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Updated Nov. 23, 2013

2013 WBC Report  

 2014 Status: pending 2014 GM commitment

Bryan Berkenstock, NJ

2013 Champion

Event History
2013    Bryan Berkenstock     105


 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Bryan Berkenstock  NJ    13     30
   2.  David Blisard      MD    13     18
   3.  Trevor Schoenen    PA    13     12
   4.  Maria Calandrino   on    13      9
   5.  Sarah Bauch        TX    13      6
   6.  Loc Nguyen         PA    13      3

2013 Laurelists                                               

David Blisard, MD

Trevor Schoenen, PA

Maria Calandrino, on

Sarah Bauch, TX

Loc Nguyen, PA

Rob Schoenen, Mark Love, Tom McCorry and Jamie Tang

Winton Lemoine and Madison Sites

 Mauro Reis, Melodie Loder, Jared Spear and Ty Hansen

 Sam Packwood, John Elliott, David Bliss and Lydia Grossov

Not a Disney ride ...

With over 100 participants in the inaugural tournament for Small World, clearly fans abound in the WBC realm. Through every heat, players had a great time conquering one another's regions. Occasionally even with an ale in hand; and, no we aren't talking about the Dwarves here!

For most of the semifinals, the smiles continued unabated.

For Table 1, those smiles became serious faces when Halfings, with Dragons in tow, managed to overtake the board. With scores between 75 and 88, this became the tightest game in the semis, with Maria Calandrino pulling through the heap.

The turning point for Table 2 came when Flying Sorcerers (via Paul Grosser) took over the mountains. Joe Harrison, Katherine Hitchings, and Bryan Berkenstock feared the worse, but somehow Bryan managed to overtake Paul in the end to solider on to the Final.

Table 3 hosted Sarah Bauch, George Galuschak, Andrew Carr and Alex Taylor. Sarah was able to rack up the highest semifinal score with 124 coins. They managed to maintain a sense of humor throughout although , they debated the morals of sorcerers versus merchants. The end result? Don't buy anything from those merchants, they can't be trusted!

Kevin Cantwell, Josh McCue, Mauro Reis, and Dave Blisard comprised Table 4, and they laughed their way to the end. They excitedly discussed the possibility of a Small World dress up contest until Kevin was nominated to be the Commando Triton (a power and race combination in the game) next year.

Young Aiden Czyryca seemed well equipped to dominate on Table 5. The name of the game is Small World after all. The pint-sized warrior managed to get off to a great start with the Commando Tritons against his opponents Tim Horn and Albert Schwartz. In the end, none were a match for Trevor Schoenen, who managed to take the lead from Aiden with 12 coins to spare.

The Final commenced immediately after the semifinalists received their swag: silver Small World turn markers. As the remaining five sat down to the only 5-player game, who could know who would walk away with a Small World t-shirt and the coveted gold Turn marker, leaving silver to the rest? Since only one of the semifinalists considered themselves well versed in Small World lore, it was interesting to see that 12 of the other players had only played a bit while the remaining seven had never played a turn of it before WBC! Two of those newbies, Maria Calandrino and Bryan Berkenstock, even made it to the Final. The other three all had a bit of experience with the game, but by no means were battle tested.

As the game began and with the prize now in sight, play took on a more tense tone than in the preceding round. Turns lengthened as everyone considered their moves a bit longer than they had previously. Chatter was reduced until the scores were counted and Bryan, a new player to Small World, was crowned the winner of the first WBC Small World Tournament!

Thanks to everyone for participating in a fun-filled first year, see you in 2014!

The finalists enter Small World.
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