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2015 WBC Report

2016 Status: pending 2016 GM commitment

Richard Beyma, VA

2015 Champion

Event History

1992 Michael Uhrich 19
1993 Kevin McCarthy 17
1994 Allen Kaplan 18
1995 Vince Meconi 10
1996 Allen Kaplan 16
1997 Kevin McCarthy 22
1998 Kevin McCarthy 22
1999 Vince Meconi 10
2000 Vince Meconi 12
2001 Kevin McCarthy 18
2002 Vince Meconi 11
2003 Vince Meconi 8
2004 Allen Kaplan 28
2005 Jim Tracy 27
2006 Ed Menzel 33
2007 Ed Menzel 31
2008 Ed Menzel 33
2009 Ed Menzel 35
2010 Richard Beyma 35
2011 Ted Drozd 42
2012 Ed Menzel 30
2013 Richard Beyma 34
2014 Ed Menzel 29
2015 Richard Beyma 24

PBeM Event History
2006    Barry Shoults    26
2008    Vince Meconi    28
2011    Mike Pacheco    36
2015    Ted Drozd    28


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Ed Menzel          CA    15    291
  2.  Vincent Meconi     DE    15    194
  3.  Richard Beyma      VA    15    175
  4.  Ted Drozd          IL    15    132
  5.  Allen Kaplan       NJ    15     94
  6.  Jim Tracy          OH    15     93
  7.  Dave Zimmerman     PA    12     81
  8.  Greg D. Smith      PA    14     69
  9.  Mike Pacheco       CA    15     66
 10.  Barry Shoults      MI    07     56
 11.  William Place      PA    08     31
 12.  Tom Gregorio       PA    11     27
 13.  Doug Porterfield   VA    11     24
 14.  Kevin McCarthy     OH    12     19
 15.  Andy Davidson      VA    15     18
 16.  Dan Overland       MI    15     18
 17.  Bill Thomson       TX    11     18
 18.  Bob Jamelli        PA    15     15
 19.  John Sharp         FL    14     12
 20.  John Clarke        FL    09     12
 21.  Rob Doane          MA    08     12
 22.  Tom Grode          AZ    06     12
 23.  Michael Uhrich     PA    99     12
 24.  Chuck Stapp        NJ    03     10
 25.  Andrew Choptiany   PA    15      9
 26.  Bert Schoose       IL    08      9
 27.  Dennis Nicholson   NY    11      6
 28.  Bruno Sinigaglio   AK    04      6
 29.  Ray Clark          CT    10      4
 30.  Wayne Morrison     FL    02      4
 31.  Devin Dausin       VA    14      3
 32.  Mark Gutfreund     KY    13      3
 33.  Robin Chiang       CA    08      3
 34.  Joel Ferich        PA    05      3
 35.  Buck Karpowitz     DC    03      3
 36.  Ken Whitesell      PA    00      3
 37.  Pete Pollard       TN    02      2
 38.  Bryan Van Nortwick NC    01      2
 39.  Roger Knowles      OH    01      1
 40.  Victor Hutcherson  MD    00      1
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 3

Andy Davison, VA

Vince Meconi, DE

Jim Tracy, OH

Ed Menzel, CA

Bob Jamelli, PA

Past Winners

Michael Uhrich, PA

Kevin McCarthy, OH
1993, 1997-1998,

Allen Kaplan, NJ
1994, 1996,

Vince Meconi, DE
'95, 1999-2000,

Jim Tracy, OH

Ed Menzel, CA
2012, 2014

Richard Beyma, MD
2010, 2013, 2015

Ted Drozd, IL

Greg Smith and Ed Menzel in a rare non-playoff year.

GM Vince Meconi and his finalists.

Deja Vu All Over Again ...

Richard Beyma defeated Andy Davison in the Final to claim his third GBG shield. Richard finished 6-3 for the week. He has now appeared in the Final in six of the past seven tournaments. Andy, who was our 2014 Rookie of the Year, logged a 5-4 mark in his sophomore outing. The GM grabbed third place despite a 4-1 record. Jim Tracy took fourth with a 5-3 mark and received the coffeetable book The Maps of Gettysburg by Bradley Gottfriend, given to the highest finisher who did not receive a plaque.

