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Updated 11/15/2011
2011 WBC Report  

 2011 Status: pending 2012 GM commitment
Matthew Beach MD
2011 Champion



Event History
2011    Matthew Beach     170

Euro Quest Event History
2011    Bill Zurn     80

 Rank  Name              From  Last  Total
   1.  Matthew Beach      MD    11     50
   2.  Bill Zurn          CA    11     30
   3.  Dominic Blais      qc    11     30
   4.  Robbie Mitchell    VA    11     20
   5.  Randy Buehler      WA    11     18
   6.  Chris Terrell      VA    11     15
   7.  Alyssa Poletti     NJ    11     12
   8.  Ken Schlosser      PA    11     10
   9.  Rodney Davidson    AZ    11      9
  10.  Chris Gnech        PA    11      6
  11.  Karl Henning       VT    11      5
  12.  Jacob Nixon        WV    11      3

2011 Laurelists                                             

Dominic Blais, qc

Robbie Mitchell, VA

Chris Terrell, VA

Ken Schlosser, PA

Karl Henning, VT

Ast. GM Brian Carr has a full house for his demo.

Spotted in the crowd: Sara Beach, Dave Platnick, and Rob Kircher

Spotted in the crowd: Claire Brosius, Jim Garvey and Vassili Kyrkos

Spotted in the crowd: Evan Davis and Kate Forman

Wonders Abound ...

7 Wonders made its WBC debut as one of the hottest new games ever with 170 players vying in the contest without the benefit of multiple heats. The format required continuous play starting Thursday at 3:00 PM in randomly assigned 6- and 7-player games.

Round 1 required play of two games with seating rotated during the intermission. Each player's total points scored for both games determined the top two finishers at each table. The top 42 players (the 25 table winners plus the 17 highest scoring runner-ups) advanced to the quarter-finals with seven tables of six players. The top three from each table reached the semi-finals of three 7-player games. The top two from each then advanced to a 6-player Final.

The quarter-finals generated winning scores ranging from 58 to 68. Since the top three advanced from each game, the other advancers required scores ranging from 53 upwards. The closest game advanced scores of 60, 59 and 58 while those with 56, 55, 54 and 49 missed the cut. Another tight contest advanced top scores of 58, 58 and 57. Eventual champion Matthew Beach scored the most dominant win with a 67 - 14 points ahead of second.

The semis produced two dominant wins and one close game. Ken Schlosser won easily with 70 over Matthew Beach's 57 while Karl Henning scored 70 to Dominic Blais' 62. Robbie Mitchell and Chris Terrell both advanced in a closer contest with scores of 68 and 67.

The Final was randomly seated and played at a quicker pace - befitting experienced players who were further rewarded with a close contest. Matthew won his first WBC title by one point over Dominic's 59 score. Claiming third thrrough sixth place laurels were Robbie 56, Chris 54, Ken 47 and Karl 39.

There were some trends among the winners of the advanced rounds. Ten games comprised the last three rounds with one tie yielding 11 top scores. Among these the biggest key to victory was to have a strong military. Seven of the 11 included either a 17 or 18 military score. The others had military scores of 14, 10, 8 and 7. Thus, no one was able to win without at least an average military score. In the preliminary round only three of the 25 winners had military scores < 0. Neither the green scientific buildings nor the blue civilian buildings proved as necessary as military. Of those 11 top scores, six had 0 green scores. Two more had only four green points. One had 13, and only two scored big with 31 and 48. Blue buildings also yielded widely variable scores. Six generated scores below 10 with 3 being the lowest. The remaining five scores were 10, 11, 15, and 26 twice. Clearly, scoring big with green or blue was much less a requirement of victory than military scoring.

By any measure, it was a rousing debut for an event which jumped to the forefront of WBC competitions.

Spotted in the crowd: Three of the 41 ladies in the field.

Spotted in the crowd: James Doughan and Craig Reece.

2011 Euro Quest Laurelists

Bill Zurn, CA

Randy Buehler, WA

Rod Davidson, AZ

Chris Gnech, PA

Jacob Nixon, WV

 GM     Kathy Stroh [1st Year]   NA
   kathylstroh@gmail.com   NA

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