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2013 WBC Report   

  2014 Status: pending 2014 GM commitment

Jacob Hebner, CO

2013 Champion

Event History
1993    Kurt Litscher      16
1994    Mark Potter      16
1995    Mark Potter      16
1996    Harry Flawd      19
1997    Harry Flawd      15
1998    John Ellmann      16
1999    Harry Flawd     20
2000    Harry Flawd     30
2001    Devin Flawd     20
2002     Bill O'Neal     28
2003     Harry Flawd      42
2004     Harry Flawd      38
2005     Devin Flawd      38
2006      Devin Flawd      41
2007      Devin Flawd      38
2008     Devin Flawd      40
2009      Bruno Passacantando      49
2010      Harry Flawd      46
2011     Jacob Hebner       52
2012     Mike James      43
2013     Jacob Hebner      46


Rank  Name               From  Last  Total
  1.  Harry Flawd         PA    13    222
  2.  Devin Flawd         PA    09    200
  3.  Jacob Hebner        CO    13     90
  4.  Bill O'Neal         NY    12     49
  5.  Bruno Passacantando CT    11     41
  6.  Mike Destro         NJ    07     36
  7.  Chad Gormly         MA    13     33
  8.  Mike James          MD    12     30
  9.  Derek Landel        NJ    06     28
 10.  Barry Shoults       MI    08     24
 11.  John Ellmann        MD    01     22
 12.  Jordan Flawd        PA    08     21
 13.  Jeremy Billones     VA    10     18
 14.  David Tianen        WI    09     18
 15.  Dave Buchbinder     PA    03     18
 16.  Ray Stakenas II     MI    03     18
 17.  Dan Dolan Jr        NJ    05     15
 18.  Bill Place          PA    05     13
 19.  Tim Dolan           NJ    13     12
 20.  Jeff Finkeldey      OH    13     12
 21.  Joe Yaure           PA    10     12
 22.  Mark Love           MD    10     12
 23.  Ron Pisarz          VA    12      9
 24.  Dale Long           NJ    09      9
 25.  Paul O'Neil         MD    06      9
 26.  Jason Levine        NY    03      9
 27.  Sean McCulloch      OH    13      6
 28.  Terry Coleman       CA    12      6
 29.  Brian Conlon        CT    11      6
 30.  John Shaheen        VA    10      6
 31.  John Shaheen        MA    07      6
 32.  Andy Lewis          DE    06      6
 33.  Pete Putnam         PA    04      6
 34.  Greg Berry          VA    01      6
 35.  Michael Cook        VA    01      4
 36.  Steve Scott         CA    11      3
 37.  Daniel Long         NJ    10      3
 38.  Dennis Nicholson    NY    03      3
 39.  Bruce Reiff         OH    00      2

2013 Laurelists                                             Repeating Laurelists:

Harry Flawd, PA

Tim Dolan, NJ

Jeff Finkeldey, OH

Sean McCulloch, OH

Chad Gormly, RI

Past Winners

Mark Potter, PA

Harry Flawd, PA
'96-97, '99-00, '03-04, '10

John Ellmann, MD

Devin Flawd, PA
2001, 2005-08

Bill O'Neal, NY

Bruno Passacantando, CT

Jacob Henbner, CO
2011, 2013

Mike James, MD

And the pigskin parade is on!

Round 1 fills the room with gridders.


 Joe Yaure vs Greg Courter

 Jordan Flawd vs Chris Palermo and Bruce Reiff vs Dan Dolan Jr

Ladies Day ...

The 2013 Paydirt tournament saw an influx of new players, offsetting the inevitable loss of a few regulars! In the past few years, youngsters have joined the gridiron fun fueled by the NFL's burgeoning popularity, and this year it was the ladies turn to steal a little thunder, as the no longer green Samantha Berk made a nice run with her Cleveland Browns, topping two vet coaches, Barry Shoults and Dan long before succumbing to Steve Vance and his Steelers, 24-20. Even more impressive was new player Jessica Finkeldey, setting tongues a waggin' with a 15-14 upset of defending champion Mike James. Steve Vance also had the dubious honor of knocking her out in the second round with those mean Steelers, earning him the title of "Lady Killer".