Preliminary games were played at from Saturday through Friday. Friday night, the eight players who had played the required minimum number of games (3) to qualify for advancement were ranked, with the top four advancing to the single-elimination rounds. The top 4 qualifiers were, in order, the GM (4-0, 52 points), Richard Beyma (4-3,48 points), Jim Tracy (5-2, 42 points), and Andy Davison (4-0, 40 points). Richard was the only repeater from 2014’s final four. As has been the case in the past, the competitors decided that the only way to prevent defending champ Ed Menzel from winning his playoff games was to keep him out of them in the first place; he finished fifth at 5-1 with 38 points. Other top finishers were BobJamelli, John Sharp, Greg Smith, John Ohlin and Devin Dausin.

As has often been the case, Preliminary results were no predictor of playoff outcomes. Last year, Richard led the Swiss rounds but didn’t make it past the semis. This year, Richard lost to each of the three semifinalists in the Swiss rounds, but defeated two of them when it counted in the elimination rounds.

Richard made the highest bid ever recorded, 16.5, for the Confederates in his semifinal contest against Jim Tracy, but still destroyed enough of Jim’s troops to force a Turn 12 resignation. In the other semifinal, Andy Davison’s Federals got a Turn 19 resignation from the GM’s Rebels, who had bid 8.0. The Union was in the lead 57-50 at that point, with the Confederates down to seven combat units and about to be encircled. In the Final, Richard took the South again for a bid of 10.5, then watched his Confederate infantry stacks prove to be almost invulnerable, chewing their way through Union units like so many armored divisions. Andy survived until Turn 13, then threw in the towel.

Richard also won Best Confederate Player honors at 6-2, while Andy Davison and Ed Menzel shared 3-1 marks and Best Union Player designations. Mark Gutfreund was our Sportsmanship nominee.

This year’s tournament again used the mandatory Revised Order of Appearance for all campaign scenario games. In the revised version, the game begins on the 10 AM turn, or Turn 2. The Confederate troops which in the printed rules arrive on Turns 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, are all delayed one turn, to Turns 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 respectively. Union troops arriving on Turns 1, 2, and 3 arrive on Turns 2, 3, and 4 instead. While play balance has moved somewhat closer towards even, the continued CSA advantage suggests more work remains to be done.

24 entrants played 34 games. The South won 22. 33 games used the campaign scenario, with the Grey on top in 21. For the first time since we moved to the free-form tournament format, no one played the short July 1 scenario. However, the GM and Ted Drozd braved the July 3 only scenario, the first in WBC/Avaloncon history. While both combatants predicted a Union advantage (thus, there was a bid of 6.0 for the Federals), the Confederates took a decisive win. The scenario will have to be played a few more times before we can determine whether it is more advantageous to the CSA than it initially appears, or whether they simply benefitted from one-sided dice.

There was a very wide range of bids this year. No player bid for the Union in the campaign scenario, four games had no bid, and 29 had Confederate bids ranging from 2.0 to 16.5. The average bid was 7.10 for all games and 8.53 for the games with a Confederate bid. Those numbers are the highest ever. There is still no consensus, however, as to what degree bids are helpful in achieving play balance.

Average game length this year, perhaps because no short July 1 scenarios were played, was 4 hours 8 minutes, the longest on record. Newcomers Ken Lee and Arthur Kibbe finished their 10-turn campaign game in just one hour, while at the other extreme, Charlie Catania and Paul Fletcher battled for 17 turns over seven hours.

Again this year, kudos to Bruno Sinigaglio and Bill Morse for running the Grognardcon from Saturday afternoon through Tuesday. Thank you also to Assistant Gamemasters Ted Drozd and Greg Smith for helping run the tournament. Last but certainly no tleast, Bill Morse deserves continued appreciation for completely automating the scoring at the WBC for all the Grognardcon games, including Gettysburg'88. Gentlemen, thank you very much for your assistance.

Play By Email 2015

A field of 28 entered the Fourth BPA Gettysburg PBeM tournament. Ted Drozd, seeded 13th, defeated #3 seed Jim Tracy in the Final. Jim took the South for a bid of 5.0, but one-sided dice led to an early North victory. The Confederates attacked on their opening turn and suffered a double loss, and matters proceeded to get worse thereafter. The Union was able to hold McPherson's Woods throughout July 1st, thus preventing the Confederates from uniting the two wings of the Army of Northern Virgina. The Union was thus able to defeat Ewell's II Corps in detail, drawing a surrender on Turn 7.

Third through sixth place laurels were awarded to Mike Pacheco, Andy Choptiany, Dan Overland and Allen Kaplan respectively.

The Union dominated play in the opening rounds, winning 13 of 20 contests, and 15 of 27 overall. The average bid was 3.43 for the South.

For more details see the tourney website at

GM Vince Meconi [11th Year] 105 Churchill Lane, Wilmington, DE 19808-4355 NA

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