Updated Nov. 23, 2012

2012 WBC Report  

 2013 Status: pending 2013 GM commitment

Spencer Hamblen, MD

2012 Champion



Event History
1991    Mark Giddings      34
1992    Dave Harshbarger      46
1993    Robin Barbehenn      84
1994    Todd Vander Pluym      84
1995    Mark Giddings      51
1996    Christian Goetz      45
1997    Dan Vice      50
1998    Jon Kwiatkowski      45
1999    Barrington Beavis     32
2000    Barrington Beavis     28
2001    David Fritsch     33
2002    Jon Kwiatkowski     36
2003    Paul Hakken     32
2004    Richard Fox     37
2005     Bruce Beard     29
2006    Bruce Beard     37
2007    Bruce Beard     45
2008    Bruce Beard     35
2009    Bruce Beard     32
2010    Bruce Beard     40
2011    Bruce Beard     53
2012    Spencer Hamblen     58


Rank Name                 From  Last Total
  1. Bruce Beard           MD    12   392
  2. Jim McDanold          TN    09   120
  3. Jon Kwiatkowski       NC    04   104
  4. Paul Hakken           NJ    07   103
  5. Spencer Hamblen       MD    12    96
  6. Barrington Beavis     uk    06    90
  7. Mark Neale            RI    09    72
  8. Jeremy Vipperman      TN    10    54
  9. Pierre LeBoeuf        MD    08    54
 10. Richard Fox           IL    04    50
 11. David Fritsch         VA    01    40
 12. Rick Dutton           IL    12    37
 13. Richard Northey       MA    12    36
 14. Andrew Roosen         MD    11    36
 15. Chuck Krueger         MA    10    31
 16. Dave Metheny          PA    05    25
 17. Fabio Pellegrino      it    11    24
 18. Brian Mountford       NY    99    24
 19. Akihisa Tabei         jp    08    22
 20. Daniel Barnes         CA    11    21
 21. Mike Brophy           NC    05    20
 22. Paul Johnson          MD    03    20
 23. John Chung            CA    02    19
 24. Chris Hancock         CA    12    18
 25. Ken Gutermuth         NC    11    18
 26. Robin Barbehen        MD    00    18
 27. Jason Levine          NY    01    16
 28. Richard Martin        MD    99    16
 29. Michael Fox           IL    07    15
 30. Herbert Gratz         aa    06    15
 31. Lane Newbury          TX    05    15
 32. Johnny Hasay          PA    02    13
 33. Craig Reece           FL    01    12
 34. Harald Henning        CT    00    12
 35. Mark Geary            OH    10    10
 36. Anthony Daw           UT    02    10
 37. Mark Frueh            IL    00     9
 38. Jim Munson            UT    08     8
 39. Ben Foy               MD    99     8
 40. Antero Kuusi          fn    12     6
 41. Joe Rushanan          MA    01     4
 42. Gerald Dudley         WI    00     3

2012 Laurelists                                             Repeating Laurelists 

Richard Northey, MA

Rick Dutton, IL

Chris Hancock, CA

Bruce Beard, MD

Antero Kuusi, fn

Past Winners

Mark Giddings, NY
1991, 1995

Todd Vander Pluym, CA

Christian Goetze, CA

Dan Vice, VA

Jon Kwiatkowski, NC
1998, 2002

Barrington Beavis, UK
1999, 2000

David Fritsch, VA

Paul Hakken, NJ

Richard Fox, IL

Bruce Beard. MD

Rich Atwater (WA) and Peter Eldridge (UK) commiserate over a second heat 1861 game won by Jeff Tolleson (MA). Ed Rothenheber on the way to a win in a second heat game of 1846 over Kelly Krieble, Tom McCorry, Walt Collins and Richard Northey.

Anterio Kuusi (Finland) is unable to best Michael Coyne who won this game despite the best efforts of Bark Pisarik and Wayne Schmittberger of Games magazine fame. Mark Sciera and Lucas Heinz are unable to overcome Steve Koleszar in this Heat 2 game as Michael Panzer moves in an attempt to slow the leader.

Beard Reign Ends ...

