the napoleonic wars five-player

Updated Nov. 16, 2015

2015 WBC Report

2016 Status: pending 2016 GM commitment

John Emery, SC

2015 Champion

Event History

2003 Forrest Speck 67
2004 David Gantt 64
2005 Ed Rothenheber 50
2006 Melvin Casselberry 55
2007 Scott Fenn 52
2008 Lane Hess 46
2009 Henry Russell 45
2010 Mike Casselberry 45
2011 Bruce Young 54
2012 John Emery 48
2013 Francis Czawlytko 50
2014 Bruce Young 42
2015 John Emery 45

Waterloo Event History
2003 BruceYoung 24
2004 Scott Moll 14
2005 Mark Hodgkinson 24
2006 Kevin Sudy 32
2007 Kevin Sudy 28
2008 John Emery 24

PBeM Event History
2014 Rob Mull 34


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  John Emery         SC    15    258
  2.  Bruce Young        SC    14    256
  3.  Lane Hess          PA    13    157
  4.  Ed Rothenheber     MD    12    111
  5.  Francis Czawlytko  MD    13    104
  6.  Henry Russell      PA    10    102
  7.  Melvin Casselberry PA    11     99
  8.  Scott Moll         VA    05     80
  9.  Mike Casselberry   PA    10     60
 10.  David Gantt        SC    04     60
 11.  Forrest Speck      MD    03     60
 12.  Scott Fenn         MD    14     55
 13.  Rob Mull           CO    14     50
 14.  Mark Hodgkinson    au    05     50
 15.  Gareth Williams    ma    15     48
 16.  Scott Pfeiffer     SC    08     48
 17.  Al Hurda           on    15     44
 18.  Pat Duffy          VA    15     44
 19.  Lance Roberts      AK    14     42
 20.  Michael Dauer      TX    15     41
 21.  Bryan Collars      SC    04     38
 22.  Brian Sutton       MD    15     36
 23.  Tom Eskey          MD    11     36
 24.  John Haas          PA    03     36
 25.  Frank Morehouse    PA    13     30
 26.  Jim Savarick       PA    11     30
 27.  Kevin Sudy         VA    12     25
 28.  Harry Theodore     NY    09     24
 29.  Jesse Boomer       KS    09     24
 30.  Jason White        VA    04     24
 31.  Mark McCandless    CT    03     24
 32.  Kevin Emery        SC    14     21
 33.  Bill Burtless      SC    14     20
 34.  Rich Shipley       MD    14     20
 35.  Nick Frydas        uk    11     18
 36.  Daniel Broh-Kahn   MD    10     18
 37.  Joe Burch          MD    06     18
 38.  Josh Githens       SC    04     18
 39.  Charley Hickok     PA    04     17
 40.  Richard Beyma      MD    08     16
 41.  Keith Wixson       NJ    04     16
 42.  Michael Day        AZ    14     15
 43.  Chris Greenfield   NY    13     15
 44.  Brian Sutton       MD    07     15
 45.  James Eaton        LA    03     15
 46.  William Burch      MD    04     14
 47.  Steve Jansen       MD    05     12
 48.  George Young       UT    03     12
 49.  Rachael Day        AZ    14     10
 50.  Alan Sudy          VA    07     10
 51.  Fred Schachter     NY    05     10
 52.  Robert Vollman     ab    06      6
 53.  Edward Kendrick    uk    03      6
 54.  Daniel Blumentritt TX    13      5
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 3

Michael Dauer, TX

Al Hurda, on

Gareth Williams, ma

Patrick Duffy, VA

Brian Sutton, MD

Past Winners

Forrest Speck, MD

David Gantt, SC

Ed Rothenheber, MD

Melvin Casselberry, PA

Scott Fenn, MD

Lane Hess, PA

Henry Russell, PA

Mike Casselberry, PA

Bruce Young, SC
2011, 2014

John Emery, SC
2012, 2015

Rich Shipley, Pat Duffy, Al Hurda and Llew Bardecki congregate from three countries to refight the Napoleonic Wars in miniature.

Henry Russell. Gregory Schmittgens, Dale Long and 2013 sportswoman Emily Wu Albert enjoy a deluxe map version.

Royal Navy Falters ...

It was not a good year for the Royal Navy which usually came out the worse for wear against some very aggressive French moves.

