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Updated 11/17/2011

2011 WBC Report  

 2012 Status: pending 2012 GM commitment

Charles Hickok, PA

2011 Champion



Event History
2005    Arthur Field     125
2006    Anne Norton     106
2007    Chris Robbins     114
2008    Norman Herrick     106
2009    Curt Collins II     115
2010    Arthur Field       80
2011    Charles Hickok     114

Euro Quest Event History
2005    Peter Staab     32
2006    Tom McCorry     44
2007    Thomas Browne     30
2008    Tom DeMarco     39
2009    Ted Bohaczuk     46
2010    Mike Turian     42
2011    Vien Bounma     47

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Arthur Field       SC    10    102
  2.  Tom DeMarco        NJ    10     87
  3.  Anne Norton        NJ    08     60
  4.  Chris Robbins      UT    07     52
  5.  Randy Buehler      WA    11     50
  6.  Charles Hickok     PA    11     40
  7.  Curt Collins II    PA    09     40
  8.  Norman Herrick     NE    08     40
  9.  Vien Bounma        NJ    11     39
 10.  Tom Browne         PA    07     38
 11.  Peter Staab        PA    06     38
 12.  Mike Turian        WA    10     30
 13.  Tom McCorry        VA    06     30
 14.  Cliff Ackman       PA    11     28
 15.  Jason Levine       NY    11     24
 16.  Cary Morris        NC    08     24
 17.  Joe Harrison       KY    07     24
 18.  Michael Fox        IL    06     24
 19.  Norman Rule        MD    11     20
 20.  Robert Cranshaw    RI    09     20
 21.  Ted Bohaczuk       PA    09     20
 22.  Steven Schroeder         11     18
 23.  Gordon Rodgers     PA    07     16
 24.  Debbie Davidson    NE    06     16
 25.  David Fox          NY    05     16
 26.  Perrianne Lurie    PA    08     15
 27.  Eric Brosius       MA    10     14
 28.  Lawrence Solomon   VA    11     12
 29.  Mark Globus        WA    11     12
 30.  Steve Shambeda     PA    10     12
 31.  Rob Flowers        MD    08     12
 32.  Michael Kaltman    PA    07     12
 33.  Mike Hazel         SC    07     12
 34.  Kathy Stroh        DE    06     12
 35.  Alan Kaiser        OH    05     12
 36.  Rodney Davidson    AZ    11      9
 37.  Chris Gnech        PA    10      9
 38.  Lee Mewshaw        MD    10      9
 39.  Richard Shay       MA    09      8
 40.  Michael Richey     VA    07      8
 41.  Jay Fox            NJ    06      8
 42.  Jeff Mullet        OH    05      8
 43.  Tom Wade           IN    05      8
 44.  Kerrin Addis       CA    09      6
 45.  Greg Rogers        MD    07      6
 46.  Pete Stein         OH    05      6
 47.  Amy Rule           MD    09      4
 48.  Virginia Colin     VA    08      4
 49.  Kevin Brown        GA    08      4
 50.  Tom Dunning        NY    07      4
 51.  Daniel Eppolito    CA    07      4
 52.  Blair Morgen       NJ    06      4
 53.  Ted Mullally       NJ    05      4
 54.  Lori Miskoff       NJ    11      3
 55.  Sceadeau D'Tela    NC    10      3
 56.  J. J. Jaskiewicz   MD    07      2
 57.  Andrew Gerb        MD    05      2

2011 Laurelists                                               Repeating Laurelists:

Jason Levine, NY

Cliff Ackman, PA

Mark Globus, WA

Randy Buehler, WA

Lawrence Solomon, VA

Past Winners

Arthur Field, SC
2005, 2010

Anne Norton, NJ

Chris Robbins, UT

Norman Herrick, NE

Curt Collins II, PA
Monday, Monday ...

I took up the GM reins again (after a four-year absence) because it appeared no one was going to volunteer. A while after submitting the GM form I heard that Don was asking if GMs wanted to have an extra heat on Monday evening. As there is usually a dearth of events I am interested in playing on Monday evening, I bit. So there I was on Monday evening, well prepared (I thought) for an expected 24-40 participants for the first heat. I was surprised when the signup line started growing faster than I could get folks signed in, and stretched out through the entrance of Ballroom B. Eventually, 76 players later, almost as many as the entire field for 2010, we got started! Luckily, the game fits quite comfortably in its two-hour timeslot, and I had enough score sheets printed (at least for the first heat) and cards from a game (Sticheln) that had enough different numbers in four colors to get people seated fairly quickly at 19 boards with plenty of time to play.