58 gamers, the most since 1994, overflowed the Limerock room, to play seven 18xx series games. 16 entered their first 18xx tournament, with eight winning preliminary games. Spencer Hamblen was only able to come for one day, but he made it count, running the table with preliminary, semi and Final wins in just three games to take his first 18xx tournament.

There were four preliminary rounds, but they were cut to five hours to shorten the event to two days. 1880, 18EU, and 1846 (chosen by respondents in an on-line poll) were added to the more widely available 1830, 1856, 1861, and 1870. All games were in competition for all rounds, but 1830 was the default game in the advanced rounds. Preliminary rounds were informally designated as 1830, 1856/18EU, 1870/1880, and 1846/1861, respectively, to guarantee availability of at least one game of each. 1830 was the most popular choice in the Preliminaries, by 13-9 over 1861. There were five preliminary games each of 1846 and 1880, three games of 1856, two of 18EU, and only one of 1870. Only three of the 13 1830 in initial games ended in bankruptcies, as did one 1856 game.

12 tables of 49 players began the first round Saturday morning. Five 1830 games, three 1861 matches, two 1846, and a table of 1880 got the event under way. At the only 5-player game in the first round, GM Pierre LeBoeuf dumped his only endgame RR (with a 3 and a 4 train) to avoid having to buy a permanent train out of hand. However, Akihisa Tabei led a lengthy endgame train stall (unusual in 1830), which prevented even a 6 train from ever getting bought before the bank broke. Akihisa scored an easy victory over Walt Collins, Pierre, and two new players. Newcomer François de Bellefeuille edged another new player (and fellow Québécois), Eric Grondin, and two returnees at the second 1830 table. Yet another foreign player, Finnish returnee Antero Kuusi had an easy 1830 victory over newcomer Frank Visco. Michael Panzer had a more comfortable victory over Bruce Hodgins and two others at the fourth 1830 table. The last 1830 table had four familiar faces and the only bankruptcy. Craig Reece won easily over Chris Hancock when James McCarthy went bankrupt, though James edged Lane Newbury for third. The first 1861 table was an easy win for Steve Koleszar over Vien Bounma. At the second 1861 table, assistant GM Rick Dutton scored a big win over returnee Marco Asteriti and two newcomers. The third 1861 table saw Jeremy Vipperman win easily over Mark Geary and two other returnees. The closest game in Heat 1 was the 1846 game won by Eric Brosius over Rick Northey by only $8, with two other new players rounding out the foursome. The other 1846 was nearly as close, won by newcomer Mark Leonard by only $80 over Peter Eldridge. The only 1856 game was won easily by Barrington Beavis over Allen Stancius. 1880 made its debut at the WBC, with Bruce Beard scoring a big win over newcomer Richard Goldbaum in a game that had to be adjudicated due to length.

Another 11 tables contested the second preliminary heat, played Saturday afternoon. 47 entrants played all seven games, with returnees winning seven of the eleven contests. Newcomer Anthony Lainesse won his first game easily over Pierre on a bankruptcy in 1830. Vien got his first win at another 1830 table, in a close battle over Henry Dove. Chris Hancock won a close 1830 game over Chris Palermo. Five players squared off at the last 1830 table, where Steve Koleszar scored his second win, with Mark Sciera coming in second. The EU game had five veterans squaring off, and it was Mark Geary edging out Barrington by only $95 for the win. At the 1880 table, newcomer David Leas enjoyed a big edge over Richard Goldbaum, another new player, in a game that had to be stopped for time. The 1856 game had an unusual early bankruptcy, with newcomer Mike Coyne edging Antero by only $78. The 1846 table had five players, with newcomer Ed Rothenheber besting Walt for his first win. At the first 1861 table, newcomer Jeff Tollefson won by a big margin over Peter Eldridge. Bruce got his second win at the other 1861 table, over Jason Ley. Finally, Rick Dutton got his second win at the 1870 table, narrowly beating Jeremy.

