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Updated 11/17/2011

2011 WBC Report  

 2012 Status: pending 2012 GM commitment

Cary Morris, NC

2011 Champion



Event History
2009    Christopher Ellis     124
2010    Marvin Birnbaum     120
2011    Cary Morris     159

PBeM Event History
2010    Eric Freeman     23

Euro Quest Event History
2010    Sceadeau D'Tela     45
2011    Virginia Colin     68

 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Cary Morris        NC    11     82
   2.  Eric Freeman       PA    11     40
   3.  Marvin Birnbaum    NY    10     40
   4.  Christopher Ellis  FL    09     40
   5.  Virginia Colin     VA    11     34
   6.  Nicholas Henning   DC    11     30
   7.  Rod Bacigalupo     MD    11     30
   8.  Sceadeau D'Tela    NC    11     23
   9.  Raphael Lehrer     CA    11     22
  10.  Scott Marcotte     NY    10     16
  11.  Henry Dove         MD    10     16
  12.  Lexi Shea          CT    09     16
  13.  Greg Thathcer      CA    11     15
  14.  Cliff Ackman       PA    11     12
  15.  Anne Norton        NJ    10     12
  16.  Scott Fenn         MD    10     12
  17.  Stefan Mecay       TX    10     12
  18.  Jeffrey Senley     PA    09     12
  19.  Dan Eppolito       CA    11     10
  20.  Bill Zurn          CA    11      9
  21.  Aran Warszawski    is    10      8
  22.  Eugene Yee         MD    10      6
  23.  Haim Hochboim      is    10      6
  24.  Deb Yaure          PA    11      5
  25.  David Duncan       PA    10      4
  26.  Marty Hoff         TX    09      4
  27.  Larry Loiacono     PA    10      2
  28.  Kevin Wojtaszczyk  NY    10      2

2011 Laurelists                                                   Returning Larelists:

Nicholas Henning, DC

Eric Freeman, VA

Greg Thatcher, CA

Dan Eppolito, CA

Deb Yaure, PA

Past Winners

Chris Ellis, FL

Marvin Birnbaum, NY

Cary Morris, NC

Jenna Sunderlin and Brian Carr are just two of 84 players in the Monday heat.

Another wargamer sells out to the Euros ... Nicholson, turn in your helmet!

Double Winners Only ...

The tournament got off to a rousing start by attracting 84 players for the Monday heat. Three heats later, that number nearly doubled in a grueling format that used two rounds in each heat with a combination of early morning and late-night starts to suit every taste. Special thanks to Kathy Stroh, the previous GM, who helped at critical registration times.

13 players qualified automatically for the semi-finals with consecutive wins in one heat - a new and unique form of advancement qualification to be sure. One opted for other diversions, leaving exactly 12 to advance, much to the dismay of the alternates on hand who were hoping to fill a fourth table. Starvation was the clear winning strategy in the preliminaries, but proved far less successful when opposed by a table of double win qualifiers. Two of the three semis were won via culture symbols (green background) civilization cards.

The Final matched four very strong players with 20 titles between them for the one-of-a-kind World Champion leather cup. Cary Morris, whose resume was the least cluttered with past titles, was nonetheless the ranking laurelist in this game. While each was tempted to use the starvation strategy, they knew this would make them a target for the other players. After a few turns, Nick nonetheless decided to starve. Eric settled for a balanced strategy. Greg tried blitzing to stop the starver. Dice rolls began improbably poorly around the table, until Nick started a ritual of cup-contained roll, stroking his chin, and revealing the dice. Cary elaborated the ritual to great effect.

Throughout, the game remained too close to call. The final scores were extremely tight: 143, 135, 135, and 134. Cary won with a very balanced strategy, generating 81 board points, six culture cards for 36 points, five points for five tools, five for five huts, 12 on six people, and four leftover resources. It netted him his third WBC title.

Brian Mountford, Tom McCorry, Roni Breza and Shira Levy.

The finalists attempt a luring pose but fail badly.

2011 Euro Quest Laurelists

Virginia Colin, VA

Raphael Lehrer, CA

Cliff Ackman, PA

Bill Zurn, CA

Rodney Bacigalupo, MD

 GM      Eric Engelmann  [1st Year]   6829 Needwood Rd., Derwood, MD 20855   240-683-5949

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