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Updated Nov. 12, 2014

2014 WBC Report  

 2015 Status: pending 2015 GM commitment

Jim Stanard, NJ

2014 Champion


Event History
2006    John Wetherell    56
2007    Bryan Collars    48
2008    Jeff Burdett    48
2009    Jeff Burdett    62
2010    AJ Sudy    52
2011    Justin Rice    54
2012     Mathieu Pare-Paquin    76
2013    Justin Rice    49
2014    Jim Stanard    42

PBeM History
2008    Dan Gallagher    54
2012    Larry Mull    67


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Jeff Burdett       NY    10    125
  2.  Justin Rice        VA    13    102
  3.  Alan Sudy          VA    10     91
  4.  Dennis Mishler     TX    14     85
  5.  Kirk Harris        NJ    13     78
  6.  M. Pare-Paquin     qc    13     72
  7.  Dave Cross         VA    10     72
  8.  Bryan Collars      SC    12     68
  9.  Larry Mull         NV    12     60
 10.  Dan Gallagher      MD    08     60
 11.  John Wetherell     PA    06     60
 12.  Jim Stanard        NJ    14     50
 13.  Nick Benedict      CA    14     44
 14.  Jeremiah Peterson  IL    12     42
 15.  Chris Striker      PA    09     39
 16.  Ken Richards       SC    07     38
 17.  Michael Kiefte     ns    14     36
 18.  Rob Seulowitz      NY    08     36
 19.  Allan Hill         MD    06     36
 20.  Dan Hoffman        NC    12     28
 21.  Rob Mull           CO    12     24
 22.  Michael Rogazinski NY    08     24
 23.  Steve Caler        OH    08     24
 24.  Charles Hickok     PA    06     24
 25.  Michael Dauer      TX    14     20
 26.  Barry Setser       MD    11     20
 27.  Brad Merrill       ME    10     20
 28.  Kaarin Engelmann   VA    12     18
 29.  Rick Cambron       PA    08     18
 30.  Michael Brophy     NC    08     18
 31.  David Kiefte       ns    13     16
 32.  John Vasilakos     VA    11     15
 33.  Paul McCarthy      NY    10     15
 34.  Jeremy Martin      GA    12     12
 35.  Scott Burns        uk    12     12
 36.  Nat Pendleton      PA    09     12
 37.  George Young       VT    08     12
 38.  Jonathan Tarquino  NJ    11     10
 39.  Andrew Kiefte      ns    13      8
 40.  Tim Rogers         SC    09      6
 41.  R. Evan Woodham    TX    14      5
 42.  Henry Rice         NM    11      5

2014 Laurelists
Repeating Laurelists:

Michael Kiefte, ns

Michael Dauer, TX

Dennis Mishler, TX

Nick Benedict, CA

R. Evan Woodham, TX

Past Champions

John Wetherell, PA

Bryan Collars, SC

Jeff Burdett, NY

AJ Sudy, VA

Justin Rice, VA
2011, 2013

Mathieu Pare-Paquin, qc

Jim Stanard, NJ

Kirk Harris, Nick Benedict, Ed Beach
and Justin Rice burn heredicts.

GM Justin Rice with his six finalists.

A First for the Campaign ...

Jim Stannard is the 2014 Here I Stand champion, the first to have earned the title via the full game in the championship round. Stanard had fifth choice of powers in the Final, and rode a strong reformation to a 10-point Turn 5, pulling away from a tightly contested game. Michael Kiefte was second with the Turks, Michael Dauer third (France), Dennis Mishler fourth (Hapsburgs), Nick Benedict fifth (Pope) and Evan Woodham sixth as the Protestants. The tides rose and fell for all -- especially the Pope, who nearly won on Turn 2, and the Hapsburgs, who were dicing in the New World on Turn 4 for the victory.

The entire tournament drew 42 players for 11 preliminary games and three semifinal contests to whittle the field down to six, with the standard tournament scenario again featured (with Copernicus entering on Turn 5 instead of Turn 4). Preliminary victory totals by power were four for the Hapsburgs (twice by 2012 champion Mathieu Para-Paquin), three for the Pope, two for the Protestants and one each for England and the Turks, The French were shutout for the week. The Protestants had the best per-game score average (21.91), boasted by a 29-point effort from Benedict in a preliminary round win. England (20.7) and the Hapsburgs (20.73) were in a virtual tie for second. His Holiness brought up the rear in average VPs (18.73).

In terms of average finish, the Protestants led the way at 2.27, followed by England (2.82). France was last, as expected at 3.91. Of note for the Frogs was Dauer's 24-point effort in the semifinals. It was the highest French score in the tournament scenario for the week, and earned him second at his table and the last seat at the Final. Top seeds after the preliminaries were Joe Appel (two wins, including a 29-pointer as England), Para-Paquin, Michael Kiefte, Nick Benedict, Dave Cross and Steve Koehler.

Woodham won one semifinal (25-point Protestant win), with Stanard finishing second (England). Mishler, a finalist in 2013, won his semifinal with 26 points as the Hapsburgs and Dauer second. And Benedict's Protestants scored 27 points and Kiefte 24 as the Hapsburgs in a semifinal table featuring the game designer, a two-time HIS champion and perennial contender Kirk Harris.

The order of power choice in the Final was Benedict - Mishler - Woodham - Kiefte - Stannard - Dauer.

The Hapsburgs were boosted by the fortunate draw of Diplomatic Marriage to activate Hungry before Kiefte's Turks could start an invasion and the Pope burned Carlstadt for a 21-point mark at the end of the turn.

On Turn 2, the Pope added Tyndale to his burn pile and activated Venice, finishing the turn with 24 victory points, just one point short of the title.

A Sack of Rome by France occurred in Turn 3, but the French invasion into Italy netted no key changes. The Protestants managed some progress and the Pope ended the Turn with 22 VPs, ahead of the Hapsburgs, French and Turks all at 16.

The Schmalkaldic League formed on the first impulse of Turn 4 and the Hapsburgs grabbed three electorates from the Protestants. The Pope again flirted with victory, finishing the turn at 24. The Hapsburgs had a mathematical chance to win in the new world (Mishler finished the turn at 22 VPs), but pulled the negative-1 rated Narvaez and didn't fare well.

With so many powers flirting with victory, events spun out of control on Turn 5. Desperate to get the reformation moving (and willing to keep a diplomatic agreement), the Protestants reformed all of England in the turn. Stanard also had good fortune in war in France and the low countries, and saw a new wife birth a healthy baby boy.

With the Pope unable to reform spaces in England, Stanard finished the turn with 27 Victory Points for the win, with Kiefte claiming second (25) and Dauer third (23).

The full game as the Final presents some unique challenges that we'll attempt to address in 2015. Nevertheless: The format proved itself enough to again be the choice for next year's championship round.

 GM     Justin Rice (1st Year)  3229 Lancaster Ring Rd, Fredericksburg, VA 22408   540-840-9267

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