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Updated Nov. 12, 2014

2014 WBC Report  

  2015 Status: pending December 2014 Membership Trial Vote

Nick Benedict, CA

2014 Champion

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Event History
1991    Jim Doughan    20
1992    Robert Rudolph    23
1993    Sean Finnerty    23
1994    Chris Greenfield    25
1995    Michael Ehlers    37
1996    Michael Ehlers    41
1997    Chris Bartiromo    27
1998    Charles Dunn    32
1999    Brian Ecton    27
2000    Chase Bramwell    31
2001    Tom Phillips    32
2002    Sean Larsen    27
2003    Nick Benedict    21
2004    Chase Bramwell    24
2005     Frank McNally    14
2006    Tom Phillips    16
2007     Leonard Omolecki    12
2008     Chris Bartiromo    14
2009     Chris Greenfield    14
2010     Llew Bardecki    12
2014    Nick Benedict    18

PBeM Event History
2001    Rob Mull    16


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Tom Phillips       NJ    07    129
  2.  Chase Bramwell     OH    07    108
  3.  Sean Larsen        NJ    09    106
  4.  Nick Benedict      CA    14     81
  5.  Frank McNally      MA    14     57
  6.  Chris Greenfield   NJ    09     47
  7.  Rob Seulowitz      NY    05     44
  8.  Kevin Barry        PA    10     43
  9.  Leonard Omolecki   PA    10     36
 10.  Chris Bartiromo    NJ    08     30
 11.  Brian Ecton        VA    99     30
 12.  Steve Bachman      NY    08     24
 13.  Bret Mingo         MD    02     24
 14.  Craig Moffitt      NJ    02     24
 15.  Llew Bardecki      nz    10     22
 16.  Dave Bleau         MI    14     18
 17.  Alan Witte         NJ    03     18
 18.  Henry Rice         NM    01     18
 19.  Chris Bodkin       IN    00     16
 20.  Jonathan Squibb    PA    10     15
 21.  David Yoon         NY    06     15
 22.  Robert Hammond     on    14     12
 23.  Sean Finnerty      NY    03     12
 24.  Brad Anderson      OH    02     12
 25.  Rob Mull           CO    01     10
 26.  Mike Mularski      NY    14      6
 27.  Matt Bacho         MD    04      6
 28.  Rich O'Brian       MD    03      6
 29.  Bill Dyer          IL    99      6
 30.  Dennis Mishler     GA    09      4
 31.  Dave Dockter       MN    14      3
 32.  Matt Miller        NJ    08      3
 33.  Frank Cunliffe     PA    05      3
 34.  Charles Dunn       VA    04      3
 35.  Will Wible         VA    01      3
 36.  Rob Knowles        NC    99      3

2014 Laurelists
Repeating Laurelists:

Dave Bleau, MI

Robert Hammond, on

Frank McNally, MA

Mike Mularski, NY

Dave Dockter, MN

Past Winners

Jim Doughan, PA

Robert Rudolph, PA

Sean Finnerty, NY

Chris Greenfield, NJ
1994, 2009

Michael Ehlers, MD

Chris Bartiromo, NJ
1997, 2008

Charles Dunn, VA

Brian Ecton, VA

Chase Bramwell, OH
2000, 2004

Tom Phillips, NJ
2001, 2006

Sean Larsen, NJ

Nick Benedict, CA
2003, 2014

Frank McNally, MA

Leonard Omolecki, PA

Llew Bardecki, nz

Frank McNally and Robert Hammond discuss their patriotic duty to Rome.

Stephen Munchak and Richard Comfort decide someone else should fight Hannibal.

 Malinda Kyrkos, Robert Rezabek and Mike Mularski peddle influence.

Dictator Benedict  and the surviving opposition during Rome's darkest hours.

Game? I thought you brought the game ...

Republic of Rome's return to WBC after a four-year absence got off to a mixed start. We had a superb turnout for the first heat, with 15 players, the ideal number for three games appearing for service in the legions. Sadly, only one of these had brought along a copy of the game, so we had to turn away three players and make do with two 6-player games. Let this be a lesson to ALWAYS bring a copy of the game, even if it is a big multiplayer one. Anyhow, this difficulty aside, the prelminary heats seemed to be a hit. Everyone enjoyed their games, including the first time players. And, as always with RoR, the games produced some exciting, tense, and just plain bizarre moments.

In Heat 1, the first table at the end of the game faced five active wars. In a desperate bid to save the Republic, the Rome Consul Licinius and Field Consul Furius agreed to appoint Octavius Dictator. Then the three of them, along with Master of Horse Flaminius each went out to fight a war, roundly thrashing the enemies of Rome in all three and saving the game in the process.

Meanwhile, at the other table, the threats came from within. The last turn saw the Pontifex unexpectedly running Rome as the Highest Ranking Available officer! This occurred after the Field Consul had been sent away to the wars, the Rome Consul had been assasinated, and the Censor had died in Mob Violence!

Heat 2 provided some fun as well. On the first turn, the Hand faction's Pontifex Valerius was stripped of his title following two Evil Omens events. Not content to subject only a single faction to the pain, the Eagle Faction's leader saw his death chit drawn three times during the game! This game also saw some tremendous dealmaking to get the Scipio statesman into play after Hannibal and all three Punic wars appeared on the board.

Rome survived the three preliminary games and all ended with victory by high influence at game's end, including one with two players in an absolute tie for first! This led to an equally entertaining Final.

The overall theme of the next round seemed to be Death. This began with Mob Violence in which nine death chits were drawn and two senators succumbed. Later, an epidemic wiped 30 influence and over 30 talents off the board in one stroke, killing both the Master of Horse and Pontifex. As if it couldn't get any worse, on the penultimate turn Internal Disorder caused the death of three senators and revolt in four provinces. Combined with three wars drawn on the last turn, this left Rome facing an astonishing SEVEN active wars.

Before dealing with this threat, the Senate chose first to address the matter of Cornelius as Consul for Life. It appeared as though his Crescent faction had ample votes to make the motion pass. The Star faction, however, appalled at this fiddling while Rome was threatened with immolation, duly assassinated Cornelius before the vote could be called. With this out of the way, the senate moved to try to save Rome's skin by appointing a Dictator. Showing an appalling lack of interest in saving the state, the Eagle Faction's Dictator decided to march out with Rome's entire army at his back to face a single war. Following this move it was no surprise to anyone that he delcared revolt after squashing it.

All at the table agreed that it was quite likely the Dictator would have been able to easily crush the remaining provincial wars to give himself a victory by March on Rome, and even were this not so, the Eagle Faction would still win on highest influence as Rome fell.

Thanks again to all participants, especially the new ones, and we hope to see you back next year for further glory to Rome!

 GM    Llew Bardecki [1st year]  NA   NA

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