Heat 1 Results

1830 Games
(5327)  Akihisa Tabei
(3950) Walt Collins
(3768) Anthony Lainesse
(2251) Pierre LeBoeuf
(2051) Lucas Heinz

(7930)   François de Bellefeuille
(7634) Eric Grondin
(7216) Joshua Gottesman
(4130) Mark Sciera

(8880)   Antero Kuusi
(7752) Frank Visco
(7627) Grant LaDue
(6463) Henry Dove

(4689)   Michael Panzer
(3874) Bruce Hodgins
(3122) Rodney Bacigalupo
(3045)   Bob Mazli

(1387) Craig Reece
(1123) Chris Hancock
(663) James McCarthy
(640) Lane Newbury

1861 Games
(7362)   Steve Koleszar
(6253) Vien Bounma
(6094) Jeff Tollefson
(4946) Glen Pearce

(11284)  Rick Dutton
(8935) Marco Asteriti
(7052) Carolyn Caton
(4583) Kelly Krieble

(8316)   Jeremy Vipperman (8316)
(7205) Mark Geary
(6157) Jason Ley
(5220)   Rich Atwater

1846 Games
(6310)   Eric Brosius
(6302) Rick Northey
(6031) Ed Rothenheber
(5106) Kyle Greenwood

(8682)   Mark Leonard
(8602) Peter Eldridge
(7618) Daniel Leas
(5351) Herbert Gratz

1856 Game
(6967)   Barrington Beavis
(6366) Allen Stancius
(6135) Dan Farrow
(4845) Bill Peeck

1880 Game
(4131)   Bruce Beard
(3225) Richard Goldbaum
(2674) Mike Coyne
(2636) Tom McCorry

The third heat completed Saturday play with seven tables of four players each, playing five of the featured games. Lane Newbury got his first win, edging Aki at one of the 1830 tables. Rick Dutton's third win came easily over Dan Farrow at the second table. Bruce got his third win at the 1880 table over Frank Visco, in the only 1880 game that finished in the allotted time. There were also two 1861 games with newcomer Bart Pisarik taking his first win over Mike Coyne and Glen Pearce his first win over David Leas. At the 18EU table, newcomer Ed Rothenheber recorded his second win, prevailing over François and the other two first-timers from Québec. The last table was 1846, won by Mark Geary in a close tussle with Pierre.

Heat 2 Results

1830 Games
(5348) Anthony Lainesse
(4366) Pierre LeBoeuf
(2866) Bruce Hodgins
(260)    Bob Mazli

(7629) Vien Bounma
(7292) Henry Dove
(6482) James McCarthy
(4314)  François de Bellefeuille

(7161) Chris Hancock
(6717) Chris Palermo
(5334) Eric Grondin
(5113)  Brian Stone

(5807) Steve Koleszar
(5052) Mark Sciera
(4683) Lane Newbury
(4508) Michael Panzer
(2225)  Lucas Heinz

1861 Games
(9167) Jeff Tollefson
(7046) Peter Eldridge
(6620) Rich Atwater
(6471)  Carolyn Caton

(8514) Bruce Beard
(7724) Jason Ley
(5921) Frank Visco
(5866)  Glen Pearce

1846 Game
(5964)   Ed Rothenheber
(5541)   Walt Collins
(5484) Tom McCorryKelly Krieble
(5035)   Kelly Krieble
(4826)   Rick Northey

1880 Game
(3434)   David Leas
(2684) Richard Goldbaum
(1930) Joshua Gottesman
(1149)   Allen Stancius

18EU Game
(5602)   Mark Geary
(5507) Herbert Gratz
(5293) Barrington Beavis
(5293) Marco Asteriti
(4246) Akihisa Tabei

1856 Game
(2192)   Mike Coyne
(2114) Antero Kuusi
(694) Wayne Schmittberger
(210) Bart Pisarik

1870 Game
(8140)   Rick Dutton
(7902) Jeremy Vipperman
(7868) Bill Peeck
(5112) Dan Farrow

The last heat began Sunday morning. The first three sessions already had yielded 22 winners, leaving no guaranteed spots remaining for the semis. 35 players contested three games of 1830, two of 1880 and 1861, an 1846 game, and an 1856 game. In the first 1830 game, Bill Peeck scored his first win, defeating Henry Dove and two other returnees. Mike Coyne got his second win at the second 1830 table, winning by $307 over Vien on Mark Sciera's bankruptcy. Rick Dutton held on by $47 over Jason Levine to complete his preliminaries sweep with his fourth win. Bruce joined him by completing his 4 for 4 preliminaries over Eric Brosius at the 1846 table. In the two four-player 1880 games, Tom McCorry posted a $108 win over David Leas when time expired The other 1880 game was played through to the end, giving Spencer Hamblen his first win over Antero in his only preliminary game. Rick Northey won the 1856 game over Glen, earning his spot in the semis on his third try. There was a 4-player and a 3-player 1861 game with Akihisa notched his second win, edging Kelly Krieble by R139. Pierre won at the 3-player table over Ken, becoming the last eligible player for the semifinals.

