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1775: Rebellion (775) WBC 2016 Report
Updated Nov. 18, 2016 Icon Key
35 Players Alexander Lange, PA 2016 Status 2017 Status History/Laurels
  2016 Champion   Click box for details. Click box for details.

The 1775 Campaign benefited greatly from the WBC’s early attendance bump for the opening weekend. Playing the Mulligan round on the first Sunday, while rolling through the single elimination rounds Monday, saw intrepid loyalist and revolutionaries spend three hours Sunday, and all day Monday deciding the issue, not finishing until the Final ended at 2345 that night.

The record tying field included the original champion Greg Hultgren and a combination of experienced and new revolutionaries alike. One of the more memorable games in the Mulligan round pit Anastasia Chitwood and all of her 14 years vs grognard Larry Lingle whose earlier laurels availed him not in a 7-6 defeat to the young patriot. In all, 20 folks played in the opening Mulligan skirmish with the most impressive victories going to Alexander Lange by a 7-1 margin and to Hultgren by an 8-2 score.

The ten Mulligan winners earned a bye for Round 1 the next day. 19 folks, including 15 reinforcements took up the fight for Round 1, necessitating one game played as a 3-player contest to ensure everyone was able to play. Both the Mulligan and the first Elimination round, generated a pair of draws. Draws required a Sudden Death roll off of the British faction dice vs the Colonial dice. If only one side had Indian allies, Hessian, or French they got to include that faction’s dice.

Round 2 found 18 players still toeing the line. Most games were close with another contest going to Sudden Death resolution. Alexander Lange defeated Dave Tiamen 7-2, while Greg Hultgren defeated Rich Shipley 6-3. Young Anastasia Chitwood had her win streak ended by Bill Place 8-2. 

It is important to note that younger players were prevalent throughout the field, with Malcolm Castranova playing in both the Mulligan and 1st round with guile and fortitude far beyond his tender years. His maturity and helpful attitude was awesome. His sportsmanship was truly an inspiration to all as he displayed a level of experience and shared camaraderie far in excess of his nine years - thus earning this GM’s sportsmanship nomination.

One winner chose not to continue into Round 3, leaving a more symmetrical eight players for the quarterfinals. Greg Hultgren’s bid for a second crown was denied by Richard Beyma 9-2. Alexander Lange moved into the semifinal by shutting out Ed Welsh 6-0. Kevin Lewis put the GM down with an 8-5 win over Jeff Lange. Bill Place edged Stephen Shedden 5-4 in the closest contest of the round.

The semifinals saw Kevin take a very close contest with Richard by a 3-1 score while. Alexander Lange defeated Stephen 9-4.

The laurel rankings as well as the pairings for each round were determined by combined colony scores. Unlike the other matches the 1775 Final used the Quebec Scenario which focused on the control of specific cities and not colonies. The scoring in the match went back and forth for several turns. At one point Kevin was ahead 10-0 only to trail 8-2 later. In the end, the ability to move second in the last turn was the deciding factor and Alexander edged Kevin 7-6 to earn his second WBC title, becoming the top 775 laurelist in the process. 

2016 Laurelists Repeating Laurelists: 2

Kevin Lewis, DC Richard Beyma, VA Stephen Shedden, TN Bill Place, PA Greg Hultgren, CA
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

 Charles Faella and Bill O'Neal join
the crowd in the bar.

 GM Jeff Lange hosts young Malcolm Castronova
at his first WBC.
GM     Jeff Lange  [2nd Year]   NA
    Jeff.Lange@Mac.com    NA