WBC 2015-2016 Yearbook
May 16, 2016

Below you can get a look inside the printed yearbook in PDF* files with corrections from the printed version.

Outside  Inside
Front and back covers
(5/16/16; 394kB and 390kB)

Century Events—
Sekigahara through Victory in the Pacific
(5/16/16; 726kB)

Contents, Credits, Year in Review, Century Events—
7 Wonders through Battles of the American Revolution
(5/16/16; 802kB)

Century Events—Virgin Queen through A World at War,
Trial Events—1775: Rebellion through Koenig's Fortress Europe
(5/16/16; 823kB)

Century Events—
Bitter Woods through Empire of the Sun
(5/16/16; 770kB)

Trial Events—
Labyrinth through Yspahan, PBEM Champions,
Memorial, Past Heroes, Board of Directors,

(5/16/16; 936kB)

Century Events—
Enemy in Sight through Lost Cities
(5/16/16; 731kB)

Team Champions, Hobby Service Award, Caesar Award,
Consul Award, GM of the Year, Sportsmanship, Patrons, Sandman Salute

(5/16/16; 627kB)

Century Events—
March Madness through San Juan
(5/16/16; 773kB)

2015-2016 Yearbook
(5/16/16; 5.1MB)

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