Heat 3 Results

1830 Game
(7116) Lane Newbury
(6510) Akihisa Tabei
(6242) Henry Dove
(5864)  Lucas Heinz

(8823) Rick Dutton
(6967) Dan Farrow
(6762) Walt Collins
(5411)  Bob Mazli

1846 Game
(7892) Mark Geary
(7505) Pierre LeBoeuf
(7216) Kelly Krieble
(6771)  Kyle Greenwood

18EU Game
(7581) Ed Rothenheber
(6623) François de Bellefeuille
(4730) Anthony Lainesse
(2639)  Eric Grondin

1861 Game
(8756) Bart Pisarik
(7888) Mike Coyne
(6212) Jeremy Vipperman
(5702)  Allen Stancius

(7225) Glen Pearce
(6545) David Leas
(6148) Vien Bounma
(5454)  Carolyn Caton

1880 Game
(8481) Bruce Beard
(7671) Frank Visco
(7484) Tom McCorry
(5901)  Bill Peeck

Heat 4 Results

1830 Games
(9412) Bill Peeck
(8501) Henry Dove
(8309) Grant LaDue
(7812)  Daniel Barnes

(1768) Mike Coyne
(1461) Vien Bounma
(1253) Lane Newbury
(450)    Mark Sciera

(9131) Rick Dutton
(9084) Jason Levine
(7615) Rodney Bacigalupo
(5638)  James McCarthy

1846 Game
(9515) Bruce Beard
(8751) Eric Brosius
(6831) Bart Pisarik
(6679)  Herbert Gratz

1880 Games
(3569) Tom McCorry
(3461) David Leas
(3414) Carolyn Caton
(2856)  Joshua Gottesman

(8780) Spencer Hamblen
(7319) Antero Kuusi
(7110) Walt Collins
(5506)  Frank Visco

1861 Games
(11246) Pierre LeBoeuf
(9726)  Ken Gutermuth
(9285)  Mark Geary

(5761) Akihisa Tabei
(5622) Kelly Krieble
(5547) Richard Goldbaum
(4933)  Allen Stancius

1856 Game
(6273) Rick Northey
(5842) Glen Pearce
(5454) Wayne Schmittberger
(3165)  Richard Irving

The 39 preliminary games produced two quadruple winners, six double winners (Steve, Ed, Chris H, Mark G, Akihisa, and Mike), and 20 single winners. Seven did not appear for the Sunday afternoon semifinal, leaving 21 winners to compete.

The semifinals were expanded to five games to accommodate all the winners, with four tables of four and one of five. The players were seeded based on the preliminary results and the BPA multiple entry-single elimination tie-breaking criteria. Where players remained tied, they were placed according to their best margin of victory percentage over the runner-up score. Seven-time defending champ Bruce claimed the top seed over Rick by virtue of his sweep and a better margin of victory percentage in his best game. Best margin of victory percentage seeded spots 5-7, 9-17, 18-22, 24-25, and 26-28 ordering the players as shown (no-shows are indicated by dashes in the last column). Only seven players from last year's semifinal made it to this year's expanded semis.

Players were allowed to pick which game to play in the semifinal, with a default of 1830 if the players could not agree. The end result was three 1830 games, an 1856 game, and an 1870 game. The seeding ended up as 1-11-12 and 20 in Game 1 (1830), 2-10-13 and 19 in Game 2 (1870), 3-9-14 and 18 in Game 3 (1830), 4-8-15 and 17 in Game 4 (1856), and 5-6-16 and 21 in the 5-player 1830.

