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2014 WBC Report  

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Rejean Tremblay, on

2014 Champion

Event History
2006   David Gantt    28
2007     Ed Rothenheber    27
2008    Henry Russell    20
2009     Peter Reese    22
2010    Peter Reese    26
2011    Rejean Tremblay    26
2012     Peter Reese    31
2013    Frank Morehouse    23
2014    Rejean Tremblay    21


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Peter Reese        VA    13    172
  2.  Henry Russell      PA    14     87
  3.  Rejean Tremblay    on    14     76
  4.  Ed Rothenheber     MD    09     66
  5.  Frank Morehouse    PA    14     45
  6.  Al Hurda           on    14     42
  7.  Jesse Boomer       KS    14     30
  8.  David Gantt        SC    06     30
  9.  Melvin Casselberry PA    11     27
 10.  Jim McCarthy       on    13     22
 11.  Rob Olsson         MD    12     20
 12.  Tracey Casselberry VT    11     18
 13.  Francis Czawlytko  MD    09     12
 14.  Rob Mull           CO    07     12
 15.  Robert Vollman     ab    06     12
 16.  Patrick Duffy      VA    14      9
 17.  Dorian Key         DC    09      9
 18.  Nick Frydas        uk    08      9
 19.  Robert March       CA    06      9
 20.  Ahmet Ilpars       tr    08      6
 21.  Phil Barcafer      PA    07      6
 22.  John Sutcliffe     uk    13      3
 23.  Phil Pendleton     PA    09      3
 24.  Tom Vickery        NJ    06      3

2014 Laurelists
Repeating Laurelists:

Al Hurda, on

Frank Morehouse, PA

Jesse Boomer, KS

Henry Russell, PA

Patrick Duffy, VA

Past Winners

David Gantt, SC

Ed Rothenheber, MD

Henry Russell, PA

Peter Reese, VA
2009-2010, 2012

Rejean Tremblay, on
2011, 2014

Frank Morehouse, PA

Al Hurda and Pat Duffy vacation in sunny Spain.

Rejean Tremblay marches to his second title over Geoff Allbutt.

Wellington drubbed again! ...

Green denied again ...

21 gentle souls took the Wellington challenge this year. That number is slightly off from last year, but still solid for a tournament that begins before most conventioneers have arrived. One concern going in was play balance. Last year, our preliminary rounds and semifinals reaped no victories for the British or southern French (green) players. This year was a bit different. Our preliminary rounds produced at least one win by each power.

In the Final, Réjean Temblay (blue) teamed with Al Hurda (green) as the French duo. Jesse Boomer and Frank Morehouse allied as the British and Spanish players, respectively. Britain opened with a siege of Cuidad Rodrigo, which Jesse generously flagged for the Spanish. The green French followed with a successful siege of Cadiz but failed in Valencia. As the turn progressed, the French played powerful cards. First, Eagles Come South gave the French extra troops and additional home cards. Next, Duke of Damnation permitted France's most powerful leader, Soult, to move the length of the board picking up extra troops - a huge advantage because Soult begins the game farther from France than any other French leader. Finally, Dragoons brought Soult to an equal battle rating as Wellington and also gave Soult extra dice to roll after every won battle and a chance to turn a small victory in to a loot-producing rout. Soult used his newfound power to take on Britain in its home base in Portugal. Wellington, on the road to Madrid, diverted south to meet the threat. Wellington and Soult fought at Caceres; Soult was the "winner" but took losses he could ill afford. Wellington, however, became trapped between two rivers and was forced to fight a desperate battle in Merida - completely destroying his army. With Wellington out of the picture, the French turned their attention back to Portugal to try to win the game on Turn 1. At the end of the first turn, the Brits held Lisbon as a toehold on the Peninsula.

Although France dominated early, Turn 2 began with the French players short on manpower. They were forced to pull back from Portugal to defend what they held in Spain. Spain was able to take Madrid, but its triumph was short lived, and the blue French were able to retake this key city. Britain moved slowly in an attempt to take Madrid itself, but Wellington was routed again, this time in Toledo. Spain made another successful attack on Madrid, and this time had Wellington, who although weakened, was able to support Spain's position with his powerful battle rating. Turn 2 ended with Madrid in Spanish hands.

The third turn began with Spain and Britain pressing the French in northern Spain. A massive battle in Zaragoza placed the allies on the doorstep of France. Wellington attempted to take Bayonne in France but was beaten back when the French were able to intercept from several spaces. Worse for Wellington, the French blocked his retreat and Wellington had to be rebuilt in Portugal. Wellington was able to move back to northern Spain, but in doing so depleted his available cards. As a result, the offensive exhausted itself, and France was able to take enough of Spain back to win the game.

But Wellington has only one winner no matter how well two players team together. In this case, Réjean Tremblay was able to edge his ally by one victory point to take the victory and leave the francais vert wanting again.

 GM     Pat Duffy (2nd Year)  NA 
   pduff@aol.com   NA

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