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2012 WBC Report  

  2013 Status: pending December 2012 Membership Trial Vote

Sean McCulloch, OH

2011-12 Champion

Event History
2001    Peter Staab     54
2002    Kevin Youells     36
2003    Ken Gutermuth     44
2004     Arthur Field     44
2005     Arthur Field     48 
2006     Thomas Browne     52
2007    Bruce Reiff     40
2008     Bruce Reiff     45
2009    Bruce Reiff     40
2010    Bruce Reiff     48
2011    Sean McCulloch     40
2012    Sean McCulloch     36


Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bruce Reiff        OH    11     97
  2.  Sean McCulloch     OH    12     64
  3.  Arthur Field       SC    09     52
  4.  Aaron Fuegi        MA    12     46
  5.  Kevin Youells      FL    10     36
  6.  Ken Gutermuth      TX    05     36
  7.  Barrington Beavis  uk    11     30
  8.  Peter Staab        PA    01     30
  9.  Chris Yaure        PA    11     22
 10.  Jason Levine       NY    10     20
 11.  Thomas Browne      PA    06     20
 12.  Jonathan Miller    DC    02     18
 13.  John Leggat        CA    01     18
 14.  James Tyne         NJ    07     18
 15.  Kate Taillon       SC    09     16
 16.  Jeff Mullet        OH    12     12
 17.  Bill Banks         KY    07     12
 18.  Mike Nagel         NJ    05     12
 19.  Andrew Cummins     uk    01     12
 20.  Cliff Ackman       PA    01      9
 21.  Steve Raszewski    PA    12      8
 22.  Gordon Rodgers     PA    12      8
 23.  Eric Filipkowski   MD    11      8
 24.  Craig Melton       VA    10      8
 25.  Greg Kulp          NJ    07      8
 26.  Keith Schoose      CA    05      8
 27.  Austin Walzl       VA    08      6
 28.  Andy Latto         MA    06      6
 29.  Richard Irving     CA    04      6
 30.  Carol Caler        PA    03      6
 31.  Kaarin Engelmann   VA    01      6
 32.  Doug Galullo       MD    12      4
 33.  Rob Kircher        RI    11      4
 34.  Rob Kilroy         PA    10      4
 35.  Eric Kleist        MD    08      4
 36.  Brad Raszewski     MD    07      4
 37.  Alan Kaiser        OH    06      4
 38.  Stuart Tucker      MD    04      4
 39.  Lance Fogel        PA    03      3
 40.  Gordon Elgart      CA    01      3
 41.  Joseph Yaure       PA    09      2
 42.  David Burkey       PA    08      2
 43.  Mike Stanley       OH    06      2
 44.  Tom Powell-Bullock OH    05      2
 45.  Laurie Wojtaszcyk  NY    04      2

2012 Laurelists                                                Repeating Laurelists:

Jeff Mullet, OH

Gordon Rodgers, PA

Steve Raszewski, MD

Doug Galullo, MD

Aaron Fuegi, MA

Past Winners

Peter Staab, PA

Kevin Youells, FL

Ken Gutermuth, TX

Arthur Field, SC

Tom Browne, PA

Bruce Reiff, OH

Sean McCulloch, OH

Dave Metzger, Barrington Beavis and Barry Shoults were part of a three-way tie in their pod with Barrington advancing by tiebreakers.

Chris Yaure and Bob Wicks battle in a pod won by Steve Raszewski who is seen in the background.

Two More to Go ...

Battle Line remained consistent as 36 'regulars' appeared for its usual time slot even though we were up against the ever popular Lost Cities, again. Nine 4-player pods were formed and the fun began.

Aaron Fuegi swept Group 1 that included Puerto Rico superstar David Platnick. All three of his wins came via breakthrough.

Group 2 included celebrated designer Matt Calkins (Sekigahara). Unfortunately for Matt his Battle Line skills were not up to his design expertise and Phil Rennert swept the lot to advance.

Steve Raszewski continued the sweep streak in Group 3 over Chris Yaure, Bob Wicks and Dave Rohde who all remained laurel-less.

Andrew Long won the tie-breaker to be the first to advance with a 2-1 record.

Your trusty GM accomplished a first since Battle Line went to pod play nine years ago. I lost a game and failed to advance. I beat Tom Knapp and Lisa Gutermuth in the first two games, but in the third the cards went south against Doug Galullo. I needed Lisa to beat Tom to send it to a 3-way tie breaker. She didn't and Doug advanced by beating me head to head. There are rumors that Don paid Lisa to throw the game. (I would have, but I was busy.)

Gordon Rodgers, of Philadelphia fame, easily advanced out of Group 6 to join the playoff party.

Defending Champion Sean 'the hammer' McCulloch swept Group 7 but it wasn't easy, barely beating Chris Moffa 5-4. Barely surviving was the story of Sean's night....

In Group 8 Jeffy Mullet squeaked out two 5-3 victories over a pair of Michaels (Wojke and Powers) and then beat David Gubbay via breakthrough to advance.

And in Group 9 Don's favorite Battleline player Barrington Beavis, won a three-way tie-breaker to become the last qualifier.

With nine winners, we drew lots from the 2-1 qualifiers for a 'play in game'. Doug Galullo beat Andrew Long in the extra round to advance against the defending champion. Sean proceeded to kick Doug to the curb and reached the semifinals. Gordon Rodgers beat Phil Rennert in their quarterfinal to do battle with Sean. The champ demonstrated why he was the champ and won via breakthrough against Gordon to return to the Final.

In the other half of the bracket Jeffy squeaked by Fuegi to make the semis. His opponent would be Steve Raszewski who advanced over Barrington Beavis. Jeffy made it an "ALL CABS, NON-REIFF FINAL" by beating Steve via breakthrough.

Alas, I had to miss that historic occasion to go to Harrisburg to pick up my daughter from the airport with Harry Flawd (thanks again Harry!) so knowing that my two friends wouldn't kill each other, I left Lisa Gutermuth in charge. About 45 minutes later I get a text from Jeffy saying "Woo Hoo. World Champion." Unfortunately for him, Sean was the world champion, beating him in a 5-4 barn burner. Sean won two columns with 10's as he got all six of them. Sean now only needs two more in a row to match me. Until next year!

Doug Galullo's win over you-know-who as Tom Knapp beat Lisa Gutermuth sent Reiff to the showers by tiebreaker.

The all-CABS Final ensured a sixth straight CABS Battle Line champ despite the efforts of the Duke cheerleading squad.

 GM      Bruce Reiff  [9th Year]  NA   NA

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