Top 28 Player Rankings and semifinal Seeding

Ranking and Player Preliminary Round Score Semi Seed
1) Bruce Beard Won 4 games, best percentage of 128% 1
2) Rick Dutton Won 4 games, best percentage of 127% 2
3) Steve Koleszar Won 1st & 2nd games, did not show for semifinal ---
4) Akihisa Tabei Won 1st & 4th games 3
5) Ed Rothenheber Won 2nd & 3rd games, best percentage of 114% 4
6) Chris Hancock Won 2nd & 3rd games, best percentage of 106.6% 5
7) Mark Geary Won 2nd & 3rd games, best percentage of 105% 6
8) Mike Coyne Won 2nd & 4th games, best percentage of 121% 7
9) Craig Reece Won 1st game by 123.5%, did not show for semifinal ---
10) Michael Panzer Won 1st game by 121%, did not show for semifinal ---
11) Spencer Hamblen Won 1st game by 119.9% 8
12) Jeremy Vipperman Won 1st game by 115%, did not show for semifinal ---
13) Antero Kuusi Won 1st game by 114.6% 9
14) Barrington Beavis Won 1st game by 109.4%, did not show for semifinal ---
15)François deBellefeuille Won 1st game by 104% 10
16) Mark Leonard Won 1st game by 101%, did not show for semifinal ---
17) Eric Brosius Won 1st game by 100.1% 11
18) Jeff Tollefson Won 2nd game by 130.1% 12
19) David Leas Won 2nd game by 127.4% 13
20) Anthony Lainesse Won 2nd game by 122.5% 14
21) Bart Pisarik Won 2nd game by 107% 15
22) Vien Bounma Won 2nd game by 104.6% 16
23) Glen Pearce Won 3rd game by 110% 17
24) Lane Newbury Won 3rd game by 109%, did not show for semifinal ---
25) Rick Northey Won 3rd game by 107.3% 18
26) Pierre LeBoeuf Won 4th game by 115.6% 19
27) Bill Peeck Won 4th game by 111% 20
28) Tom McCorry Won 4th game by 103.1% 21

The first 1830 semi featured top seed Bruce against returnees Eric and Bill and newcomer Jeff. Bruce scored a $205 win over Eric to keep his win streak intact. At the second table, the GM faced off against his other assistant and two newcomers in the 1870 game. Rick Dutton dominated from the early going, and ran his streak to five wins with a $910 edge over first-time player David. The third board (1830) had an international flavor with four players from as many countries. In the closest game of the round, American Rick Northey used home field advantage to edge Finland's Antero by just $133, with even last place only $697 behind. Table 4 was the 1856 game. The Canadian Government took over four RRs, and with one company never started, that left seven RRs in the endgame. Spencer continued his hot day, winning easily over Glen, to advance. The fifth table was a 5-player 1830 game. Chris Hancock easily bested newcomer Mike and three returnees to play in the Final.

1830 Semifinal Games
(8856) Bruce Beard
(8361) Eric Brosius
(7541) Bill Peeck
(2383)  Jeff Tollefson

(7568) Rick Northey
(7435) Antero Kuusi
(7069) Akihisa Tabei
(6871)  Anthony Lainesse

(6950) Chris Hancock
(6574) Mike Coyne
(5716) Mark Geary
(5402) Tom McCorry
(5113)  Vien Bounma

1856 Semifinal Game
(8441) Spencer Hamblen
(6925) Glen Pearce
(6703) Ed Rothenheber
(6077)  Bart Pisarik

1870 Semifinal Game
(11438) Rick Dutton
(10528) David Leas
(9044) François de Bellefeuille
(8194)  Pierre LeBoeuf

The five semifinal winners advanced to the 1830 Final Sunday night. It matched five returnees (in turn order) Rick Northey, Rick Dutton, Bruce Beard, Spencer Hamblen, and Chris Hancock. Both Bruce and Rick D had swept their four preliminary heats, with Rick N., Chris, and Spencer posting records of 1-2, 1-1, and 1-0, respectively. Bruce had won seven consecutive titles, winning easily over Spencer in the 2011 Final. The other had never reached a Final previously.

