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Updated 11/11/2011
2011 WBC Report  

 2012 Status: pending December Membership Trial Vote
Joseph Belyeu, AL
2010-11 Champion



Event History
2004    Bruce Young     48
2005    Richard Irving     33
2006    George Deutsch     33
2007    George Deutsch     41
2008    George Deutsch     29
2009    Richard Irving     32
2010    Joseph Belyeu     49
2011    Joseph Belyeu     36

 Rank Name              From  Last  Total
   1. George Deutsch     MD    11     64
   2. Richard Irving     CA    11     64
   3. Grant LaDue        NY    11     60
   4. Joseph Belyeu      AL    11     46
   5. Bruce Young        SC    07     26
   6. Chris Villeneuve   MI    08     22
   7. Michael Schoose    IL    09     20
   8. Doug Porterfield   VA    10     18
   9. William Burch      MD    11     14
  10. Dan Lawall         WA    06     14
  11. Phil Barcafer      PA    05     12
  12. Ray Stakenas Jr    MI    10     10
  13. Bill Ashbaugh      NY    09     10
  14. Paul Weintraub     MD    04      8
  15. Craig Yope         MI    09      8
  16. Ray Stakenas Sr    MI    05      6
  17. Kevin Brown        GA    06      4
  18. James Pei          TX    04      4
  19. Noah Engelmann     MD    11      4
  20. David Zande        MI    08      2

2011 Laurelists                                        Repeating Laurelists 

Grant LaDue, NY

Richard Irving, CA

William Burch, MD

George Deutsch, MD

Noah Engelmann, MD

Past Winners

Bruce Young, SC

Richard Irving, CA
2005, 2009

George Deutsch, MD

Joseph Belyeu, AL

The skies were not as crowded this year but that didn't stop Bill Watkins.

Defending champ Joe Belyeu records a kill over Noah Engelmann in the round robin playoffs.

Curses! Foiled Again ...

Engines roared again at the WBC aerodrome. Pilots from around the world came and flew the Sopwith Camel and Fokker DR1. Many took advantage of the format allowing dogfights throughout the Host at any time. The circuses were also well attended with new pilots learning or relearning how to fly. Fabio Pellegrimio provided his Italian accent and stories to the Wednesday Circus. He learned the game in the 80's and was pleased to see it still in action during the convention. Shawn Dorsey had a tough learning session with many dogfights against the top pilots, but learning all the while and registering four wins in his last seven flights. If only the real pilots had the luxury of living through such on-the-job training lessons.

The Championship Circus was a round-robin of the top six qualifiers. After a week of flying, the finalists included the last three former champions. Defending champ Joe Belyeu entered the Final as the highest qualifier with an average flight of 4.48, which means he shot down many during the week while being downed himself only four times ... three of those being dual shootdowns. Previous champions joining the Final were George Deutsch and Richard Irving with average dogfights of 3.67 and 3.06, respectively. Joining them was Bill Burch, the second qualifier, Grant Ladue, the third qualifier, and Noah Engelman. With a few issues being raised on the type of flying available in the basic game, the Final added several rules to aid in avoiding those situations that lead to extended games and possible deadlocks. Both modifications were provided to the finalists at the beginning of the Circus. The modifications will be reviewed during the year and possibly added to the full week rules for next year.

Grant jumped out fast in Round 1 with a quick victory over Bill and one of only two whitewashes in the Final. The defending champ faced 3-time title holder George in this round and Joe came away with a difficult, but huge, 6.5 to 1.5 victory. Richard defeated Noah 7-3.

Joe remained strong in Round 2 with a 6-4 defeat of Noah. George rediscovered his flying wings but it was not enough against Bill as George fell 8.5-7.5 as the overtime rules kicked in for the first time with dogfights continuing until a pilot is shot down. Grant and Richard tested the overtime rule severely as they battled to a 9-all standoff, before Grant ended it with a 2-point shot.

Joe and 2009 champ Richard met in the third round. They started quick with the infamous page 20, head-on double shot for a 2-2 start. Richard found a second close shot for the lead and after a fair trade of shots, Richard found victory as he ended with page 20 again and a 6.5-4.5 win. Meanwhile, Grant topped George 7-5 as Bill downed Noah 7-4.

In Round 4 Joe returned to his winning ways with a 6-4 decision over Bill. George took the measure of Richard in an even closer 6-5 contest as Grant continued his winning ways with a 6-2 downing of Noah.

George scored a 6-0 shutout of Noah and Richard took a 6-5 victory over Bill to complete another year at the aerodrome. But in the final round, the title came down to defending champion Joe and perennial contender Grant's climactic duel. It started in one-sided fashion as Joe shot to a commanding 4-point lead. Grant rebounded with a 2-point shot as Joe tried too hard for the kill. The two then settled in for an extended dogfight as caution took priority. Finally, Joe found the maneuver to get a kill shot and win 6-2 for a successful defense of his title while Grant - in true Snoopy fashion - cursed the Red Baron with his fifth straight runner-up finish.

Bill Burch has another victim in his sights.

Kaarin Engelmann does her Amelia Earhart reinactment again.
 GM      Doug Porterfield  [6th Year]   12881 Darnick Court, Bristow, VA 20136   703-369-3235

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