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2012 WBC Report  

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Peter Reese, VA

2012 Champion

Event History
2006   David Gantt     28
2007     Ed Rothenheber     27
2008    Henry Russell     20
2009     Peter Reese     22
2010    Peter Reese     26
2011    Rejean Tremblay     26
2012     Peter Reese     31


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Peter Reese        VA    12    160
  2.  Henry Russell      PA    12     72
  3.  Ed Rothenheber     MD    09     66
  4.  Rejean Tremblay    on    12     46
  5.  David Gantt        SC    06     30
  6.  Melvin Casselberry PA    11     27
  7.  Al Hurda           on    12     24
  8.  Jesse Boomer       KS    11     21
  9.  Rob Olsson         MD    12     20
 10.  Tracey Casselberry VT    11     18
 11.  Francis Czawlytko  MD    09     12
 12.  Rob Mull           CO    07     12
 13.  Robert Vollman     ab    06     12
 14.  Dorian Key         DC    09      9
 15.  Nick Frydas        uk    08      9
 16.  Robert March       CA    06      9
 17.  Ahmet Ilpars       tu    08      6
 18.  Phil Barcafer      PA    07      6
 19.  Jim McCarthy       on    12      4
 20.  Frank Morehouse    PA    11      3
 21.  Phil Pendleton     PA    09      3
 22.  Tom Vickery        NJ    06      3

2012 Laurelists                                            Repeating Laurelists:

Henry Russell, PA

Rejean Tremblay, on

Al Hurda, on

Rob Olsson, MD

Jim McCarthy, on

Past Winners

David Gantt, SC

Ed Rothenheber, MD

Henry Russell, PA

Peter Reese, VA
2009-2010, 2012

Rejean Tremblay, on

The Lange brothers team up to run the French.

Malcolm Smith and Peter Reese play the Allies.

Monsieur Reese Again ...

The long game seemed to be the rule this year as the event posted record attendance. Of the 14 games played, only four ended with early victories, and a record number had to be adjudicated.

Between the mulligan round and Round 1, there were 17 new players, 10 of whom competed in the beginner's tournament. Congratulations to George Rivers III for winning the beginner's bracket as the Armee du Nord in his first game of Wellington!

The tournament witnessed the usual dazzling swings of fortune. For Nick Benedict's Armee du Nord, a peace die roll in 1812 brought the game to a victorious end in the mulligan round. For Jim McCarthy's Wellington in Round 1, Ciudad Rodrigo did not fall for four rounds, despite having a full complement of troops (15 dice). For Rejean Tremblay's Armee Sud, Portugal fell in 1813 as Soult captured all of the Portuguese fortresses and keys for an early victory. Dice and cards continued to drive events and confound plans until only 12 players remained for the semifinal round.

Players advance based on games played and victory points earned. So, for the semifinal round, two players tied for the 12th seat, had to roll off to see who would play. Jesse Boomer rolled higher than Ed Rothenheber for that opportunity.

The mulligan and Round 1 saw many French victories, but in the semifinals, the Allies prevailed at all three tables. Peter Reese's Spanish carried the day with Jim McCarthy's British at Table 1. Rejean Tremblay's Spanish won handily on Table 2, and Henry Russell's Spanish ruled on Table 3. The highest scoring runner-up would be the fourth player for Round 3. Al Hurda and GM Rob Olsson rolled off to see who would play, and Al had the hotter dice.

Although the Final ended in 1812, the long game rules continued to play a role as Turn 1 lasted for four hours. Hurda and Tremblay's Allies ran into early card and dice trouble, with Rejean's Spain having to mulligan twice due to poor card draws. A rout of Wellington left the British leader alone and cut off from reinforcements outside of Madrid while the French forces marched on Portugal. In the end, Britain resigned with Spain's consent as there were not enough forces to muster a defense. Britain still controlled Elvas, but that was it.

Peter Reese and Henry Russell were left to count their victory points, which Peter's accountant for Armee du Sud won handily with 15 victory points over Armee du Nord's seven -- earning Peter his third WLL title.

The GM would like to thank veterans Jesse Boomer and Rejean Tremblay for helping out at the beginner tables, and to his assistant GM Mike Buccheri for filling in a sixth table at the mulligan round. Hope to see you all next year!

Bart Pisarik stops railroading long enough to play Welly.

The finalists prepare for battle.

 GM      Rob Olsson (3rd Year)  2211 Sulgrave Ave., Baltimore, MD 21209  
    raolsson@yahoo.com   443-326-4530

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