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Updated Dec. 1, 2015

2015 WBC Report

2016 Status: pending 2015 GM commitment

Wade Campbell, on

2015 Champion

Event History

1991 Alan Behrens 24
1992 Dan Vice 48
1993 Dan Vice 37
1994 Ken Rothstein 35
1995 Michael Neal 40
1996 Joe Gundersen 28
1997 Todd Vander Pluym 23
1998 Eric Gundersen 34
1999 Doug Galullo 38
2000 Eric Gundersen 27
2001 Doug Galullo 19
2002 Doug Galullo 20
2003 Joe Gundersen 28
2004 Harald Henning 31
2005 John Morris 34
2006 Joe Gundersen 33
2007 Kevin Youells 30
2008 Christina Harley 30
2009 Kevin Youells 32
2010 Gregory Kulp 32
2011 Kevin Youells 30
2012 Doug Galullo 28
2013 Shantanu Saha 42
2014 Trella Bromley 43
2015 Wade Campbell 47

PBeM Event History
2012 Mads Lunau 31
2013 Kevin Youells 28
2014 Mads Lunau 38
2015 Mads Lunau 40


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Kevin Youells      PA    15    465
  2.  Doug Galullo       FL    13    352
  3.  Mads Lunau         dk    15    216
  4.  Shantanu Saha      NY    13    199
  5.  Joe Gundersen      IN    06    186
  6.  Christina Harley   VA    14    144
  7.  Eric Gundersen     NJ    03    125
  8.  Harald Henning     CT    11     80
  9.  Jon Anderson       PA    15     78
 10.  Ted Mullally       NJ    14     74
 11.  Gregory Kulp       NJ    13     64
 12.  Wade Campbell      on    15     60
 13.  Ron Clement        on    15     60
 14.  Trella Bromley     FL    14     60
 15.  Ken Rothstein      NY    15     48
 16.  Nathan Barhorst    MI    14     46
 17.  John Morris        MD    05     40
 18.  Joe Lux            NJ    15     38
 19.  Ed Coderre         on    15     36
 20.  Kevin Worth        ab    14     36
 21.  Javier de laFuente es    14     36
 22.  Jonas Lundquist    se    15     30
 23.  Chris Robbins      UT    07     30
 24.  Rodd Polsky        PA    01     30
 25.  Jeff Bowers        UT    06     29
 26.  Charley Hickok     PA    00     26
 27.  Jeff Cornett       FL    12     20
 28.  Sean Bryan         TN    11     20
 29.  Jose I de leFuente es    15     18
 30.  Roberto Fournier   MI    15     18
 31.  Dan Morris         MI    14     18
 32.  James Gundy        FL    13     18
 33.  Peter Rauch        MA    00     18
 34.  Kevin Hillock      VA    09     15
 35.  Rachel Harley      VA    08     15
 36.  Russell Harley     WA    07     15
 37.  Ann Cornet         FL    02     15
 38.  Romain Jacques     qc    13     12
 39.  Mark Neale         RI    10     12
 40.  Robert Vollman     ab    07     10
 41.  Mike Musko         FL    03     10
 42.  Francis Spencer    CT    01     10
 43.  Robert Kircher     RI    05      8
 44.  Steve Spisak       on    13      6
 45.  Neil McIver        ec    12      6
 46.  Zui Mowshowitz     NY    11      5
 47.  Jennifer Visocnik  IL    09      5
 48.  Janice Thorne      OH    08      5
 49.  Rich Jenulis       OH    07      5
 50.  Harry White        TX    04      5
 51.  Jamie Tang         MD    02      5
 52.  Malinda Kyrkos     NY    10      4
2015 Laurelists Returning Laurelists: 2

Ron Clement, on

Jon Anderson, PA

Ken Rothstein, NY

Kevin Youells, PA

Roberto Fournier, MI

Past Winners

Dan Vice, VA

Ken Rothstein, NY

Joe Gundersen, IN
1996, 2003, 2006

Todd Vander Pluym, CA

Eric Gundersen, NJ
1998, 2000

Doug Galullo, FL
1999, 2001, 2002, 2012

Harald Henning, CT

John Morris, MD

Kevin Youells, PA
2007, 2009, 2011

Christina Harley, WA

Gregory Kulp, NJ

Shantanu Saha, NJ

Trella Bromley, FL

Wade Campbell, on

Flood Calamity Proves too Realistic ...

