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Updated 11/17/2011

2011 WBC Report  

 2012 Status: pending 2012 GM commitment

Harry Flawd, PA

2011 Champion



Event History
1991    Mike Ryan      21
1992    John Brandeberry        9
1993    Mike Ellsworth      16
1994    Randy Cox      16
1996    Jon Diminnie      11
1997    Henry Richardson        8
1998    Harry Flawd III        9
1999    Randy Cox     18
2000    Carl Coscia     20
2001    Mike Hazel     24
2002    Ken Samuel     20
2003    Gordon Elgart     18
2004    Chris Palermo     22
2005    Harry Flawd     19
2006    Mark Giddings     36
2007    Harry Flawd     40
2008    Rich Moyer     42
2009    Rich Moyer     52
2010    Rich Moyer     39
2011    Harry Flawd     39

Rank  Name               From  Last  Total
  1.  Rich Moyer          MN    11    174
  2.  Harry Flawd         PA    11    146
  3.  Bill Beckman        SC    11     68
  4.  Chris Palermo       NY    04     47
  5.  Terry Coleman       CA    10     44
  6.  Mark Giddings       NY    06     40
  7.  Randy Cox           SC    05     28
  8.  Ken Samuel          VA    02     28
  9.  Devin Flawd         PA    07     22
 10.  John Welage         OH    08     20
 11.  Gordon Elgart       CA    03     20
 12.  Mike Hazel          SC    01     20
 13.  Carl Coscia         DC    00     20
 14.  Jacob Hebner        CO    11     16
 15.  Ilan Woll           CT    06     16
 16.  Henry Richardson IIIVA    00     14
 17.  Roderick Lee        CA    11     12
 18.  Doug Galullo        FL    09     12
 19.  Bob Menzel          VT    08     12
 20.  John Tighe          NJ    05     12
 21.  Ken Richards        SC    04     12
 22.  John Emery          SC    02     12
 23.  Jared Scarborough   IL    01     12
 24.  James Terry         NJ    07      9
 25.  Francis Beaudet     qc    11      8
 26.  Mike Lam            CA    10      8
 27.  Bill Ashbaugh       NY    09      8
 28.  Brian Stone         NY    06      8
 29.  Dave Gantt          SC    05      8
 30.  Greg Berry          VA    05      8
 31.  Greg Schmittgens    KS    04      8
 32.  Bob Jamelli         PA    03      8
 33.  Ralph Gleaton       SC    01      8
 34.  Steve Vance         MI    05      6
 35.  Pete Putnam         PA    04      6
 36.  Michael Destro      NJ    02      6
 37.  Ben Goldstein       SC    99      6
 38.  Joe Gandara         AZ    10      4
 39.  Andy Lewis          DE    08      4
 40.  Erick Young         SC    01      4
 41.  Darren Velez        NY    00      4
 42.  John Coussis        IL    07      3
 43.  Dan Dolan Sr        NJ    04      2
 44.  Joe Haardt          VA    03      2
 45.  Bill Cleary         MD    99      1

2011 Laurelists                                        Repeating Laurelists:

Richard Moyer, MN

Jacob Hebner, CO

Bill Beckman, SC

Francis Beaudet, qc

Roderick Lee, CA

Past Winners

Randy Cox, SC
1994, 1999

Jon Diminnie, TN

Harry Flawd ,PA
1998, 2005, 2007, 2011

Carl Coscia, DC

Mike Hazel, SC

Ken Samuel, VA

Gordon Elgart, CA

Chris Palermo, NY

Mark Giddings, NY

Richard Moyer, MN

Doug Galullo gets scalped by Bill Beckman's Indians.

So many teams to choose from ... Mark Love can't decide.

The Nation's Pastime ...

Once again, Superstar Baseball held steady with 39 managers, although the total number of games played dipped slightly. This was a disappointing result, considering - for the first time ever - all teams from history were available to be selected.

The tournament continued with the new format change from two years prior - rather than a week-long free-form tournament, each 'day,' beginning with Tuesday evening, was its own heat. Each heat was still free-form; but each day reset, and each day's heat would advance its own winner and runner-up, to round the playoff field to eight.

