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Updated Nov. 16, 2015

2015 WBC Report

2016 Status: pending December 2015 Membership Trial Vote

Llew Bardecli, nz

2015 Champion

Event History

1991 Jim Doughan 20
1992 Robert Rudolph 23
1993 Sean Finnerty 23
1994 Chris Greenfield 25
1995 Michael Ehlers 37
1996 Michael Ehlers 41
1997 Chris Bartiromo 27
1998 Charles Dunn 32
1999 Brian Ecton 27
2000 Chase Bramwell 31
2001 Tom Phillips 32
2002 Sean Larsen 27
2003 Nick Benedict 21
2004 Chase Bramwell 24
2005 Frank McNally 14
2006 Tom Phillips 16
2007 Leonard Omolecki 12
2008 Chris Bartiromo 14
2009 Chris Greenfield 14
2010 Llew Bardecki 12
2014 Nick Benedict 18
2015 Llew Bardecki 19

PBeM Event History
2001 Rob Mull 16


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Tom Phillips       NJ    07    129
  2.  Chase Bramwell     OH    07    108
  3.  Sean Larsen        NJ    09    106
  4.  Nick Benedict      CA    15     99
  5.  Frank McNally      MA    15     69
  6.  Llew Bardecki      nz    15     52
  7.  Chris Greenfield   NJ    09     47
  8.  Rob Seulowitz      NY    05     44
  9.  Kevin Barry        PA    10     43
 10.  Leonard Omolecki   PA    10     36
 11.  Chris Bartiromo    NJ    08     30
 12.  Brian Ecton        VA    99     30
 13.  Steve Bachman      NY    08     24
 14.  Bret Mingo         MD    02     24
 15.  Craig Moffitt      NJ    02     24
 16.  Dave Bleau         MI    14     18
 17.  Alan Witte         NJ    03     18
 18.  Henry Rice         NM    01     18
 19.  Chris Bodkin       IN    00     16
 20.  Jonathan Squibb    PA    10     15
 21.  David Yoon         NY    06     15
 22.  Robert Hammond     on    14     12
 23.  Sean Finnerty      NY    03     12
 24.  Brad Anderson      OH    02     12
 25.  Rob Mull           CO    01     10
 26.  Lee Rodrigues      VA    15      9
 27.  Paul Toro          TX    15      6
 28.  Mike Mularski      NY    14      6
 29.  Matt Bacho         MD    04      6
 30.  Rich O'Brian       MD    03      6
 31.  Bill Dyer          IL    99      6
 32.  Dennis Mishler     GA    09      4
 33.  Jeff Burdett       NY    15      3
 34.  Dave Dockter       MN    14      3
 35.  Matt Miller        NJ    08      3
 36.  Frank Cunliffe     PA    05      3
 37.  Charles Dunn       VA    04      3
 38.  Will Wible         VA    01      3
 39.  Rob Knowles        NC    99      3
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 2

Nick Benedict, CA

Frank McNally, MA

Lee Rodrigues, VA

Paul Toro, TX

Jeff Burdett, NY

Past Winners

Jim Doughan, PA

Robert Rudolph, PA

Sean Finnerty, NY

Chris Greenfield, NJ
1994, 2009

Michael Ehlers, MD

Chris Bartiromo, NJ
1997, 2008

Charles Dunn, VA

Brian Ecton, VA

Chase Bramwell, OH
2000, 2004

Tom Phillips, NJ
2001, 2006

Sean Larsen, NJ

Nick Benedict, CA
2003, 2014

Frank McNally, MA

Leonard Omolecki, PA

Llew Bardecki, nz
2010, 2015

Coleman Charlton and John Gitzen discuss their patriotic duty to Rome.

Lee Rodrigues, Richard Comfort, James DuBose and Nick Benedict plot.

The Republic is Back and Looking to Expand ...

Republic of Rome continued its second life as a trial event after its two-year exile with stable support from a small but loyal following, albeit insufficient to restore its former Century glory. Nonetheless, 19 players, many of them new or revisiting the game after many years, enjoyed the chance to return to the forum with others of their ilk. Everyone seemed to discard the rust and games moved smoothly, i.e. they featured the desired level of corruption, assassinations and malicious prosecutions.

Four preliminary games were played using the Middle Republic scenario, but differed greatly reflecting the variation in story this game tends to produce. One ended with a successful seizure of power in the form of the election of a Consul for Life. The others were decided based upon faction influence, but influence had wild swings despite the updated rule set’s minimization of late assassinations. One of these saw the clear leader Geoff Albert’s faction reduced by loss of two Senators implicated in the Cataline Conspiracy in the last Intrigue phase. Another game featured a dramatic endgame prosecution of the previous year’s Dictator Cornelius Sulla (something the real Sulla strived mightily to ensure against). All games featured prosecutorial and dagger driven conflict.

By unanimous consent the Final resorted to the Early Republic Scenario. This scenario is notorious for besting unwary players but the group braved it. We used a Punic fleet defeated variant, where the game starts as normal except the First Punic War starts with a fleet defeated marker and is Active. The variant offers a less Scipio driven Early Republic. This is arguably an easier variant, but it does risk accelerating the Punic Wars and coupled with a Manpower Shortage could be problematic. This might be a great way to provide faster heats for those seeking them at the risk of losing to the game (however this will require clarification of tie-breakers for advancement).

The Final experienced a long conflict between the Pontifex Maximus (PM) led faction (Benedict) and the Scipio faction (McNally). This was started by Scipio’s persuasion using a seduction intrigue card of Q. Flaminius Macedonius. Retaliatory assassination attempts eventually killed Macedonius, but failed attempts hobbled the PM faction in the midgame. Fear of the PM faction’s ready knife did keep his faction wealthy, popular and prosecution free. With the Scipio faction on defense and PM faction weak jockeying between the Toro and Rodrigues factions eventually left Bardecki’s faction the strongest in Rome. The PM’s faction nearly seized a last minute victory owing to the vast fortune he managed to acquire and, thanks to frequent land-bill sponsorship, keep. This wealth allowed for a high probability persuasion attempt, but the die roll failed.

Considerations for next year: A continuing effort needs to be made to bring in more players. Increasing to six preliminary games will allow for a Final to be run solely with qualifying winners. An extra heat and/or an earlier heat should help in this regard. Also helpful may be an extra demo and introduction of a shorter scenario. The Early Republic will likely satisfy this but risks not producing a valid game winner in a heat. Additional GM support (assistant or head) will be required to add these features. If interested in helping or if you have suggestions please contact me or start/join discussion on consimworld or boardgamegeek.

GM Frank McNally and his four co-finalists.
GM Frank McNally [1st year] NA NA

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