The Sunday heat drew a field of 32 to compete for advancement—yielding four 8-player games, which is one of the things I love about WBC. Where else are you going to get four full tables for Advanced Civilization at one time?
Skilled newcomer Wade Campbell won his ticket with Babylon by 138 over the Egyptians of Roberto Fournier. Ron Clement's Assyria topped Matt Calkins and his Egyptians by 139 points. This game was unusual, as the Gunderson Rule made its first appearance since the Hunt Valley days when Nathan Barhorst was discovered accidentally using 49 tokens in a 47-token game. If only there was a website to track these things for you*.  Kevin Youells as Assyria survived a 23-unit Civil War to escape with a 53-point win over Eric Monte's Africa. The difference turned on Kevin’s use of Monotheism to steal a city from Eric on the last turn. The fourth game was won by Jon Anderson as Thrace who breezed to a 276-point win over Warren Whitsitt as Illyria.

Day 2 attracted 28 players with 13 returnees among them. This brought the tournament field to 47, just one shy of the record achieved way back in Avaloncon days in 1992.

Game 5 produced the largest preliminary win and the only double winner as Jon Anderson took Illyria to a 560-point victory over David Rynkowski's Egypt. This created an opening for the top runner-up as there were now only seven qualifying winners.  Last year's 5th place laurelist Roberto Fournier punched his Final ticket as Africa, squeaking past 1994 champion Ken Rothstein's Egypt by 39 points. Ken’s score was close enough to displace Eric Monte and take the 8th and last Final seat. Shantanu Saha returned to his usual place at the Final table by guiding the Babylonians to a 300-point win over 2014 runner-up Nathan Barhorst's Assyrians. Steve Spisak qualified for his second Final by taking Babylon to a 93-point win over Mindy Kyrkos as Illyria in Game 8.

For those keeping track of win stats, the nine gamesyielded four Babylonian wins, two for Assyria, and one each for Africa, Thrace, and Illyria.
The Host then got into the act and passed us a Flood calamity, forcing us to relocate the Final from Kinderhook to Wheatland. Per tradition, the random draw for positions and resulting trade offers yielded the following starting positions: Africa—Roberto, Iberia—Ken,  Illyria—Kevin, Thrace—Jon, Crete—Steve, Assyria—Ron, Babylon—Wade, and Egypt—Shantanu.

The lead changed hands several times early on. Kevin had the top spot after the first round of purchases, but got stuck with Famine and Barbarian Hordes—dropping him to eight units and four cities. He was never really a threat after that. Ron held a brief lead the next turn, followed by two turns of Jon in the forefront. However, it was really Wade's game most of the way as he led for six of the last seven turns. Between his naturally isolated position, Assyria pursuing  a "good neighbor" policy until the last turn, and Crete's relentless attacks on Egypt (and anybody else he could reach) nobody was able to inflict much damage on Babylon. The Cretan play style also caused him to be targeted for extra helpings of secondary effects that would have normally been thrown at the leaders. It's a great style of play if you want somebody else to win, not so great if you are trying to advance your own position.

When we got to the last turn,  Assyria and Babylon did fight, and Wade hit Ron with I&H secondary effects, which made the difference. While Ron was able to out-trade and out-purchase Wade, the difference in city counts was enough to propel Wade to a razor-thin ten-point victory.

Final Results:

1 Wade Campbell  Babylon 4811
2 Ron Clement Assyria 4801
3 Jon Anderson  Thrace 4470
4 Ken Rothstein Iberia 4171
5 Kevin Youells   Illyria 4065
6 Roberto Fournier   Africa 4049
7 Steve Spisak   Crete 3524
8 Shantanu Saha  Egypt 3443

As an interesting historical note, despite its reputation as a powerhouse, this is the first Babylon WBC win since 2002. In fact, since the beginning of recorded history (aka 2000), WBC and PBeM finals have combined for six Thrace wins,  three each for Egypt and Illyria, two each for Babylon, Iberia, and Crete, and one for Assyria.  Africa has never won.

*There actually IS a site that will handle this for you. Nathan has designed for the online play of Advanced Civilization. This site is home of the annual BPA Advanced Civilization PBeM tournament where you can match up against some of the top players in the world. Signups for the next tournament will be taken in February. Watch the BPA newsletter or for details.

There seems to be a consensus among the finalists that Shantanu is the leader. What happened?

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Lunau Reigns Supreme .. Again!

The 2015 Advanced Civilization PBeM tournament has drawn to its conclusion, and Mads Lunau has again risen to the top—, defeating 39 other combatants to claim his third title in the four years that we have run this event.

Leading Babylon, he defeated Ed Coderre of Canada by 121 points—a close game by ACV standards Other laurelists were Jonas Lundquist of Sweden, Jose Ignacio de la Fuente of Spain, and Kevin Youells and Joe Lux of the US. Steve Cameron and Jose de la Fuente completed the 8-player Final.

GM Kevin Youells [5th Year] NA NA

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