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Updated Nov. 12, 2014

2014 WBC Report  

 2015 Status: pending 2015 GM commitment

Trella Bromley, FL

2014 Champion

Event History
1991    Alan Behrens   24
1992    Dan Vice   48
1993    Dan Vice   37
1994    Ken Rothstein   35
1995    Michael Neal   40
1996    Joe Gundersen   28
1997    Todd Vander Pluym    23
1998    Eric Gundersen   34
1999   Doug Galullo   38
2000   Eric Gundersen   27
2001   Doug Galullo   19
2002   Doug Galullo   20
2003   Joe Gundersen   28
2004   Harald Henning   31
2005   John Morris   34
2006   Joe Gundersen   33
2007   Kevin Youells   30
2008   Christina Harley   30
2009   Kevin Youells   32
2010   Gregory Kulp   32
2011   Kevin Youells   30
2012   Doug Galullo   28
2013   Shantanu Saha   42
2014   Trella Bromley   43

PBeM Event History
2012    Mads Lunau    31
2013    Kevin Youells    28
2014    Mads Lunau    38


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Kevin Youells      PA    14    441
  2.  Doug Galullo       FL    13    352
  3.  Shantanu Saha      NY    13    199
  4.  Joe Gundersen      IN    06    186
  5.  Mads Lunau         dk    14    156
  6.  Christina Harley   VA    14    144
  7.  Eric Gundersen     NJ    03    125
  8.  Harald Henning     CT    11     80
  9.  Ted Mullally       NJ    14     74
 10.  Gregory Kulp       NJ    13     64
 11.  Trella Bromley     FL    14     60
 12.  Jon Anderson       PA    12     54
 13.  Nathan Barhorst    MI    14     46
 14.  John Morris        MD    05     40
 15.  Kevin Worth        ab    14     36
 16.  Javier de laFuente es    14     36
 17.  Joe Lux            NJ    12     32
 18.  Ken Rothstein      NY    09     30
 19.  Chris Robbins      UT    07     30
 20.  Rodd Polsky        PA    01     30
 21.  Jeff Bowers        UT    06     29
 22.  Charley Hickok     PA    00     26
 23.  Ron Clement        on    13     24
 24.  Jeff Cornett       FL    12     20
 25.  Sean Bryan         TN    11     20
 26.  Dan Morris         MI    14     18
 27.  James Gundy        FL    13     18
 28.  Peter Rauch        MA    00     18
 29.  Kevin Hillock      VA    09     15
 30.  Rachel Harley      VA    08     15
 31.  Russell Harley     WA    07     15
 32.  Ann Cornet         FL    02     15
 33.  Roberto Fournier   MI    14     12
 34.  Romain Jacques     qc    13     12
 35.  Mark Neale         RI    10     12
 36.  Robert Vollman     ab    07     10
 37.  Mike Musko         FL    03     10
 38.  Francis Spencer    CT    01     10
 39.  Robert Kircher     RI    05      8
 40.  Jonas Lundquist    se    14      6
 41.  Steve Spisak       on    13      6
 42.  Neil McIver        ec    12      6
 43.  Zui Mowshowitz     NY    11      5
 44.  Jennifer Visocnik  IL    09      5
 45.  Janice Thorne      OH    08      5
 46.  Rich Jenulis       OH    07      5
 47.  Harry White        TX    04      5
 48.  Jamie Tang         MD    02      5
 49.  Malinda Kyrkos     NY    10      4

2014 Laurelists
Repeating Laurelists: 

Nathan Barhorst, MI

Tedd Mullally, NJ

Christina Harley, VA

Roberto Fournier, MI

Kevin Youells, PA

Past Winners

Dan Vice, VA
1992 - 1993

Ken Rothstein, NY

Joe Gundersen, IN
1996, 2003, 2006

Todd Vander Pluym, CA

Eric Gundersen, NJ
1998, 2000

Doug Galullo, FL
1999, 2001, 2002, 2012

Harald Henning, CT

John Morris, MD

Kevin Youells, PA
2007, 2009, 2011

Christina Harley, WA

Gregory Kulp, NJ

Shantanu Saha, NJ

Trella Bromley, FL

Nathan Barhorst, Malinda Kyrkos, Kathrun Harley,
Jon Anderson and Kevin Youells in preliminary heat action.