In an active private auction, everyone but Spencer bid on the Champlain & St. Lawrence, won by Rick N at $60. Three players (both Ricks and Spencer) bid on the Delaware & Hudson, won by Spencer at $115. Bruce and Rick D bid on the Mohawk & Hudson, with Rick getting it for $160. There were three bidders (Chris, Rick N, and Spencer) on the Camden & Amboy, won by Chris at $230. Bruce triggered the auctions when he took the Schuylkill at cost ($20), and Chris closed the private auction by taking B&O private at cost ($220) as well. Chris set the initial share price of the B&O to $100, and then bought no more shares of it, since he had only $30 remaining. Going first in the stock round, Rick N set the Penn's share price at $82 and opened it. Rick D opened the New Haven at $76 and Bruce opened the C&O at $67. Neither Rick D nor Spencer had enough money to open a company on their own, but when Rick D began buying up C&O shares instead of his own NH shares; Spencer took the NH from him. The Penn, NH, and C&O all floated and began operation in the first round. The NH bought a pair of 2 trains in the first OR, but the other companies bought only one each, setting up a slow start. In the second stock round, the other four shares of the NH were bought (Rick D selling his two C&O shares to do so), but no other action occurred. The second OR broke the train stall when the Penn bought a second 2 train, allowing the NH to buy the last 2 and the first 3. Spencer looted the NH for $140, selling the D&H private to it at double price, leaving it with only $80. 3 The C&O got two 3 trains as a result, but Bruce had only the SV private for sale, netting him an extra $40. The third stock round began with Bruce's pass, followed by Spencer dumping (five shares) the wounded NH back on Rick D (he was only borrowing it), then used the proceeds to take over the B&O and open it. Chris dumped out of the B&O when he couldn't keep it, and opened the B&M at $67. With all the sales in the stock round, the Penn was still able to get the last 3 train. When Spencer ran the B&O for the first time, he had to buy the first 4 train. The B&M went next, and it got the second 4. The remaining privates were sold to companies in the second OR of this set, enabling the players to cash up for the next stock round. Rick D was able to open the New York Central at $76 and Chris opened the Canadian Pacific at $90 in Stock Round 4. The CPR bought the third 4 train on its first operation, enabling the other new company, (Rick D) the NYC to buy the last 4 and the first 5 train. The other 5 trains lasted until the following OR, and were snapped up by Spencer's B&O and Chris' CP. The players got to stock round 5 without getting the first 6 train bought, which meant lots of jockeying for position for that first 6, first diesel, and any stock that looked likely to pay a dividend. Rick N opened the last RR, the Erie, at $76. Rick D dumped the NH on Bruce, and then took the Erie from Rick N when he declined to finish opening it. The Erie operated last in the OR and bought the first 6, beginning the train crunch. The Penn was the first RR left trainless as a result, and Rick N kicked in $383 to get the last 6. The pain was even more pronounced when Bruce had to pay $719 to get the first diesel in the C&O, then had to pay another $860 (and sell six shares to raise the money) to get a diesel in the NH. Chris ran the B&M next, and he paid $938 to get it a train. With the next stock round occurring almost immediately afterwards, several players went into it with little or no money, and Bruce was unable to protect both companies. Rick D was able to takeover the NH from Bruce as a result. With the bankruptcy avoided, it took another two sets of operating rounds (six ORs in all) to break the bank. Spencer had only one company, the B&O, that was earning about a third of Bruce's C&O, but his superior stock valuation was enough to claim a comfortable victory.

semifinalists are ranked by order of finish and percentage of the winning score in their semifinal game. Players who were seeded higher, but did not appear for the semis, are moved down below the semifinalists. Non-qualifying players are ranked by the number of seconds, thirds, etc., as well as when their best result occurred, and finally by the percentage of winning score in their best game.

I would like to thank everyone for coming early again to play in the pre-con, and I hope we can continue to increase our numbers next year. We will vote soon on the format for 2013, as well as what games will be played, and we will be staying in the pre-con. If you would like to participate in the discussion on ways to improve the 18xx tournament in 2013, please send me an email.

