Updated Nov. 22, 2014

2014 WBC Report  

 2015 Status: pending 2015 GM commitment

Randy Buehler, WA

2014 Champion

Event History
2014    Randy Buehler    61


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Randy Buehler      WA    14     30
   2.  Henry Dove         MD    14     18
   3.  Sceadeau D'Tela    NC    14     12
   4.  Loc Nguyen         PA    14      9
   5.  Daniel Farrow IV   PA    14      6
   6.  Nick Henning       DC    14      3

2014 Laurelists                        

Henry Dove, MD

Sceadeau D'Tela

Loc Nguyen, PA

Daniel Farrow IV, PA

Nick Henning, DC

Steven Smith and Christian Moffa eye
the possibilities as the gears are turning.

Blair Morgen and Ashley Kilroy show them how its done
in Philly to much amusement it seems.

The Gears of Beauty ...

The 2012 award-winning game Tzolk'in made its first tournament appearance at WBC as a Trial Event in 2014. Randy Buehler won a clear victory in the Final to finish first among 61 competitors. In addition, Lynda Shea won the contest for the best tricked-out set; hers had painted gears, custom pieces, and a priest standing watch from the central gear. Andrew Emrick served as AGM and helped get the rounds started without too much delay.

32 players entered the mulligan round Tuesday night and 40 more joined the first round Wednesday night (11 played both rounds). The tournament was scheduled as single elimination with a mulligan, so if you won Tuesday night there was no need to play again Wednesday night. Surprisingly, for a new game, we had no shortage of copies. Mulligan round winners included two father-son pairs, Daniel Farrow IV and Woolly Farrow V and Rich and Jeff Meyer (apparently having good competition at home is good training). Other winners were Malinda Kyrkos, Cary Morris (five points over Randy Buehler and Dominic Blais), Redie Smith (the highest scorer with 105 points), and Henry Dove. First round winners were new entrants Fletcher Chapin, Lewis Lin (3.75 points over Jon Senn), Sceadeau D'Tela (by 26 points), Doug Galullo, Loc Nguyen (the lowest scoring winner with 58 points, one more than Tim Carnahan), Nick Henning (with 101.25 points over Eric Wrobel with 100 - of three scores of 100 or more, two were in this game), and Scott Saccenti and players returning from the mulligan Ed Gilliland, Randy Buehler, and Michael Brazinski (by 29.25 points).

Had all 18 mulligan and Round 1 winners chosen to advanc, we would have needed an extra round. Fortunately, exactly 16 showed up Thursday morning, giving us an ideal four 4-player games. The closest games in Round 2 were Henry's 1-point victory over Nick, Michael, and Woolly (93-92-49-46) and Sceadeau's 5-point win over Doug, Lewis, and Fletcher (98-93-46-28). Loc and Randy each won by 13, Loc beating Redie, Malinda and Cary (99-86-63-59) and Randy ahead of Daniel, Jeff, and Ed (91-78-76-55).

Every one of the 23 games was a 4-player game. In the first 18 games, Seat 4 was most successful with seven wins, followed by Seat 2 with six, Seat 1 with three, and Seat 3 with two. In the semifinals, each seat won once.

The random seating for the Final was Henry, Randy, Loc, and Sceadeau. The game was all about Tikal 5. The monuments were Green Buildings, Brown Buildings, Rescore Temples, Number of Monuments Built, Corn Tiles, and Tech Track Steps. Randy and Sceadeau followed the Tikal 5 strategy, Henry Big Corn, and Loc Resources. Sceadeau and Randy pushed at each other early. Then, Loc and Henry cast leader aspersions and attacked each other, starting with Henry taking Loc's monument. Sceadeau and Randy sought the same monument. Sceadeau missed out when Henry selected Starting Player. Randy got the Rescore Temple monument and won. Final score: Randy 97 - Henry 79 - Sceadeau 76 - Loc 64.

Three sets were entered into the contest for best tricked-out set. Lynda Shea's set came in first and Loc Nguyen's second. Each received a set of enamel paints to encourage the creation of more beauty.

 Peter Staab, Rob Kilroy, Henry Dove and Greg Thatcher moving gears.

 GM     Chistopher Yaure  [1st Year]  NA   610-850-5429 

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