There were many more conventional first round close games shoved to the back of the headlines by the ladies exploits, including Robert Rund's Broncos topping Jordan Flawd's Bengals 38-35 with a bomb to set up the game winning FG in OT, Doug Porterfield's Chiefs returning a punt 99 yards for a score to beat Caley Roark's Jaguars 26-22, Joe Yaure's Jets surviving four turnovers to defeat the other Chiefs team of Danny Lewis 34-22, and a shootout for the ages as Chris Palermo's Bills swamped Terry Coleman's Broncos 53-45!

Round 2 saw Jeff Finkeldey's Bills advance 31-14 over chart designer Ron Pisarz, while Palermo's Bills team could not repeat their high flying offense against Chad Gormly's Steelers in a 34-23 loss.

The AFC field narrowed to two teams as perennial champ Harry Flawd ended Tim Dolan's run 30-22 while Jeff's Bills topped Chad's Steelers 17-16 to set the AFC title game. The latter proved to be a real back and forth affair, with Buffalo enjoying a huge point spread to start the game (18 points), but Houston narrowing that to a 5-point halftime deficit, 21-16. Buffalo scored the only points of the third quarter and led 28-16 with 11 minutes left. With things looking bleak for Harry, Houston picked off a Bills pass and scored to make it 28-23. Houston regained possession with four minutes remained and drove the length of the field for a go-ahead TD. They went for 2 successfully to make it 31-28 with 45 seconds left. Decision time for Harry .... Buffalo has two TD on kickoff returns, along with an automatic TD if they roll on their defense chart ..... so Harry decides to play the percentages, and uses an onside kick to delete the chance of a return. Jeff recovers, tosses two medium passes, and is on the cusp of FG range with 15 seconds left ..... last play of the game. The roll .... False Start against Buffalo! Normally that would have ended the game.... offensive penalty would have run time off the clock ... and a win for Houston.....but in a great game like this ... Harry says no can kick it again from 5 yards back .... Jeff nails it to send it into OT! Buffalo gets the ball first, short drive and is forced to punt....Harry gets a 47-yard punt return to put him in FG range ... and trots out his kicker..... and it's GOOD! Houston wins in OT 34-31.

The NFC heat drew 26 players and generated some more great games, including another OT game between Tim Dolan's Seahawks and Dan Long's Bears in which Tim repeatedly shunned a FG to go for the TD with no timeouts and trailing by 3! He did end up tying the score with a FG in regulation and winning in OT! Sean McCulloch's Bucs had two good wins, beating Josh Coyle's Falcons 30-28 and Samantha Berk 34-28 in OT on a 95 yard TD pass! Tom Knapp, Jacob Hebner, Ron Pisarz and Harry Flawd also won twice. In Round 3, Sean won another OT contest over the Panthers 30-27 when Ron missed two FG's that would have won it in regulation. Tim Dolan ended Tom's run 30-27, as Harry and Jacob also advanced. Jacob's Packers topped Sean 38-28 to advance to the NFC title game, while Tim's Seahawks took out Harry's Bears 20-17. The NFC title game was tied 7-7 for a quarter before Jacob began to pull away and led 20-7 at the half. The second half was more of the same and Jacob had advanced 25-17 to his third straight title game.

The Super Bowl was set between two former champions; seven former titles vs one. Nevertheless, the young Packers began with a 2-point edge via the spread, and quickly tacked on a FG to make it 5-0 at the quarter. GB scored again to take a 12-point lead, but Harry stormed back with two second quarter TDs to take a 14-12 lead at the half. The third quarter was littered with missed Texan opportunities, as sacks were overturned by penalty or QB scrambles, and the Pack posted the only score of the quarter to lead 19-14. Houston had its chances, but an interception and two punts spelled doom as the second punt was returned for a TD to seal a 28-21 GB victory.

We are looking forward to a new set of charts from Ron next year for more Paydirt thrills in 2014!

This game is so realistic we even have players on Injured Reserve! Dan Long hobbled in on crutches to play another ex-linebacker, Tim Dolan.

GM & seven-time champ Harry Flawd is denied his eighth title as Jacob Hebner claims his second PDT title with his third straight Super Bowl appearance.
 GM      Harry Flawd  [19th Year]  NA   717-569-7103

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