Pierre LeBoeuf

1830 Final Rankings

(5438) Spencer Hamblen
(4865) Rick Northey
(4736) Rick Dutton
(4053) Chris Hancock
(3946)  Bruce Beard
6) Antero Kuusi 2nd (98.2%) in semifinal
7) Mike Coyne 2nd (94.6%) in semifinal
8) Eric Brosius 2nd (94.4%) in semifinal
9) David Leas 2nd (92%) in semifinal
10) Glen Pearce 2nd (82%) in semifinal
11) Akihisa Tabei 3rd (93.4%) in semifinal
12) Bill Peeck 3rd (85.3%) in semifinal
13) Mark Geary 3rd (82.2%) in semifinal
14) Ed Rothenheber 3rd (79.4%) in semifinal
15) François de Bellefeuille 3rd (79%) in semifinal
16) Anthony Lainesse 4th (90.8%) in semifinal
17) Tom McCorry 4th (77.7%) in semifinal
18) Bart Pisarik 4th (72.0%) in semifinal
19) Pierre LeBoeuf 4th (71.6%) in semifinal
20) Jeff Tollefson 4th (26.4%) in semifinal
21) Vien Bounma 5th (73.6%) in semifinal
22) Steve Koleszar Won 2 preliminaries, did not show for semifinal
23) Craig Reece Won only preliminary (123.5%), did not show for semifinal
24) Michael Panzer Won 1st preliminary (121%), did not show for semifinal
25) Jeremy Vipperman Won 1st preliminary (115%), did not show for semifinal
26) Barrington Beavis Won 1st preliminary (109.4%), did not show for semifinal
27) Mark Leonard Won only preliminary (101%), did not show for semifinal
28) Lane Newbury Won 3rd preliminary (109%), did not show for semifinal
29) Peter Eldridge Placed 2nd (99%) in only two preliminaries
30) Walt Collins Placed 2nd in first two preliminaries (92.9%)
31) Richard Goldbaum Placed 2nd in first two preliminaries (78.2%)
32) Frank Visco Placed 2nd in 1st & 3rd preliminaries
33) Henry Dove Placed 2nd in 2nd & 4th preliminaries
34) Jason Levine Placed 2nd in only preliminary (99%)
35) Eric Grondin Placed 2nd in 1st preliminary (96%)
36) Chris Palermo Placed 2nd in only preliminary (93.8%)
37) Allen Stancius Placed 2nd in 1st preliminary (91.4%)
38) Ken Gutermuth Placed 2nd in only preliminary (86.5%)
39) Bruce Hodgins Placed 2nd in 1st preliminary (83%)
40) Marco Asteriti Placed 2nd in 1st preliminary (79.2%)
41) Jason Ley Placed 2nd in 2nd preliminary (90.7%)
42) Mark Sciera Placed 2nd in 2nd preliminary (87%)
43) Dan Farrow Placed 2nd in 3rd preliminary (79%)
44) Kelly Krieble Placed 2nd in 4th preliminary (97.6%)
45) Joshua Gottesman Placed 3rd in first two preliminaries (91%)
46) Grant LaDue Placed 3rd in only two preliminaries (88.2%)
47) Wayne Schmittberger Placed 3rd in only two preliminaries (86.9%)
48) Jim McCarthy Placed 3rd in first two preliminaries (85%)
49) Rodney Bacigalupo Placed 3rd in only two preliminaries (83%)
50) Carolyn Caton Placed 3rd in 1st & 4th preliminaries (95.7%)
51) Herbert Gratz Placed 3rd in 2nd preliminary (94.5%)
52) Rich Atwater Placed 3rd in 2nd preliminary (72.2%)
53) Lucas Heinz Placed 4th in three preliminaries (84%)
54) Bob Mazli Placed 4th in three preliminary (65%)
55) Kyle Greenwood Placed 4th in only two preliminaries (86%)
56) Daniel Barnes Placed 4th in only preliminary (83%)
57) Brian Stone Placed 4th in only preliminary (71.4%)
58) Richard Irving Placed 4th in only preliminary (50.4%)

Final Ranking

Bruce Beard stands to defend his seven-year reign atop the 18XX charts to no avail as Spencer Hamblen and three other finalists ended his streak. GM Pierre LeBoeuf poses with his five finalists hailing from four different states. The pre-con format drew its biggest field since 1994 when 1830 was part of Avaloncon.

 GM      Pierre LeBoeuf  [12th Year]  NA
    PierreLeBoeuf@verizon.net   NA

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