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Updated Nov. 23, 2012

2012 WBC Report  

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Rejean Tremblay, on

2012 Champion

Event History
2008    Mark McCandless     19
2009    Nick Smith     32
2010    Steve Simmons     31
2011    Daniel Pappas     28
2012    Rejean Tremblay     23


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  David Cross        VA    12     47
  2.  Mark McCandless    LA    10     44
  3.  Steve Simmons      NJ    11     33
  4.  Daniel Pappas      MD    11     32
  5.  Rejean Tremblay    on    12     30
  6.  Nick Smith         uk    09     30
  7.  Andy Lewis         DE    12     18
  8.  Phil Rennert       MD    11     18
  9.  Charles Drozd      IL    09     18
 10.  Keith Ferguson     VA    11     12
 11.  Alan Arvold        LA    10     12
 12.  Scott DeBrestian   on    09     12
 13.  Ed Beach           MD    08     12
 14.  Dave Stiffler      VA    12      9
 15.  Jay Laughlin       VA    10      9
 16.  Ted Drozd          IL    12      6
 17.  Brian Greer        VA    11      6
 18.  Alan Sudy          VA    08      6
 19.  Jack Stalica       on    08      4
 20.  Kevin McPartland   MD    12      3
 21.  Brian Keller       VA    09      3

2012 Laurelists                                                Repeating Laurelists: 

David Cross, VA

Andy Lewis, DE

Dave Stiffler, VA

Ted Drozd, IL

Kevin McPartland, MD

Past Winners

Mark McCandless, LA

Nick Smith, uk

Steve Simmons, NJ

Daniel Pappas, MD

Rejean Tremblay, on

Keith McFarland is the only WBC GM with his own palm tree ... and this year it didn't seem out of place in the tropical climes of Lampeter sans AC.

Bruce Hodgins, Rejean Tremblay, Brian Goodwin and Keith Ferguson paddle their canoes through the Lampeter Ocean in search of balsa wood or coconuts.

Aloha ...

Beware Newcomers ...

The CQP experience began with an interesting demo on Friday afternoon, where aspects of the game were compared to typical wargames. My thanks to Guy Ferraiolo for standing in as a "typical wargamer"! The Mulligan round followed the demo with four games, split evenly between 3- and 4-player matches. The Mulligan was followed on Saturday by Round 1's four 4-player games. There were both close victories - one win was decided on the second tiebreaker - and decisive ones. Some games were won by military might, while others found victory through stealthful economic dominance.

The semifinals composed two 4-player games. The tables were assigned and positions selected by seeding order. Table 1 consisted of Dave Stiffler (Samoa), Andy Lewis (Hiva), Steve Cuccaro (Raiatea) and Rejean Tremblay (Tonga). Table 2 was manned by Kevin McPartland (Samoa), Alan Arvold (Hiva),Ted Drozd (Raiatea) and David Cross (Tonga).

At Table 1, Samoa won by stringing together many small islands, and then successfully attacked Tonga, overcoming the latter's Pa defense. Hiva came in a close second, and despite losing their home island group, Tonga was not much further behind in third place. At Table 2, Tonga crushed the opposition, first by taking Hawaii from Hiva, and then with a last turn that captured neutral Vanuatu and cut the Samoan transport canoe chain at its base, isolating their entire empire.

Tonga's win at Table 2 was so dominant that both the second and third place finishers from Table 1 advanced to the Final. David Cross's decisive victory gave him first choice of starting location. Not surprisingly, he took Tonga, looking to repeat his recent success. Dave Stiffler then selected Samoa, Andy Lewis took Hiva, and third-place (and "newbie") Rejean Tremblay was left with Raiatea.

The game began with conditions in Lampeter Hall closely matching the conditions in Polynesia itself: hot, humid, and possibly malarial. Tonga started with some successful exploring, quickly finding Tahiti, Raratonga and Hawaii! The others had trouble finding anything useful, although Samoa did find Hawaiiki. Samoa attacked the Tongan home islands with a powerful force, but Tongan won a decisive victory, with the help of their Pa defenses. Tonga, in turn, attacked Hiva and cut Samoa's link to Kiritimati. The final turn saw Samoa's last-ditch attack on Tonga stopped by the latter's Arioi card, which was artfully saved for any last-turn attacks. It looked as though Tonga had won the day again. But without notice by the other players, Raiatea had quietly connected all of his many unthreatening little 1-point island groups and atolls, including two connected on the last turn. Raiatea won by one-half of a victory point, 23 12 to Tonga's 23! So, with a remarkable come-from-behind victory, our new champion is the Canadian "newbie": Rejean Tremblay.

Kevin McFarland, Alan Arvold, Keith Ferguson and Dave Cross go explorin'.

David Stiffler, Andy Lewis, Steve Cuccaro and Rejean Tremblay bask in the tropics.
 GM      Kevin McPartland (5th Year)  2885 Jessup Rd, Jessup, MD 20794   410-404-6509

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