Hands across the Med—Rex Lehmann and Christina Harley move their people simultaneously—who needs to take turns?

Roberto Fournier meets the challenge
of 2013 champ Shantanu Saha.

Craig Yope and York Dobyns
follow the rise of civilizations.

Pre-Civilizations ...

2014 was a year of experimentation. We moved a heat from into the Pre-Con for the first time, and had 34 players attend on Sunday. We also scheduled the games to end one turn early, to better fit into the allotted eight-hour time frame. The results can only be viewed as successful, as we raised attendance for the second straight year and posted our second highest turnout ever. We will keep the Sunday heat going forward.

A total of eight games were played throughout the heats. Assyria was the powerhouse with three wins posted by Paul Sampson, Trella Bromley, and Kevin Youells. Thrace was led to victory twice, by Christina Harley and Herb Sparks. Illyria (Jim Savarik), Babylon (Tedd Mulally), and Africa (Roberto Fournier) tasted victory once each. Surprisingly, Crete, Iberia, and Egypt were all kept out of the victory column. Herb won a squeaker in his game, finishing ahead of Jenn Visocnik by a mere four points and Nathan Barhorst came in three points behind her. This proved to be important later.

Notably absent from the winners circle was defending champion Shantanu Saha. Even though he did not have the audacity to wear his Centurion shirt to the event, Shantanu clearly had a huge target on his back as he finished fourth twice. Past winners had a very rough time in the early heat, as both Christina Harley and Kevin Youells were soundly defeated on Sunday and forced to rely on the second heat for their return to the Final.

Paul Sampson and Jim Savarick bowed out of the Final, allowing alternates Jenn Visocnik and Nathan Barhorse to advance in their stead. Jim did arrive for the game after positions were chosen and the game begun. In a fine display of sportsmanship, Nathan repeatedly offered to allow Jim to take over his position to no avail.Positions were selected by a random draw with trading allowed. As (bad) luck would have it, Christina Harley pulled Crete for the second straight year, but she was able to trade it for Iberia this time. When all of the negotiating was done, we had the following board configuration: Africa--Jenn Visocnik, Iberia--Christina Harley, Illyria--Trella Bromley, Thrace--Herb Sparks, Crete--Tedd Mulally, Assyria--Roberto Fournier, Babylon--Nathan Barhorst, and Egypt--Kevin Youells.

The early game was marked by aggressive play. In her opinion, the Thracians were too expansionistic, so Iberia attacked and killed Thracian units in Lower Germany on Turn 5. The next turn, Babylon blocked an Egyptian city that was being built in Siwa. While this may not seem vital, it disrupted the trade card order enough that it caused Egypt to draw eight calamities over the next three turns. Things then settled into the normal ebb-and-flow as the game progressed.

A pivotal moment occurred very early, as Illyria persuaded Africa to allow her to keep a city in Syracuse. This shrewd piece of negotiation allowed Illyria to build to eight cities on Turns 8 and 9, and to maintain nine cities for Turns 10 through 12. By contrast, the Africans were never able to top six cities during that time period.

As the end drew near, Illyria had built a 200-point lead over Crete, with Babylon and Egypt, more than 300 behind. Clearly, this could not be allowed, and a concerted effort was made to try to stop the leader. Crete, Africa, Egypt, Assyria, and Babylon all sent troops to the Illyrian shores in a valiant attempt to massacre as many yellow units as they could catch. Despite moving last, Illyria could not stop that many invaders, and was only able to support six cities after combat, taking a bump on the AST as a result.