With such a wide range of teams, some powerhouse squads were, unfortunately, underachievers. The 1924 Washington Senators, for example, struggled to score 40 runs in 20 games. They were shut out six times and scored 1 run in three other games. They had some highs - stealing 11 bases in a 3-1 victory - but also some lows - against the 1937 Yankees, the two pitchers engaged in a duel for the ages, with both ending the game with a 1-hitter. Unfortunately, for the Senators, the one hit came after a walk, and it was a 2-run blast by Joe DiMaggio (followed by four consecutive walks, to add insult to injury, in a 3-0 loss).

The eight teams making the playoffs (sorted by winning percentage) were: 1) Rich Moyer (1902 Pittsburgh Pirates); 2) Bill Beckman (1997 Cleveland Indians); 3) Harry Flawd (2004 Boston Red Sox), 4) Jacob Hebner (2007 Colorado Rockies); 5) Francis Beaudet (1981 Montreal Expos); 6) James Terry (1969 Seattle Pilots); 7) Johnny Wilson (1963 Los Angeles Dodgers); 8) Roderick Lee (2009 Los Angeles Dodgers).

Rich Moyer continued his run as the team to beat - even with a new team he still had a perfect 13-0 record in the two heats he played. Perennial contender Bill Beckman was edged out in the first heat, when Jacob Hebner's Rockies scored more points than Beckman's Indians, forcing Beckman to play in Saturday's heat just to qualify for the playoffs.

Unlike previous years, where Moyer's teams were unique for their amazing offensive displays, this year, Moyer's teams were less spectacular in their stats - possibly a foreboding sign for the three-time defending champion.

In the first round of the playoffs, Beaudet's Expos and Lee's Dodgers emerged triumphant. In the second round, Beaudet was dispatched by Hebner's Rockies, while Lee's Dodgers ran into the Harry Flawd Buzzsaw, as Pedro Martinez held the Dodgers at bay (with a masterful 8-hit, 1-walk, 12-strikeout performance) and Flawd emerged triumphant 5-3.

Hebner's luck would expire in the next round against the top flight contenders, as Moyer flexed his muscles and started his trek towards a fourth straight title. Moyer had a predictable 5-0 lead going into the seventh inning, when Hebner's Rockies put together four runs in two innings, to raise a rare sweat in Moyer-ville. Yet, for the fifth time in six years, Rich would be in the Final.

On the other side of the bracket, Flawd's Red Sox (behind Curt Schilling's not-quite-as-good-as Pedro's performance (nine hits, two walks, 11 strikeouts) were taking down Beckman's Indians. In an interesting twist, the '04 Manny Ramirez's first inning two-run blast was the difference maker over the '97 Manny Ramirez's 2-3 with a walk performance. Flawd headed back to the Finals with a 5-4 win over the Indians.

Of course, this meant Flawd had neither ace for the Final. Instead, Bronson Arroyo took the hill for the Sox, versus Jack Chesbro (a 28-6 pitcher for the '02 Pirates). With one out in the first inning, Nomar Garciaparra blasted a solo shot, and two batters later, with Ramirez on first, David Ortiz added to the lead, making the score 3-0. In the bottom of the third, the Pirates chipped away with a run. The teams then traded runs in the fifth, making the score 4-2. Finally, in the top of the eighth , the Sox tacked on three more runs, to give them a 7-2 lead, before adding another pair of runs in the ninth. All the Pirates could muster was an infield single in response.

Moyer's quest for a fourth straight title came up abruptly short, while Flawd earned his fourth overall title (and first since 2007).

Mike Lam and James Bell enjoy the nation's pastime a lot more than real Oriole fans have of late. Bird fans need to remember the Palmer-Robinson era for their high.

Harry proved this was indeed "fantasy" baseball by leading his Red Sox to an upset of the Moyer dynasty in the year of the actual Sox collapse for the ages.
 GM      Chris Palermo [6th Year]   NA   NA

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