Monday saw a record setting 37 players for the pre-auction night game and wins for all five powers. John Emery, Ed Rothenheber and Al Hurda provided somewhat one-sided victories for the French. Frank Morehouse managed the sole Russian victory in his 4-player game, his pact with the Prussians and Jesse Boomer’s Austro-Turkish pact helping redress the balance after Phil Rodrigues’ British faced an unsuccessful invasion and knocked Geoff Allbert’s French down to negative VP.

Austria was steered to victory in a tight four-turn game by George Young just pipping Phil Barcafer’s French for the win. Henry Russell defied conventional wisdom by taking Prussia into the Imperial camp and getting a win on the tiebreaker over Herbert Sparks’ British. The two British wins came from Bill Burtless and Michael Dauer—the later after both Melvin Casselberry’s Austria and Bruce Young’s Prussia temporarily joined Jim Savarick’s Imperials for a turn leaving the Emperor stranded in Tom Boisvert’s Russia when they swapped back. 

Wednesday night did not provide an Austrian win, the closest being Gareth Williams coming back from submission to get to six VP but losing out to Kevin Emery’s eight with Russia in the “Grand Game of Resources” followed by Nathan Wagner losing on a triple tie on 4 with Bruce Young as Russia to Jesse Boomer’s Prussia. Patrick Duffy meanwhile scored the only British win of the night with Al Hurda’s Prussia taking second. Michael Dauer chalked his second victory of the tournament, annihilating seven British squadrons in his first impulse to set up a successful invasion. An Armistice stopped him from getting to Vienna in the second turn but nine VP was enough to trigger an auto win. In the last match Jim Savarick as France and John Emery as Britain went head to head in a duel that would go the full five turns, Jim eventually winning 11 - 10.

The Thursday afternoon competition saw Michael Dauer win again as France, completing the unprecedented feat of winning all three of his heats. All of the games lasted three turns bar the early British victory on Turn 1 for Gareth Williams who managed a 6 on the peace die roll. Francis Czawlytko delivered only the second win of the tournament for Austria and Emily Wu dealt another hammer blow to the Royal Navy whilst taking France to victory.

The semis went France’s way, and also the way of seeding: everyone who had first pick of sides won. 10 VP had not been enough for John Emery on Wednesday but it was easily enough for him to get the win when it counted and top seed in the Final in a steamroller victory. Michael Dauer as Britain won his fourth straight game in a match that saw Eric Rodgers-Vargo as Russia and Jim Boisvert as Austria fall out over Poland. Al Hurda won in Turn 1 in his match as France to book his place in the Final. The last semi had Gareth Williams get literally every minor into pact as France to secure his berth.

The Finalsaw John Emery take France as first pick, Gareth Williams Britain as second, the as-yet-unbeaten Michael Dauer Russia as third and Al Hurda Prussia. Patrick Duffy qualifying as best second place semifinalist took Austria.

Britain botched her early interception rolls to allow the French to concentrate in Brest, but decided that Mud would be a good choice to slow everything down once the Russians had got to Vienna. Turn 2 saw more positioning and a 1/6 chance of conquering Spain that failed. Turn 3 John made his move, finessing his armies out of stack and then playing Scarce Forage to devastate the Austro-Russian defenders and make some headway.

For Turn 4 Prussia was still neutral and Spanish pressure forced the Brits to evacuate. The last turn went to crunch with Al taking Prussia into the Imperial Camp but being unable to substantially improve his position after fierce resistance from the Coalition. In the end he could only secure third, with Michael Dauer holding out for second and John Emery joining his neighbor Bruce Young as the only players to win TNW more than once.

We would like to thank everyone but in particular our Co-GMs Henry Russell and Phil Rodrigues for their help

I am pleased to report that I now have four years results to look at, and will be trying to develop the format further should I be able to continue GMing. I might put a minor balance change in for the benefit of the Austrians, but I’ll consult as widely as possible on that subject.

Jesse Boomer, Geoff Allbert and Phil Rodrigues

Phil Barcafer and Scott Pfeiffer ponder the Austrian situation.

Nicholas Benedict, Ed Rothenheber
and Gareth Williams

GM Gareth Williams (standing at right)
with his four co-finalists.
GM Gareth Williams [4th Year] NA NA

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