The last turn came with three real contenders left in the running. Advance point totals were Illyria at 1780, Crete 1750, and Babylon 1550. Iberia was only one AST space away from ending the game, so there was some discussion of attacking the fifth place Iberians in an attempt to extend the game. Nevertheless, in contrast to the previous turn, there were no mass invasions, as only Africa tried to sack an Iberian city, while Egypt sailed over to sack one from Crete. Sensing that she had a strong chance if the game ended, Illyria sent troops to disrupt the African attack, likely costing Africa her chance at the sand plaque as well.

After a light calamity round, cards were bought, points were tallied, and we had a female champion for only the second time as Trella Bromley persevered to score a 96-point victory.

Final Standings

1) Trella Bromley--Illyria 3982

2) Nathan Barhorst--Babylon 3896

3) Tedd Mulally--Crete 3869

4) Christina Harley--Iberia 3537

5) Roberto Fournier--Assyria 3371

6) Kevin Youells--Egypt 3089

7) Jenn Visocnik--Africa 3042

8) Herb Sparks--Thrace 2500

 GM Kevin Youells with his battle-tested finalists. WBC tournaments are more than just a test of skill. Endurance and demeanor adds an element lacking in on-line gaming and few events require more endurance than muliple rounds of ACV.

 Play By Email 2014

Thrace Reigns...Again!

The 2014 Advanced Civilization PBeM tournament has drawn to its conclusion, and Mads Lunau has again risen to the top, defeating 37 other combatants to claim his second title in the three years that we have run this event. There were 11 games played (ten preliminary games plus a Final). Of those games, Africa and Babylon were dominant with four wins each, Thrace had two, and Illyria one. Thrace has now won all three years of the email tournament., as well as the 2010 and 2013 WBC titles. In tournament competition, I normally see Thrace get selected by the player choosing sixth. Given the recent track record of this country, I would be surprised if Thrace isn't grabbed sooner in the future.

For the longest time, it appeared as though the only competition would be between Jonas Lundgvist (Babylon) and Javier de la Fuente. They both took very different paths to success, as Jonas was the beneficiary of an early Civil War in Iberia. When the next turn rolled around, instead of consolidating his units and reducing the newly acquired cities as calamity damage, he went on the attack, soon occupying much of the rear areas of the Iberian empire. Turn order and calamities worked against Iberia's plan to reclaim his territory, and as a consequence, Jonas had two extra cities and several units tucked away where aggressive neighbors couldn't reach them. The Babylonian colony lived until Turn 16, and was instrumental in the lengthy Babylonian lead. In the end, Iconoclasts and Montotheistic neighbors caught up to Babylon, and caused an AST bump on the last turn, dropping Jonas to three cities. Javier, on the other hand, negotiated strong borders and non-aggression pacts with many other players, so he was generally left alone, and reaped the rewards of peace. He got stuck with a bad calamity draw, however, on the last turn, and was unable to make any purchases, leaving the door open for Mads.

Thrace spent much of the game in the middle of the pack, trying his best to look unassuming and non-threatening. Mads had a phenomenal last round of trading, and turned in six spice, four grain, and a pair of dye (348 points) to purchase Mathematics, Theology, and Philosophy to add 720(!) to his total, catapulting him into the lead as the game ended - which is, after all, the best time to be in the lead.

Overall, it was a great tournament with a truly international flavor. The top six places represented five nations: Denmark, Spain, U.S., Canada and Sweden. Keep an eye on the BPA newsletters for the announcement of the next email tournament, projected for March 2015. Details on this, and past events can be found at

Final results:
1) Mads Lunau Thrace 4438
2) Javier de la Fuente Egypt 4276
3) Kevin Youells Africa 4058
4) Dan Morris Iberia 3914
5) Kevin Worth Asia 3876
6) Jonas Lundgvist Babylon 3653
7) Rob Kircher Illyria 3640
8) Jon Anderson Assyria 2842

 GM     Kevin Youells [4th Year]   NA   NA

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