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Updated Nov. 23, 2012

2012 WBC Report   

 2013 Status: pending 2013 GM commitment

Matt Calkins, VA

2012 Champion

Event History
1997    Peter Staab        72
1998    Brian Sutton      178
1999    Kaarin Engelmann     115
2000    Alan Witte       97
2001    Rebecca Hebner       56
2002    Joe Sposito       45
2003    Brenden Coomes       47
2004     Devin Flawd       63
2005    Robert Kircher       79
2006     Olin Hentz       74
2007    Harry Flawd       89
2008     Matt Calkins     116
2009     Greg Crowe       91
2010    Angela Collinson       81
2011    Jordan Shea       81
2012    Matt Calkins     105


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1. Matt Calkins        VA    12     60
  2. Rebecca Hebner      CO    09     57
  3. Alan Witte          NJ    00     50
  4. Jordan Shea         CT    12     42
  5. Harry Flawd         PA    07     42
  6. Joseph Sposito      NJ    02     40
  7. Devin Flawd         PA    09     38
  8. Bruce Monnin        OH    06     38
  9. Dan Eshleman        NC    08     36
 10. Kaarin Engelmann    VA    00     35
 11. Robert Kircher      RI    06     33
 12. Brendan Coomes      OH    10     32
 13. Devon Miller        VA    12     30
 14. Ewan McNay          CT    11     30
 15. Greg Crowe          MD    09     30
 16. Gerald Lientz       VA    07     30
 17. Olin Hentz          CT    06     30
 18. Buddy Sinigaglio    CO    00     30
 19. Angela Collinson    FL    10     20
 20. Thomas Melton       VA    11     18
 21. Evan Hitchings      DE    09     18
 22. Keith Levy          MD    01     18
 23. Jerry Ohlinger      NY    99     18
 24. Rodd Polsky         PA    02     16
 25. John Coussis        IL    12     15
 26. Eric Gorr           VA    00     15
 27. James Hopkin        CA    02     14
 28. Rebecca Melton      VA    09     12
 29. Jordan Flawd        CT    06     12
 30. Greg Thatcher       FL    06     12
 31. Rob Schoenen        PA    04     12
 32. Josh Campbell       NY    03     12
 33. Arthur Field        SC    02     12
 34. Ken Sheffield       VA    01     12
 35. Craig Melton        VA    99     12
 36. Josh Githens        SC    00     10
 37. Steve Shambeda      PA    12      9
 38. John Speck          MD    11      9
 39. Greg Zegalia        PA    09      9
 40. Steve Cameron       PA    08      9
 41. Jim Garvey          NY    07      9
 42. Carmen Petruzelli   PA    05      9
 43. Chris Greenfield    NY    03      9
 44. Scott Buckwalter    MD    01      9
 45. Tim Packwood        DE    10      8
 46. Abby Cocke          MD    04      8
 47. Bram Walzl          VA    11      6
 48. Sam Bowercraft      PA    10      6
 49. Brooks Beyma        MD    08      6
 50. Dennis Mishler      CT    07      6
 51. Nick Henning        CT    06      6
 52. Morio Taketori      jp    05      6
 53. Mark Love           MD    04      6
 54. Rob Brode           MD    03      6
 55. Randy Jackson       OH    99      6
 56. Jefferson Meyer     MA    10      4
 57. Tracy Graf          MD    04      4
 58. Lance Ribeiro       NH    02      4
 59. Anna Rinko          VA    12      3
 60. Joanne Melton       VA    11      3
 61. Greg Thatcher       CA    08      3
 62. Jean-Francois Gagne qc    07      3
 63. Mark Mitchell       VA    03      3
 64. Gordon Elgart       CA    01      3
 65. Jason Ley           WA    99      3
 66. John Poniske Jr     PA    05      2
 67. Joe Nemet           PA    04      2

2012 Laurelists                                                Repeating Laurelists:

Devon Miller, VA

Jordan Shea, CT

Steve Shambeda, PA

John Coussis, VA

Anna Rinko, VA

Past Winners

Peter Staab, PA

Brian Sutton, MD

Kaarin Englemann, VA

Alan Witte, NJ

Rebecca Hebner, CO

Joe Sposito, NJ

Brenden Coomes, OH

Devin Flawd, PA

Robert Kircher, RI

Olin Hentz, CT

Harry Flawd, PA

Matt Calkins, VA
2008, 2012

Greg Crowe, MD

Angela Collinson, MD

Jordan Shea, CT

Young Santa and Virginia Melton watch Bob Wicks place his bet.

