luke Koleszar, VA Patrick Shea, VA Virginia Melton, VA
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

John Keating and Chris LeFevre fly
the not-so-friendly skies with fare wars in the air.

Jessica Finkeldey, Brandon Bernard and
defending champ Craig Melton.

Alyssa Bernard and two-time champ Stephne Dorais Andy Latto, Joel Tamburo and Bob Jamelli wage war.
GM Max Jamelli and his five high flying finalists.
GM     Max Jamelli [2nd Year]   NA
    MaxJamelli1@Yahoo.com    NA