Among the games in the first heat, Norman Rule got an all-important win-in-first-heat-played with the highest score in a 4-player game at 117 points, including a Mistress of Ceremonies (M), an Observatory (O), and 45 points from nine unique orange cards. Cliff Ackman barely won his game with 97 points and a 3 ruble to 0 ruble tiebreaker over Thomas Browne (MO) who got 55 points for ten unique orange cards. Joel Lytle won his game with 46 points, the lowest winning score in the first round. After the first heat, all I could tell people about advancing to the semi-final was that, with 19 entrants already who had won in their first heat played, that it was extremely unlikely that any non-winners would advance, and if you didn't win in the first heat you played, you most likely would need two wins to advance.

Before the second heat on Wednesday afternoon I made sure to get 20 more score sheets copied from my master copy by the Lancaster Host staff, and it looked like I was going to need them as 36 players returned joined by 24 new players to make a second heat of 60. From these 15 games, Kathy Stroh, Randy Buehler, Cliff Ackman and Joel Lytle each emerged with their second win, Joel winning with even fewer points (42) than in his first victory, and Kathy winning on a tie breaker (six rubles to two) over Eric Monte. Of the other 11 winners, five were first-heat-played wins, meaning that at this point there were four two-heat winners, 20 first-heat-played winners and six second-heat-played wins. After this heat I was telling those that asked that for a player to advance without multiple wins they would probably need a first-heat-played win plus a good average finishing position for all the heats (heats that a player didn't play in were counted as finishing between second and third, or second-and-a-half).

By Thursday morning, with dozens of other events running opposition, "only" 38 players (ten first-timers and 28 returnees) appeared for the third heat. The ten games played yielded four more players (Mark Globus, Tom McCorry, William Hoch, and Charles Hickock) with a second win, two more a first-heat-played win, and four players (including the GM) a not-first-heat-played win. At this point there were eight double winners, 21 first-heat-played winners, and seven other winners; I started telling folks that they might need two wins to advance.

For the final heat on Thursday the count was down to 32 players for an even eight tables. Joel became the only triple winner, five more players (Marcy Morelli, Pei-Hsin Lin, Norman, Lawrence Solomon, and Eric Brosius) became double winners, Steve Scott got a first-heat-played win, and Peter Staab got a not-first-heat-played win. So after four heats 38 people were "eligible" for 16 spots in the semi-final.

On Friday afternoon 20 of those 38 appeared for the semi-final: triple winner Joel, eleven of the 13 double winners (Randy, Cliff, Tom McCorry, Lawrence, Charles, William, Pei-Hsin, Marcy, Norman, Eric, and Mark), and eight winners. Of the single-heat winners Drew DuBoff, Chad Gormly, Ted Bohaczuk, and Jason Levine all had first-heat-played wins and the best average finishes and got to advance while the GM (and two-time runner-up) could only stand around and watch. In the four semi-final games Charles (MO) beat Joel, Norman (O) and William; Cliff (MO) surpassed Thomas, Chad and Marcy (O); Mark outscored Pei-Hsin, Lawrence, and Ted; while Jason (O) won on a 1 to 0 ruble tie breaker over Randy (M), Drew (MO) and Eric. Randy took fifth place laurels and Lawrence sixth due to the closeness of their respective defeats.

Jason made a good showing during the Final, picking up 41 points and leading at game end over Cliff with 32, Charles with 24 and Mark with 18. Mark and Cliff gained an extra point for having 10 rubles remaining, but as usual, it all came down to unique orange cards. Jason and Cliff gained ten points each for four orange cards, Mark got 21 for six, but Charles gathered seven orange cards for 28 points, giving him a total of 52 and a one-point win over Jason. Cliff was third with 43 and Mark had 40. It was also Charles first WBC championship since 2002.

I will probably not return as GM for this event in 2012. Things I would change for next year are counting a heat no-show as the equivalent of a full loss (to encourage folks to play more heats), and an (even simpler) score sheet. Also, there was a lot of discussion about the power of the (especially first-turn) Mistress of Ceremonies. I would like to hear from people about the possibility of making the game expansion optional for the tournament next year. The problem is that there may not be enough copies of the expansion brought for the number of folks that want to use it. I would like to hear from people on this question and will send the results to whoever takes the GM reins in 2012.

2011 Euro Quest Laurelists

Vien Bounma, NJ

Norman Rule, MD

Rodney Davidson, AZ

Randy Buehler, WA

Lori Miskoff, NJ

 GM      Tom DeMarco  [3rd Year]   720 Wood Ln, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077-3976   NA

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