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2011 WBC Report  

  2012 Status: pending December Membership Trial Vote
Sean McCulloch, OH
2011 Champion


  GMT Games

Event History
2001    Peter Staab     54
2002    Kevin Youells     36
2003    Ken Gutermuth     44
2004    Arthur Field     44
2005    Arthur Field     48 
2006    Thomas Browne     52
2007    Bruce Reiff     40
2008    Bruce Reiff     45
2009    Bruce Reiff     40
2010    Bruce Reiff     48
2011    Sean McCulloch     40

Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
  1.  Bruce Reiff        OH    11     97
  2.  Arthur Field       SC    09     52
  3.  Sean McCulloch     OH    11     44
  4.  Aaron Fuegi        MA    09     44
  5.  Kevin Youells      FL    10     36
  6.  Ken Gutermuth      TX    05     36
  7.  Barrington Beavis  uk    11     30
  8.  Peter Staab        PA    01     30
  9.  Chris Yaure        PA    11     22
 10.  Jason Levine       NY    10     20
 11.  Thomas Browne      PA    06     20
 12.  Jonathan Miller    DC    02     18
 13.  John Leggat        CA    01     18
 14.  James Tyne         NJ    07     18
 15.  Kate Taillon       SC    09     16
 16.  Bill Banks         KY    07     12
 17.  Mike Nagel         NJ    05     12
 18.  Andrew Cummins     uk    01     12
 19.  Cliff Ackman       PA    01      9
 20.  Eric Filipkowski   MD    11      8
 21.  Craig Melton       VA    10      8
 22.  Greg Kulp          NJ    07      8
 23.  Keith Schoose      CA    05      8
 24.  Austin Walzl       VA    08      6
 25.  Andy Latto         MA    06      6
 26.  Richard Irving     CA    04      6
 27.  Carol Caler        PA    03      6
 28.  Kaarin Engelmann   VA    01      6
 29.  Rob Kircher        RI    11      4
 30.  Rob Kilroy         PA    10      4
 31.  Eric Kleist        MD    08      4
 32.  Brad Raszewski     MD    07      4
 33.  Alan Kaiser        OH    06      4
 34.  Stuart Tucker      MD    04      4
 35.  Lance Fogel        PA    03      3
 36.  Gordon Elgart      CA    01      3
 37.  Steve Raszewski    PA    10      2
 38.  Joseph Yaure       PA    09      2
 39.  David Burkey       PA    08      2
 40.  Mike Stanley       OH    06      2
 41.  Tom Powell-Bullock OH    05      2
 42.  Laurie Wojtaszcyk  NY    04      2

2011 Laurelists                                               Repeating Laurelists:

Barrington Beavis, uk

Eric Filipkowski, MD

Chris Yaure, PA

Robert Kircher, RI

Bruce Reiff, OH

Past Winners

Peter Staab, PA

Kevin Youells, FL

Ken Gutermuth, TX

Arthur Field, SC
2004, 2005

Tom Browne, PA

Bruce Reiff, OH

Sean McCulloch, OH

Phil Rennert passes through pod play with a 3-0 slate. Jeff Mullet and Peter Eldridge complete the round robin pod matches in the background.

Huston Johnson and Erik Arneson battle it out. Behind them, Barrington Beavis loses to Nicole Reiff. He would redeem himself against the elder Reiff later.

Where are the Lollipop Guild When You Need Them?

40 players - the same number we've had in the last three odd-numbered years - yielded ten group winners to advance to the elimination rounds. This year proved unusual in that only three of the ten - Chris Yaure, Sean McCulloch and Bruce Reiff - made it through the preliminaries unscathed with three wins. Four of the 2-1 players therefore needed to survive a play-in round to make the elite eight.

In the first playoff game Barrington Beavis defeated Gordon Rodgers. Barrington's only defeat heretofore came at the hands of Nicole Reiff. Unfortunately for her dad, that proved to be the only Reiff that had his number. In the other qualifying game Rob Kircher downed Dan Strock.

This set up quarter-finals of Barrington vs Reiff, Eric Filipkowski vs Andy Latto, Phil Rennert vs Chris Yaure and McCulloch vs Kircher. There were 96 championship plaques spread amongst the ten qualifiers, showing that while Battleline is a simple game to learn, there is an element of skill involved. Of course, Bruce had nearly half of those himself.

McCulloch remained unbeaten while slipping past Kircher. Meanwhile, Yaure set up a clash of the unbeatens in the next round by dispatching wargamer extraordinaire Rennert.

In the upper half of the bracket Filipkowski sent Euro master Latto packing. But in the game of the day, heck the game of the decade in some quarters, Barrington crushed the plaque king and thereby gained gaming immortality and Greenwood's eternal gratitude as the man who ended "the streak". Not just the defending champion's four-year Battleline streak, but his "win-at-least-one-title-every year" streak which had gone on since the beginning of time. Bruce had the traitor, deserter and fog and STILL couldn't manage to win. Outside in the corridor, Don Greenwood was doing his happy dance, because with this defeat, followers of "the streak" knew that this year Bruce was truly vulnerable. The only thing missing was a parade of munchkins breaking into chorus with "The Wicked Witch is Dead".

In the semis, Barrington continued his roll by dispatching Eric Filipkowski and in the battle of unbeatens, perennial Battleline bridesmaid McCulloch denied Yaure. In the Final, the Barrington train ran out of steam and Sean pulled off a rare win for Cabbies in 2011. If Bruce didn't win, he could at least take solace in that he can visit "his" Battleline plaque since it now resides just a few miles from his house in Columbus!

Sean McCulloch tops Chase Johnson en route to a 6-0 record and his first Battleline title.

Lyman Moquin battles 2006 champ Thomas Browne. Behind them, Chris Moffa and Andy Latto complete pod play.
 GM      Bruce Reiff  [8th Year]  NA   NA

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