This young fella has Ken Samuels and Paul Weintraub surrounded.

Always a titanic and now legendary struggle ...

Sacrifice for the Titan ...

We benefited from the record convention attendance with an impressive 13 games played in the first heat alone as our field broke the century mark for the first time in four years. Close games were the rule. Thirteen of the 33 preliminary games were decided by a single point. Another four were decided by tiebreakers, and one of those was a three-way tie! Even those with an eye on one of the medals awarded for various in-game achievements had to work for them, as many of those were also decided by a tiebreaker.

24 of the 31 qualifying winners appeared for the semifinal round. One alternate was accepted to complete five 5-player games. If anything, the competition stepped up a level, as three of those games were decided by two points or less. On the other hand, Matt Calkins used his own special ability of convincing other players that he wasn't a threat so well that, in the last round, he would have won regardless of which of the four remaining creatures perished.

The Final had a diverse accumulation of player styles and it was a treat to see how they interacted. At first it seemed to be a push. The first round had many more card plays than normal as the players were testing each other. Of course, this would mean that the draw deck would be exhausted in the end, limiting options.

Things really got exciting in the third round when Steve Shambeda played the Head Referee, exposing both Matt Calkins' and Jordan Shea's secret bets on the Titan. However, by this time new cards were dwindling, as were everyone's options. Even Devon Miller's usually effective negotiating skills were hampered, and Matt ended the game by choosing to kill one of his other bets to save his Titan. He and Devon were tied with 10, but since he had a bet on the creature he'd just killed, Matt won the tiebreaker and became the first two-time champion in our 16-year run.

In addition to the trophy cups for the finalists, I was happy to award five medals for various achievements, each named after one of the spectators in the game. The Mighty Minotaur went to the player who placed sixth sans fez, and Anna Rinko claimed it with her extremely close semifinal runner-up performance. Isaac Clizbe killed ten creatures in his heat games to claim the Battling Behemoth medal. In Heat 2 we had two players each lose 12 points on the last creature to die in their respective games, but since Jeremy Rice had a higher score the Shining Serpent medal was his. There was also a tie for the lowest winning score in a heat, but the Weary Warbear went to Joanna Melton, who had won her game on a tiebreaker. The Ardent Angel medal was won by Erin Wingo for her highest last-place score of 7 points, but unfortunately she wasn't present at the semifinals when I awarded the medals, so I still have it for her. Erin, if you see this, shoot me an email and we can make arrangements to get it to you. Congratulations to all of our medal winners.

Rob Kircher, Brendan Coomes and Harry Flawd try their luck at Table 1.
 Titan: The Arena Junior

The Juniors event drew 18 young players competing for a place in the 5-player Final, which consisted of the winner in each of the four preliminary games and the runner-up whose score was the highest percentage of their winner's score.

The Final started out friendly enough, with the betless Cyclops perishing for lack of support. Of course, as is the nature of this game, it wasn't to last as the Troll was second to go with a newly-placed 3-point bet from Mandy Mossman. Next to go was Alyssa Morgen's Unicorn, which got no support beyond her own firstt-round bet. In Round 4, Nick Metzger and Mandy each had four points showing on the Dragon, while Antony Saccenti and Adam Wojtaszczk had 5 points on the Titan, rendering both creatures' powers unusable. Despite this, Adam managed to kill the Warlock, which had bets from both Mandy and Alyssa. Despite heartfelt negotiations, the hapless Dragon was eliminated last by Alyssa, because it was the only creature of the four remaining that had none of her bets. Unfortunately for her though, it was revealed that everyone's secret bets had survived, and Adam emerged triumphant.

Congratulations, Adam, and well done to all of the finalists! Enjoy your trophies, and I hope to see all of you next year either back in the Juniors event or graduating to the adult version. Final standings: Adam Wojtaszczyk (11), Antony Saccenti (12), Nick Metzger (12), Alyssa Morgen (12), Mandy Mossman (11) and Giovani Petruzelli (11).

 GM     Greg Crowe  (10th year)   6959 Exeter Court, Apt 101, Frederick, MD 21703
   tta-wbc@gameindustry.com   NA 

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